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Classroom Audience
Elementary Middle School High School University Students

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  • Undergraduate Degree (in anything)
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Classroom Audience
Elementary Middle School High School University Students
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Salary / Benefits
Roughly $2000
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Includes 120-Hour Online TEFL Course
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Accommodation Airfare Airport Transfers
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Travel Insurance Visa
May 14, 2023
Dec 31, 2023
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About Program

See China with your own eyes and kickstart your post-uni life alongside a group of adventurous grads through our 10-month China Teaching Experience

China is an obvious choice for adventure-seeking grads looking for something truly different. Shrouded in mystery, it’s a country of contrasts, with no end of things to discover. From the glamour of Shanghai to the authenticity of Guizhou, it’s full of opportunities — to travel, explore and expand your horizons.

On this 10-month teaching adventure, you’ll experience modern China in all its vibrant glory. You’ll dive headfirst into the mother of all new cultures, test the boundaries of your comfort zone, and gain the kind of knowledge and confidence that’ll make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. What’s more, you’ll do it all alongside a group of equally adventurous Travel Grads.

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Program Highlights

  • Free Accommodation
  • Competitive Salary
  • Flight Reimbursement
  • Months of Travel Time

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Yes, I recommend this program

Chinese Adventure

I am currently teaching IELTS English in China, Zhejiang, Ningbo.
Having seen a posting by TravelGrad online, I decided to apply and had a phone call with Andrew within the next couple days.
The process of going to teach in China is long, but TravelGrad were there to help every step of the way. TravelGrad found and arranged interviews with schools, detailed how exactly to apply for a Chinese Visa, and gave lots of more general life about living in China.
Given how complex the process of getting a job and a visa in China is, I highly doubt that I would currently be having such a great time in China now, if it wasn't for the efforts and help of the TravelGrad team, who were available 7 days a week, every week, if I needed their help.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Pig brain - disgusting!
  • Opportunities to experience new culture
  • Chances to build new skills
  • Time away from family
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Yes, I recommend this program

2 moves abroad in 2 years

In January, I was living and teaching in South Korea which was never part of my plans. I had an incredible time, but my original goal was to reach Shenzhen in China.

I've been living in Shenzhen for around 4 months now and what a life!! Hasn't been easy adjusting but it's worth it with an open attitude. The time you have for yourself here with working in a public school is unmatched, and almost unbelievable. Andrew is a mate, he's genuinely just on the other end of the phone and willingly helps in any way that he can with any concerns you might have.

Life in Shenzhen is so unique, I'm riding an electric scooter to commute to my job which only needs me 4 days a week for a few hours. It can be a proper challenge, managing 40-50 children in each given class but the balance comes with no office hours, banging free school lunches and a healthy payslip each month. I've made amazing memories and have a little family here now, and I'm not even halfway through this first year here. It makes me excited for the future, not anxious, not dread, not hopelessness (which is what the uk gives me lol).

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Learn some of the language and willingly make a fool out of yourself to test out what you know. Just try, cos it makes for funny moments & stories, and gives you more insight to the culture and society.

Embrace the good and bad, stay on your toes with a clear mind
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Yes, I recommend this program

Most amazing experience

My experience has been amazing and it’s all thanks to the support that TravelGrad has provided me with. The process of moving abroad can be extremely daunting but it was the most stress free experience for me. That was all because TravelGrad helped me through all the steps and guided me on how to do everything! I have only positive things to say about them and will always recommend them to anyone who wants to teach abroad! It is my second year working with TravelGrad and all the advice I was given was so personal and they really looked after all of us coming here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience to Never Forget

I am grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by TravelGrad in facilitating my journey to teach abroad in China. TravelGrad's team displayed remarkable expertise in navigating the complex process of teaching in China. They guided me through the visa application process, offering clear instructions and guidance. Their thorough understanding of the requirements and procedures alleviated my anxiety about the aspects of moving to China. Communication with TravelGrad was consistently prompt and informative. They were readily available to address my queries and provide guidance at every step. The pre-departure resources provided by TravelGrad were invaluable. Their orientation materials offered a comprehensive overview of what to expect. In summary, TravelGrad has been a helpful partner in turning my dream of teaching in China into a reality. I recommend their services to anyone considering a similar venture. Thanks to TravelGrad, I am now embarking on a fulfilling journey of teaching, making new friends, and culturally exploring with confidence and excitement.

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Yes, I recommend this program

First time working abroad.

After a lot of consideration and deliberation, I decided to take up teaching abroad after seeing a TravelGrad advert. After speaking with the team and reviewing my options, I decided to settle on teaching in China as it was somewhere I had not been before. The TEFL courses was pretty straight forward, and after talking with a variety of schools to find the one most suitable to me.

As advice for first time travellers to China is e-bikers and scooters are everywhere, if you can ride one then it is very much worth looking into getting one whilst in China as it makes travelling around cities a lot more convenient. I would also advise seeing if in advance you can get as much detail about your job/area as possible. If you know someone in the area or can get a contact, it's always worth reaching out in advance to find what may be best suited for the area.

  • Helpful staff
  • Nice accommodation
  • Clean city
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Game-Changer for Career Exploration!

I had the most incredible experience with TravelGrad - from the moment I decided to explore this unique path, it opened up a world of opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise considered! Instead of following the traditional 'grad job' route, I decided to explore the China Teaching Experience and go to Nanning, and I'm so grateful I did.

TravelGrad provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire process. They understood that my interests and skills, and they tailored their approach to fit my individual needs and give me options for where and what type of school I wanted to go to. The level of personalization was truly impressive.

Thanks to the experiences I had in China and the people that I met while there, I am now pursuing a career that I am truly passionate about. I feel confident in my abilities, and I am excited about the path that I'm on. If you are a recent graduate or someone looking for an alternative to the traditional job market, I highly recommend working with TravelGrad!

  • Loads of support, especially through the visa process and settling in
  • Have new experiences
  • Real Chinese food is so good that it comes close to ruining Chinese takeaway forever
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing Experience

I had a fantastic experience with Andrew from TravelGrad. I applied while at university and travelgrad organized the application of my visa and found a job for me. I signed a contract directly with the school and didn't have to pay any further fees or commission.

The support was excellent and Andrew went above and beyond to support myself and the other applicants. The job that I got through his company was well paid and a great place to work. TravelGrad have remained in contact with me and are always willing to help with any problems I have. I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Andrew.

  • Excellent support throughout
  • Well paid and comfortable job
  • Great value for money
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best year ever

No much to say, because it'd be too much to say! It was simply one of the best experiences of my life! The only negative part of it, was not being able to go back! 😢 ❤️
Being a teacher in China taught me so much on so many levels! It opened my eyes and made me fall in love with this incredible Country, which is very often misunderstood and underrated.

I surely loved every minute of it. Overall It was fun, educating and enriching!
It's a lifechanging experience that I'd definetely recommend to anyone!

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