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Teach English in the exciting Madrid, the beautiful Barcelona, or historical Andalusia. Thanks to its laidback lifestyle and friendly atmosphere, Spain has become a paradise for many ESL teachers who wish to live comfortably in Europe’s most affordable countries.

Demand for ESL teachers has been on the rise in Spain in recent years, be it in well-established schools or as ESL volunteer teachers working in Spanish classrooms throughout the country. We recommend the latter for those without previous teaching experience or qualifications, but we still encourage them to enroll in a TEFL course before teaching as well.

Licensed teachers can teach in Spain in private international schools, although they need to have at least 2-3 years of licensed teaching experience before applying. Likewise, it can be difficult to get a job teaching in Spain without an EU passport.

Program Highlights
  • Known for its relaxed lifestyle and friendly residents
  • Second largest country in the EU
  • Home to 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The bull is the national animal of Spain
  • Experience the excitement of Madrid, the beauty of Barcelona, or the Islamic influences in Andalusia

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Meddeas is a Spanish organization present in six countries that supports multilingual teaching in more than 200 educational centers.

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ConversaSpain is a Spanish organization that cooperates with more than 300 public schools in different regions in Spain. It offers inspiring, challenging and rewarding opportunities to potential English language assistants from all over the world who want to teach in Spain.

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