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Lindsay Denny

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Having studied abroad in Florence in college, Lindsay caught the travel bug. During a year off, she volunteered at in a hospital in Ghana and traveled to Argentina. She also spent 6 months studying and interning in the Philippines in grad school. She now lives in Cambodia, running an NGO and exploring Southeast Asia. You can follow her adventures on Twitter @LDGoesGlobal, on Google+, and on her blog.

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Lindsay Denny
Yes, I recommend this program

Best Choice I Could Have Made!!

I originally chose this program because it was the cheapest volunteer organization I could find (which could have screwed me over). It was without question the best decision I made. As one of the first volunteers, Oct-Nov 2010, I was able to see the program grow even as I was there and am so impressed with what they have achieved in the years since!

I stayed with Sena, an amazing 70-year-old active, interesting Ghanaian who introduced me to the culture as did his son and wife. I worked at the municipal hospital in the diabetes ward 3-4 days a week. Other days I would join another local NGO, helping with child welfare clinics or wound bandaging at a cured lepers clinic. Some days at the hospital I would go to the maternal theatre and watch the female surgeries.

On weekends I would either visit the local orphanage we sponsored or take trips to nearby sites, like Cape Coast.

My only regret is that I only stayed for two months. Just once I was getting really accustomed to Ho and the culture I had to leave!

What would you improve about this program?
At one point I was the only volunteer in town, with three others about half an hour away by car. I wish there had been a few more volunteers there to share the experience with/help with the transition. However given that it's been three years and the numbers have increased, I doubt this is an issue any longer.
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Lindsay Denny

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