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Mar 30, 2018
Mar 12, 2015
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Cambodia has a rich history, fascinating local culture, magnificent ancient temples, stunning beaches, and very friendly people. It is an incredible gap year destination and sure to create life-long memories in any traveller.

GapGuru’s programs are based in Battambang, which is a peaceful and cozy city away from the regular tourist route. GapGuru volunteers stay in our lovely volunteer house very close to the centre of the town.

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  • Business Intern in Cambodia: Develop and share your business skills and experience in Cambodia, where many families have lost breadwinners and now struggle to make an income. You will complete area research, interview families (accompanied by a translator), teach key skills and help create business plans. See your hard work pay off as new businesses are built to provide sustainable and independent incomes for the families you’ve been working with.
  • Cambodia Experience: This 3-week cultural experience includes the chance to volunteer as a children’s activity leader in Battambang, enjoy a range of tours and activities and take an excursion to Siem Reap, where you will have the opportunity to explore the famous temples at Angkor Wat.
  • Asia Experience: Spend 3 weeks in Thailand, taking part in cultural tours and activities and joining 3 of our rewarding projects: teach in Chiang Mai, volunteer with hill tribes, and care for elephants in a sanctuary. Follow this up with 3 weeks Cambodia, running activities with children in Battambang, tripping over to Siem Reap (the backpacker’s favourite) and visiting the breathtaking temples at Angkor Wat. Finish in style with 2 weeks cruising the Mekong River into Vietnam, and relaxing on beautiful and tranquil beaches.
  • Teach English in Cambodia: Receive the support you need to deliver your own English lessons as a classroom teacher, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and making a real difference to the children’s education.
  • Children’s Activity Leader in Cambodia: Volunteer at a children’s educational centre, co-teaching lessons and running your own activity clubs to deliver a well-rounded and enjoyable curriculum.
  • Community Healthcare Support in Cambodia: Spend your mornings volunteering in a busy healthcare clinic in Battambang. Past volunteers have learnt how to give injections, measured heartbeats, taken blood pressure and even witnessed births. Use your afternoons to promote health & hygiene awareness and teach English skills in local schools.
  • Teach Employable Skills in Cambodia: In this community centre, you can teach vocational skills to children and adults, such as sewing and computer classes. These employable skills will make fantastic use of your personal interests, while securing better futures for those you instruct.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Nothing Like It!!

My time volunteering in Battambang was the best part of my travelling experience by far!

I ended up participating in more than just the programme I signed up for which was fantastic, giving me the opportunity to experience more of the culture and most importantly meet more of the locals. This resulted in me helping the local pagoda cultivate their vegetable garden; teach english to young school children with CAD (local NGO); develop a football pitch and set up and IT suite for local education and qualifications.

The team you work with are great and help you through all that you need help with. Their enthusiasm for the local projects is infectious, which allows for a more fulfilling experience. You would not regret coming to Battambang, as it is one places in Cambodia that isn't over run with tourists which gives more authenticity to your time there. It's just really good fun.

What would you improve about this program?
Have more bikes for when the house is full of volunteers because giving 'backies' into town is very sweaty, even at night.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time There: January to April 2014

I visited Cambodia with GapGuru January to April 2014, and experienced a lot. I planned a slightly longer duration trip than the majority of other volunteers travelling out at the same time, but to be honest that actually worked out much better for my experience and aims.

GapGuru were really helpful, helping me with all the preflight arrangements, to co-coordinating which room of the house I would stay in for the majority of the stay. I was one of the longer duration volunteers, staying with GapGuru in Cambodia from January to April 2014. Due to my life plan at the time, I organised with the team, prior to landing in country, that I would work the mornings as a medical volunteer, then teach Dance and English in the afternoon to a local NGO school.

Whilst in country GapGuru were very flexible, for example they organised a translator for me at the medical clinic, which, combined with my longer term stay, allowed me to progress a lot further, and to gain a much deeper understanding of the clinic.

At CAD1 (the school where I taught) I chose to focus on one class for the majority of the time, so that I could make an actual difference to their education, which I feel that I did. Although it is a challenging experience initially, and not for the shy (the children ask a lot questions and climb all over you!) if you're brave enough to travel to a new country, I'm sure you'll be fine!

I had a great time in Cambodia, and made many lasting friendships, some with other volunteers, some with expats and other Khmer (Cambodians).

Cambodia is a beautiful country, and on your time off from work there is so much you can see. If you respect the culture the Khmer people are very friendly and respectful. In Battambang there is a great community of expats, and there are multiple amazing places to go eat and enjoy yourself, despite the quite laid back feeling all the residents convey!

I have already been back independently once, and I can see myself living there in the future. GapGuru is a great company, and Cambodia is a wonderful country. I would recommend visiting Cambodia to anyone!

What would you improve about this program?
Whilst I was there a change in management was being implemented, however that finished early on, and Maria is an inspirational Country Manager. I hope that as the months go on the programs a grown in the correct way, and that everything runs even smoother!
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Yes, I recommend this program


I spent 3 weeks in Cambodia, 2 in Battambang working in the schools teaching English, building a football pitch and helping maintain a garden in a Buddhist temple, then 1 week experiencing the wonders of Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. A typical day in Battambang would be breakfast with the other volunteers followed by a morning generally consisting of teaching English or other similar volunteer activity which was so much fun! The kids really appreciate the help and are hugely eager to learn. Then back for lunch before off to something else, maybe the football pitch or painting a new building. My trip was a little different from many due to nature of what I was doing, so I got to enjoy a lot of time to experience the culture as well like trips out to the bat caves and an incredible bike tour which I highly recommend. Then going to Angkor Wat is simply incredible. There are no words to describe the stunning temples that are there, they really are something you have to experience for yourself. Overall I cannot say enough positive things about the projects, people or experience I had in Cambodia and I highly recommend anybody looking at this trip to throw themselves right in and just do it, because you won't regret it!

What would you improve about this program?
Siem reap (the closest city to the Angkor Wat temples) is a buzzing tourist destination, which in a way retracts from the beautiful traditions and culture of the country. If the location of accommodation in this area could be changed to somewhere more authentic, I think it should be, although this would be very difficult. And I had an amazing time regardless!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beautiful Battambang

I pay for someone to take me to the school where I teach life skills sessions for half an hour starting from 9:30. At 10 am I teach an hour of English to kids aged 7-10 who are very sweet and never stop smiling.

After lunch I teach English for an hour and run a sports club after school. Some of the personal highlights have been introducing new ways of learning to the kids and seeing it succeed. The other day, a kid drew me a poster with my name on it to show how much he appreciates me being here.

Battambang is an excellent destination for any tourist or volunteer. It has everything and I fell in love with the place within a couple of days. There's a great range of stuff to do with cooking classes, cheap markets and 'here be dragons' if you want a western night life. The volunteer house with the project is fantastic and the cook makes amazing meals!

The only difficulty I encountered was cycling in the heat as transport can be more expensive than anticipated.

What would you improve about this program?
The price of the tuk tuk to the school in the morning and afternoon.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time in Cambodia

I had an amazing time in Cambodia. From applying to the very end, I felt I was in good hands with the GapGuru team. I was collected from the airport and taken to my accommodation. The programme itself was amazing and learnt so much. The children were fantastic and I'm grateful for everything on the trip. What an Experience!!!

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