• South Korea
    • Seoul
    • Busan
    • Gwangju
52+ weeks
Classroom Audience
Elementary Middle School High School

Program Details

  • BA (in anything).
Job Type
Classroom Audience
Elementary Middle School High School
Age Min.
Age Max


Salary / Benefits
Salary in both options (Public Schools & Hagwons): Roughly £1,400/month + Free Accommodation (basic Asia style one room studio apartment) + One-Way Flight Refund. There is a bonus of £1,349 for all applicants, upon completion of their 12 month contract out in South Korea.
Starting Price
Price Details
Programme Support Fee: £1,349 (includes online TEFL course prior to departure). This fee is split into 2 equal payments, spread out over time. There is a bonus of £1,349 for all applicants, upon completion of their 12 month contract out in South Korea.
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Airfare
What's Not Included
Meals SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
May 25, 2023
Dec 29, 2022
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About Program

Experience Korea without the drama

Immerse yourself in South Korea, kick-start your teaching career and embark on 365 days of adventure on this 12-month graduate opportunity with a difference.

From the simmering streets of Seoul to the breath-taking bays of Busan, South Korea is a land of contrasts. Both technologically advanced and rooted in tradition, it offers an unrivalled blend of old and new. Add to that the combo of cosmopolitan culture and Insta-worthy natural beauty, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

On this 12-month teaching opportunity, you’ll immerse yourself in the buzz of modern-day Korea. You’ll gain hands-on teaching experience and turn your dreams of seeing the country into a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure. If you want to work hard and play harder, there really is no better place. Are you ready to make memories? Let’s go!

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Program Highlights

  • Competitive Salary
  • Free Accommodation
  • Flight Refund
  • Paid Holidays

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Yes, I recommend this program

Completely Satisfied

Travel Grad have helped me journey to the other side of the world and helped me achieve exactly what I wanted. Even after the 2020 pandemic struck and caused a delay in my application , Travel Grad continued to support me throughout and ensured I would be able to travel when it was safe and when it worked best for me. I never felt rushed in my application and always felt like so could tell Travel Grad any issues I had. They were always understanding, patient, and kind throughout my entire application. They are an excellent team and I’m very grateful for their help.

  • Knew exactly what was being asked of me and what I had to do
  • Friendly staff who always respond to any questions quickly
  • Staff are always patient and understanding of everyone’s situation
  • Was unable to travel to the original country I wanted due to the Corona virus, but am now happily in another that worked out for the best
  • Visa process can take a long time but this is not the company’s fault
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Yes, I recommend this program

Travelgrad review

Strongly recommend using travelgrad. Andrew is very helpful and very supportive every step of the way. He was there for me when I was having a tough time in Korea and he helped me a lot! He’s a great guy to know and I’m very appreciative of everything he has done for me.

He helped with emotional support as well as professional support and advice! I couldn’t recommend him and travelgrad more. If you’re looking for an adventure, I strongly recommend teaching abroad. Towards the end of the contract I had an amazing time and it was a mixed experience but overall I really enjoyed myself.

  • Great support
  • Very helpful
  • Very easy to apply
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Yes, I recommend this program

Travel Grad

I went through Travel Grad to come and teach English in Korea! The process to coming to Korea is quite long, and across those long month, the support and help I received from Travel Grad was absolutely amazing! Any issue I had, I was immediately reassured by Andrew and together we came up with a solution! In those 8 months that I was in the process, there was a lot going on and I was extremely overwhelmed! I would not have been able to go through it alone or without Travel Grad. The support was tailored to my needs! I am so glad I went with Travel Grad, I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of working abroad!

  • Supportive
  • Helpful
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Yes, I recommend this program

South Korea

South Korea is a fantastic Country, (significantly if you grew up in the UK) It's so safe, you can literally leave your phone on the table and disappear for an hour, come back and it will still be there! The people are amicable and genuinely do their best to help foreigners in need. Enough people in big cities (not countryside places) speak broken English, so you can get by fine - Download papago!

