• Honduras
52+ weeks
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Elementary Middle School

Program Details

  • A Bachelor’s degree by June 2024 (all majors welcome to apply!)
  • A commitment to BECA’s mission and a dedication to social justice
  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
  • Capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment under challenging living conditions
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Elementary Middle School
Weekly Classroom Hours
Age Min.


Salary / Benefits
BENEFITS: All BECA volunteer teachers receive…
- A monthly food stipend
- Local transportation to/from the airport
- Housing (within a shared living accommodation)
- High-speed internet, and all utilities, provided by BECA
- Assistance in obtaining temporary residency status, or support with obtaining a temporary VISA, depending on volunteer need/local regulations
- Intensive summer training, and ongoing training and professional development throughout the academic year
- Immersion in a Spanish speaking community, with opportunities for Spanish-language acquisition
Price Details
There are no fees to volunteer with us. Volunteers have to cover only their airfare and, if needed, health insurance. BECA provides room and board, airport pick ups and drop offs, a stipend for food & incidentals, and assistance with the Temporary Residency process.
What's Included
Accommodation Airport Transfers Meals Transportation Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Travel Insurance
Nov 07, 2023
Apr 23, 2019
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About Program

BECA invites ~12 international volunteers to join our volunteer teaching team each year, supporting both elementary and middle school students at 2 local schools, San Jeronimo Bilingual School and Santa Monica Bilingual School. At a high level, each volunteer teacher is responsible for: leading an English curriculum for students in grades PreK-9 in ELA, Science, Math, Art, PE and Computers (all classes are capped at 25 students, and most teachers take on one full curriculum for a grade level) supporting fellow teachers in the classroom, getting to know your students and their families, and immersing oneself in Honduran culture. Don’t worry - we’ll be there to support you with every step along the way!

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Program Highlights

  • Facilitate relationships with students’ parents and other community members
  • Plan lessons and teach in English (all subjects with the exception of Social Studies and Spanish)
  • Collaborate with the teaching team (Honduran and International) on school projects, events, planning, and curriculum development
  • Serve as an ambassador for BECA by helping to spread the word about our work to your families and friends
  • Participate in professional development events, such as local education-based conferences, and BECA-lead efforts

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Program Reviews

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  • Benefits 4.9
  • Support 4.9
  • Fun 4.85
  • Facilities 4.55
  • Safety 4.4
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Great Opportunity for Personal and Professional Growth

I could talk about my time with BECA for ages. I taught third grade during the 2015-16 school year, and with a background in something other than education, I found teaching students, especially that young, to be challenging. But it resulted in so many new skills, abilities I didn't know I had, and incredible professional growth that helped me get the job I have today.

My year in Honduras contributed greatly to the person I am today. Although I took Spanish for 8 years in middle and high school (and even some college), I didn't consider myself a Spanish speaker until I went to Honduras and met my students' families. Now, I work in a totally unrelated field, but I used skills I learned or improved upon every day. Every one of your future employers will look at the time you completed volunteering with BECA as an extremely positive asset, regardless of whichever industry you end up in.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Just go with it! Be flexible. Teaching ELLs is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. You'll be frustrated at times, especially if you don't have an education background (like me!) but when it comes down to it, these students (and the community) greatly appreciate you being there to teach them, they understand the sacrifice you're making, and just being there to speak English to them, every day, all week, contributes greatly to their growth as English speakers and increases their future opportunities.

Also, this may be one of very few chances you'll have to visit Central America, so make the most of it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Rewarding Challenge!

If you're considering volunteering with BECA, you should know you are signing up for an extremely rewarding challenge. My experience with BECA could easily be classified as a rewarding challenge. There are certain aspects of teaching in rural Honduras that will force you to be flexible and stretch yourself, your thinking and your creativity. There are numerous ways in which being a BECA teacher made me a better teacher. Being a BECA teacher forced me to take culturally responsive teaching into consideration at all moments (both in/out of the classroom). I learned the versatile art of "making it work" in terms of limited materials. I exercised my flexibility and problem-solving skills. The students enrolled at the BECA schools undoubtably made all of the challenges 110% worth it! In some ways, having limited resources urged me to be creative and really take a critical look at my own pedagogy. There is a strong emphasis on learning as the purpose of school and this emphasis is evident at every BECA school campus.

Though there are a number of challenges that come being being a BECA teacher the work was INCREDIBLY rewarding. When it was hot and sweaty, my students reminded me why I loved being their teacher. If you're used to teaching in a compressive US-based public/private school, a BECA school will be very different in a number of ways. That being said, that difference is not inherently bad. BECA has a substantial summer training session to prepare teachers to be successful in the classroom, so having that proper experience is not essential.

I like to say that I did more learning than teaching during my time as a BECA teacher. As a BECA teacher, I re-examined my own values as an educator especially related to equity in education and seeing the power of student efficacy and success. It was always clear to me that everything we, as teachers, did was for the benefit of the students and we were always pushing forward and rooting for our students. I was constantly pushing myself to be the best teacher I could be. If you are somebody who cares deeply about the potential for student growth and success, a BECA school is a place for you.

