Teach in Honduras 2018 - 2019 (room + board provided)
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Teach in Honduras 2018 - 2019 (room + board provided)

Each year we assemble a team of committed volunteer teachers who want to dedicate themselves to the difficult but rewarding work that we do in Honduras. We seek enthusiastic, curious, diverse, and thoughtful volunteers. For every application, we consider the applicant's volunteer service, international engagement, teaching experience, and academic record.

As a volunteer with BECA, we aim to provide you with a challenging, transformative experience that gives an in-depth understanding of grassroots international development, underserved Central American communities, bilingual teaching strategies, and community capacity building techniques. As a result, you will develop the skills and responsibilities to be an effective teacher, communicator, and leader.

Our volunteers live between a house and several apartments (two people to each bedroom) close to the center of Cofradia and about a fifteen minute walk from the school. The house is situated in an elevated part of Cofradia and has a picturesque view of the Merendon mountains from the airy back terrace. Most of the time there is running water and a modern flush toilet. Occasionally there is no actual running water. When this happens, we use the water that is collected outside the house in a large cement trough called a "pila." This water is used to flush the toilet, shower and wash dishes and clothes. Electricity is relatively reliable, but can go out without warning for several hours at a time - especially during the rainy season. The apartments are located right in the center of town. While the apartments are newer and equipped with a high-speed internet connection, they do not have the same open-air quality as the volunteer house.
  • 6-week Intensive Summer Teacher Training
  • No Spanish required
  • No teaching certificate required
  • No fees for the volunteer
  • 2-week Home stays and ways to get involved in the community outside of the classroom
North America » Honduras
Program Type
6-12 Months
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
In recognition of your service, BECA will provide you with room, board, and coverage of incidental costs. We encourage you to think of these basic amenities not as compensation, but rather as our means of facilitating your ability to make this commitment to your own learning.
Bachelor's degree
Teaching/tutoring experience is a plus
Weekly Classroom Hours
Classroom Audience
Middle School
Airport Transfers
Domestic Airfare
Travel Insurance
Price Details
There are no fees to volunteer with us. Volunteers cover airfare and health insurance (if needed) only. Room and board, airport pick ups and drop offs, weekly food stipend, and assistance with the visa process is provided by BECA.
Other Locations
Cofradia, Cortes

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Program Reviews (6)

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30 years old
University of Washington- Seattle

An unforgetable year that sets you apart


After my graduation from college, I spent a of years working both in education and for a non-profit in India. With this experience, I began applying to graduate school hoping to continue towards working in education and development. Unfortunately, I received a lot of rejections. The applicant pool has become so competitive that in order to enter these fields one needs a substantial amount of experience. Having learned this I embarked on a challenge that I knew would change my life.

I sought out to teach first grade in Cofradia, Honduras and it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. While it has a reputation of being a dangerous country, Honduras is home to some of the kindest, most welcoming people I have met. While teaching with BECA, I was able to go beyond the school environment to meet families and become a part of the community. Not only are Hondurans welcoming, your fellow teachers become your family while you are there. It is an exceptional experience to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that share the same values of service, hard-work and teaching. While it will be difficult at times, the relationships you build and the experience you gain from teaching are invaluable and will set you apart from your peers.

I ended up reapplying to graduate school while in Honduras and with the things I had learned with BECA, I was able to show the schools why I would be an addition to their program. I recently completed my masters degree and am now working for a non-profit in the DC metro area. I think that if you have found yourself to be a bit stuck and you want to push yourself to grow and learn then BECA is the opportunity for you!

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28 years old
Carmel, NY

Amazing experience


My time with BECA was truly an amazing experience. As a Latin American Studies and Spanish major, I was very interested in living and working in Central America. I was drawn to BECA for their community development model, in which they work with Honduran families and staff as true partners in an effort to create change. From my first day in Honduras, I felt supported by BECA. The six week training allowed me to bond with my fellow teachers and prepared me for managing my own classroom. Teaching was not always easy, but I knew I could always rely on the support and encouragement from my fellow teachers. The most important thing that I took away from my year teaching with BECA is the relationships I have made. I made lasting relationships with my students, their families, and my fellow teachers that will truly last a lifetime. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been welcomed into such a generous community of people in Honduras and for the opportunity to have worked along side them to continue to provide affordable bilingual education for their children.