Getting used to the style of food here is quite an experience, they have some strange combinations and some very delicious ones. If you're not a fan of their food it's okay, the quality of the foreign food here is incredible! it won't make you feel at home, because it's better than the food at home.

There are lots to see, if you love party life Korea has some amazing clubs. The drink prices are cheap, travelling is very cheap. Honestly, it's a no-brainer. For one year of your life, I recommend everyone should travel. This place like many other countries will open up your eyes, and the way you perceive life. You'll never meet people like you do when you travel, all unique personalities with different life stories.

The first 3 months feel difficult because youre having a culture shock but also need things like an ARC card to sign up for most things like getting a phone contract etc. But once you overcome that hurdle it's smooth sailings. Remember you are coming here with nothing as a new citizen, so there are things to sort out. If I can do it, anyone can. All great things come at a price, this one just takes courage... with that, I'll end with a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt...

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

  • Very Safe
  • You get to grow as a person
  • Make new friendships with people from all walks of life
  • Can be long working hours
  • Summer weather is very hot and winter weather is Very cold
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best choice I've made

Before graduating last year, the idea of living and working abroad sounded amazing. Travel Grad popped up on Grad Intel and I thought: I’ve got nothing to lose by signing up and asking a few questions. The first call I had with Andrew was professional, yet casual and genuine; basically, you can tell that his service is legit. I’d never worked with children before, let alone teach… So, it was even more of a plus to find out that Andrew taught and lived abroad himself; I gathered that voicing any of my concerns and questions would be met with understanding… as he’s walked this path before! And it's true.

Travel Grad literally works around the clock, I don’t know if I’d be able to level with, or trust, a different agency or set of people- I'm really pleased that I stuck with Travel Grad and began this whole journey with them! Andrew and Travel Grad helped me to leave the UK feeling pretty content with things.

I’ve been here for 3 months now, and it really is one of the best choices I’ve made. It’s been great to push out of the bubble of back home, and do something brand new and different. But at the roots of my experience so far, I've got a lot of gratitude for Travel Grad. They have been helpful, authentic, communicative, and you could read anything you like: but the only way to properly know is to do! Going with Travel Grad was like doing it by yourself with a guide; things have been way smoother than if I'd tried to sort it all out myself.

  • Friendly and honest
  • Open and helpful
  • Round the clock
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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent pre and post-arrival service

I wanted to travel after finishing uni and figured teaching abroad would likely be one of the most rewarding and effective options for combining travelling and living abroad with genuine and viable career prospects.

I think I found Andrew and travel grad via an online ad and made the decision to commit after an initial conversation over the phone. Andrew explained his background and immediately struck me as a very genuine character with his clients best interests at heart which has always proved to be the case. There were plenty of difficulties during my pre-arrival process, almost all of which resulting from COVID, but Travel grad were able to safely and professionally guide myself and plenty of others through the process, seek excellent alternatives and keep candidates’ spirits high.

I would absolutely recommend travel grad to anyone like myself and others, for first-timers and even for more experienced teachers seeking a new adventure.

  • Communication and openness
  • Professionalism and security
  • Comfortability
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Yes, I recommend this program

South Korea teaching abroad!

I could not recommend TravelGrad more, my experience has been great! Andrew is so helpful and has been there at all times if I ever had any question or anything! I am now teaching in South Korea and am having the best time living and working over here. It is an incredible country and I am enjoying teaching at my school too! I am so glad I decided to go through TravelGrad as it made all the stages prior to departure a lot easier and stress free as a result of the support that TravelGrad provided at all times! Thank you TravelGrad!! :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Honest and Efficient

TravelGrad were very supportive throughout the whole process. They walk you through every step and are always there for you if you have any questions.

They were also very honest and advised us to only accept offers which we were 100% happy with.

TravelGrad reassured us that they only work with vetted institutions so there is no need to worry about ending up being placed at a shadey school (hagwon).

I would absolutely recommend using TravelGrad if you're looking to teach in South Korea or anywhere else in Asia for that matter.

138 people found this review helpful.

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