What would you improve about this program?
BECA has had some shifts in leadership and some procedural revision regarding response to crisis situations. That being said, these changes have vastly improved the volunteer experience for BECA. BECA is clearly trying to grow and consistently improve their volunteers' experience. The current leadership is incredibly receptive and reactive to feedback.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Working With BECA Communities Changed My Life

I taught with BECA for two years right after graduating from undergrad. Everyone I met from the support team in the US to the in-country staff and volunteers were incredible people. The best part of all was how close you become with the community members themselves. We’d hear the daily gossip from the licuado lady, stop for a coffee with families, play in the park with students, and enjoy all sorts of special holidays and events, which of course wouldn’t be complete without fireworks and lots of baleadas. During my two years in Honduras I not only learned a lot about la cultura catracha and teaching, but I learned a lot about myself. I know it sounds cliche, but my two years with BECA changed my life. Without a doubt I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t of committed to volunteering with BECA.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Honduras is a magical place and I experienced things I never would have imagined. Piling into “chicken buses” to go the beach, bouncing in pickup trucks up to the mountains, visiting ancient Mayan ruins, enjoying baleadas with families. The list goes on, but I think the most surprising moment was the outpouring of friendship, caring, and gratitude that came from my students and their families. They truly cherished every opportunity they had to support their children and the volunteers who were giving them a brighter future. I have never experienced such a community since.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Staying for a 2nd year!

I was placed at ADJ this year and have chosen to stay a 2nd year! BECA's bilingual immersion program has completely shifted my views on the value of education, opportunity, and access. I've loved working in the BECA program at the ADJ location and have enjoyed my times visiting the other two schools. My time here has been an cross-cultural experience, a time of personal and professional growth, and a blast getting to know the most fun, amazing kids! I've enjoyed it so much, and I can't wait to grow another year here.

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Yes, I recommend this program


I volunteered with BECA for 3 summers, 2009-2011, and had the best experience! I enjoyed what I was able to do and learn so much that I returned as a year-long volunteer for the 2014-2015 school year. I was a first-grade teacher at Amigos de Jesus and have since been back to visit several times. BECA changed my life in so many ways. It gave me a lot of focus and helped me to find my calling. I was also really pushed to learn more about myself and the world. Since ending my time as a volunteer the organization has continued to support me. I have received recommendations from several members of the BECA community that I am convinced helped me to get into different graduate programs as well as job offers. This is an organization whose mission is worth supporting. It will be one of the hardest years of your life but it will be worth it in the end.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Grassroots in action.

Be prepared for a life that is a far cry from the hyper-convenient, digital pace many of us come from. We are talking long, hot, dusty days spent on concrete floors in a classroom full of students whose lives most likely look far different from your own childhood. If you are willing to devote yourself to this year, the BECA team (and sizable alumni community) will do absolutely everything they can to equip you with the education and resources you need to serve those kids to the best of your ability.

This is not your average US NGO working in Latin America. The schools are run by the local Honduran community and forged by the relentless support of students' parents. If you are invited to work with BECA, you are joining a project that hundreds of volunteers before you have poured their hearts and minds into and the that the local communities have supported since its inception. We as volunteers are given the immense responsibility and privilege of continuing an over decade long project of offering an affordable bilingual education to Honduran youth in rural villages. We are talking some of the most intense, rewarding work on the planet. Go for it!

What would you improve about this program?
I was impressed with the program 5 years ago when I volunteered, and since then I have watched it only improve. Teachers now receive an even more comprehensive training than when I participated including a social justice component that is aimed at really contextualizing volunteers with the reality in which they will be living and working.

Even through this last election cycle which has proven to be an exceptionally politically tumultuous time, I have been thoroughly impressed with BECA's level of transparent communication and overall response. Having had direct correspondence with a teacher on the ground this year through an alumni teacher-mentor program, I know that the volunteers have felt very supported by BECA even as the political climate presented huge uncertainties.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Opportunity to Volunteer for a Truly Community-led Organization

I was a teacher with BECA for two years. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have ever had, and I could not have asked for a better experience. If you are looking to work for an organization that is run by a great group of thoughtful, ethical, and passionate individuals, this is the place for you! I've met some of the most amazing people through this experience. Friends I will have for the rest of my life.

Also, the kids. I haven't even mentioned how cute and ornery and magical these children are. Getting to know the students and their families was my favorite part of the two years I spent at San Jeronimo Bilingual School and Amigos.

BECA provides teachers with resources, training, and continued support, and although there will be days that push you, you will emerge with a greater understanding of how to work with a dynamic team to become a better educator and a better community member!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best and most challenging 3 years of my life!

I went to Honduras with BECA to teach middle school math for the 2012-13 school year but I ended up staying for 2 more years. The school was very much connected to the Honduran community and I made lasting connections with my students and their families. Teaching was the hardest thing I had ever done (after 5 years of working as a mechanical engineer) and at first I thought I wouldn't make it. However, with great support from BECA and loving students I ended up thriving in ways I never imagined. I learned how to do more with less, overcome all types of obstacles, and work as a member of a very diverse team. If you volunteer with BECA, you will do amazing work that will leave a lasting impact on your students but my guess is it will be you how learns and changes the most.

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Questions & Answers

I’d say that it would be good to have money saved if you’d like to travel on school breaks. The stipend is enough to live day to day, but making the most of living in Central America will require a bit of savings.