Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Project in Australia
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Project in Australia

This is an opportunity of a lifetime - working with native Australian wildlife in a quiet bushland setting, surrounded by gorgeous National Park.

The main focus of this wildlife centre is a commitment to the protection and welfare of native wildlife. Sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife receive medical treatment in the newly built wildlife hospital, and are then rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild. Patients include Echidnas, Bobtails, Quendas, Red Kangaroos and birds such as the Tawny Frogmouth and Lorikeet. Orphaned babies, such as Bandicoots and Possums, receive specialized care in the nurseries.

The education is second to non at this centre. Our volunteers help to spread the word of conservation throughout the city and the world!

Be part of the solution while you participate in feeding, cleaning, enrichment of these animals. Oh...and live in a cabin in the wild of Australia!

  • Hands on work with Australian wildlife.
  • Work all year around from orphaned care in the summer to captive breeding support in the winter.
  • Feeding, cleaning and enrichment of animals during all shifts of the day.
  • Live independently in a cabin in the back of the centre- out back!
  • Choose your schedule to maximise your adventure time in Australia.
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Includes: Airport pick up and drop off (at closest airport), Accommodation, On-site training, Membership in Partner Organization, Volunteer uniform polo shirt, Donation to Placement Partner, AEI Travel Manual, Emergency support while at Placement, Carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, Premium Individual Travel Insurance (up to $500, 000 USD in emergency medical coverage), Travel discounts (through automatic membership to a volunteer only travel discount program), 24/7 Travel and emergency assistance. enrolment with the Global Travel Academy to earn a certificate in International Volunteering. This 3-hour online course is curated by travel professionals and is designed to help you get the most out of your adventure. Please note; meals are not included. As you are responsible for purchasing your own food and preparing your meals, please budget for additional food costs.

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Western Australia Wildlife Rehab

Animal Experience International is such an amazing organization who helped me make my dream of going to Australia come true! Nora and Heather are extremely easy to get in contact with and are always there to help in any way! The application process was easy and once accepted it gets even easier! They worked to make sure that my trip was everything I expected it to be! I cannot thank them enough for making what I thought was going to be a hard process extremely easy! Can't wait to plan my next trip with AEI!!

How can this program be improved?

It is amazing, couldn't be any better!

Yes, I recommend
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Australian Wildlife Rehabiliation

I visited Kanyana Rehab Center through the organization Animal Experience International. I had a wonderful time and would highly recommend this trip and organization to anyone looking to work with animals overseas. Although this program is geared toward vet students, it can be beneficial to anyone looking to work with animals. I have an MA in animal behavior and was hoping to test out my ability to apply enrichment and behavioral psychology to a rehab settings. Through AEI I was able to travel abroad, get work experience, and work with exotic animals. I was even able to see my own ideas be put into practice. Because working with animals abroad is so popular, there are lot of scams and non welfare friendly vacation options out there. AEI is 100% reputable and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their work experience (and life experience). AEI is very professional and will take care of you every step of the way!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience!

I am so glad that I went to a lunch talk at the OVC hosted by AEI, otherwise I never would have found out about this amazing organization or been able to plan my trip to Australia in January 2016! Both Heather and Nora were amazingly helpful in helping me plan my trip to work at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and the local veterinary clinic, and tailor it to the needs of a final year veterinary student. I had an amazing time and got to work with so many incredible people and animals. Thanks AEI!!!

How can this program be improved?

There really isn't much to change! I think perhaps the biggest challenge for volunteers is figuring out how to get around and do some sight seeing, so perhaps more pre-trip support in that area would be nice (it really wasn't difficult to hop on the train and go exploring!)

Yes, I recommend

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We are a B Corp with a mission to change the world by matching clients with conservation and animal welfare related volunteer opportunities at sanctuaries, hospitals and research projects. Our commitment is to change the lives of AEI clients AND to...