Learn + Intern Abroad: Semester in Startups/Tech
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Learn + Intern Abroad: Semester in Startups/Tech

10 weeks Studying Digital Skills. 6 weeks Interning @ Startups/Tech.

General Assembly's unique study and intern abroad programs will prepare you to work on a digital product team whether it is an internship or paid freelance opportunity or to launch your own product. We'll teach you the building blocks of tech, business, and design and you'll be able to immediately apply your new skills in an internship while abroad.

General Assembly's unique program focuses on immersing students in both an industry and a culture. Our goal is to help you become a professional-ready university student.

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*HOUSING - Provided for all students.
*EXCURSIONS & FIELD TRIPS - We're committed to helping you explore the city you're in.
*ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn to their home institution. Students may be able to transfer up to 15 semester hours back to their home school.
*OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: At the conclusion of the program, a GA transcript will be sent to your home institution.
*INTERNET ACCESS on GA campuses, as well as in your program housing.
*SITE DIRECTOR: on-site to assist students with any academic or cultural difficulties they may encounter.

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Program Reviews (2)

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23 years old
Ann Arbor, MI
University of Michigan

Former UXDI student


As someone who does not study design at school, it’s difficult to create a portfolio of well thought out and well executed work – time constraints normally mean that work is relegated to small design tasks or hackathon projects. GA’s UXDI course proved to be immensely valuable – not only did I learn how to develop a solid process as a designer, but I was also to work on different projects to help build up my portfolio. Without UXDI, I’m fairly confident I would not have had the expertise to be the designer I am currently.

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24 years old
Washington DC
Georgetown University

Web Development and So Much More


I have heard too many times from my peers that courses like this are only for people in the working world who want to change their careers. While that is the case for many people, the courses are applicable in many more ways. For me, it was exploring an interest I have had for years, but never had the chance to cultivate. For you, it could be that you want a job in the dev world after you graduate, or you want to learn how to build that idea that’s been sitting in your head forever. I truly believe I learned more applicable skills for my future field in those 14 weeks than I did in the previous year of school, which is awesome.
I would definitely recommend this program for anyone looking to get into the tech field. It will help you talk the talk and walk the walk, something that no course in a normal college environment can do.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe slightly more engagement with the startup scene that exists in the area, but there were lots of meetups to attend.

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