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28 years old
Grafton, Wisconsin

A unique and rewarding professional experience


I volunteered with BECA from 2011 to 2013 as a Program Administrator at Santa Monica Bilingual School. I felt empowered and motivated to be a part of an organization that gave me excellent support and meshed so well with my values and my understanding of good development practices. BECA began working in its partner communities by request of the communities who wanted to offer a high-quality bilingual education to improve their children's academic and employment opportunities. BECA's child-centered programming continues to be informed by its local partners, host communities and its students' parents to this day. I particularly enjoyed working side by side with parents who volunteered at the school to pay for their child's education.

This experience pushed me to continue my international development career Stateside; I currently work for a USAID implementing partner in Washington, DC.

My best memories of my time in Honduras are of hardworking and goofy students, dedicated parents, baleadas (you have to try this food!), beautiful vistas, bonding with fellow volunteers and community members, playing in a soccer league, and seeing incredible growth in students, in BECA, and in myself.

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28 years old
Dublin, Ireland
Trinity College

Go on, challenge yourself!


If you are looking for a meaningful, challenging and rewarding way of contributing to education and international development, you can't get better than BECA!

I spent two years in Honduras with the BECA team: 2012-2013 as a 2nd grade classroom teacher at Santa Monica Bilingual School (SMBS) and 2013-2014 as Program Administrator of SMBS. Here are just a few of the things I learned from my time there (and that are on my Resume to this day!).

- Professional fluency in Spanish
- Managing a school of 118 students across grades K-4, team 7 teachers and over 100 community volunteers.
-Managing scholarship programs for students and families
-Designing programs (helping implement Library programs...computer classes...parent's English classes...)
-Designing school policy (enrollment procedures...school lottery design...school security measures...)
-Event management (including how to sneak a Santa Claus into school past 300 adults and 100 children without anyone knowing!)
-Curriculum development (specifically helping implement BECA's custom ELA, Math & Science curricula
-Direct classroom teaching
-ELA and Math support
-Daily interactions with student's families

Not to mention making lasting friendships, sharing unique stories and having the time of my life in the middle of one of the America's most beautiful and diverse environments.

I've since moved on to study an MA in International Child Studies in London, and currently work in US education policy research in DC. BECA gave me every opportunity to develop as a volunteer and find out that I want to devote my career to children's advocacy and education for those who need it the most.

Go on, challenge yourself!

29 years old
Chicago, Illinois

An amazing opportunity to live and work in a supportive, nurturing Honduran community


For anyone interested in: education, Latin America, children, families, fresh fruit, mountains, hammocks, social justice, immersion in community...check out BECA!

Teaching third grade at a community school with BECA was an unforgettable experience, giving me access to tenacious and loving children and families, the opportunity to visit homes and learn Spanish, a rigorous teacher training, unlimited fresh mangos, and tools for a lifelong passion.

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31 years old

An unforgettable experience.


Here a few things I think of when I think of my time in Honduras:

- The mothers of our students who bring us medicine when we’re sick
- First graders who share their snack every single day with those who don’t have food
- Parents who consistently ask how their students are behaving in class and progressing academically
- An 86-year-old woman raising a second grader who’s not even related to her by blood
- A father who spends half his day driving a truck full of students to and from school
- The doctors that have given us free consults because we’re volunteers
- The family members who clean classrooms or cut the grass every week so their children can go to bilingual school
- Students who have dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, pilots, artists, bankers, or firefighters
- The nuns who donate their funds to families in need of food or medical services
- The teachers who give up their planning periods to dedicate more time to helping their students succeed
- The families that feed us more food than we can eat when we visit their modest homes
- All the people on the street that gave us (questionable) directions to buses or attractions
- Our hostel making us sandwiches to bring on our volcano hike since we’d be missing the complementary breakfast
- Strangers on buses and boats giving up their seats or holding our bags for us

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BECA is a 501(c)3 organization that recruits, trains, and supports native English-speaking volunteer teachers to staff a network of community-run bilingual schools in Honduras that serve low-income communities.

We exist to promote cultural exchange and affordable bilingual education. Our volunteer-driven bilingual school model creates an