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Fully hosted experience from only $430 for 2 weeks - this includes accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, orientation and 24/7 in-country support.
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May 01, 2024
May 19, 2024
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Trusted by 136,000+ volunteers, IVHQ offers the world's #1 rated volunteer programs in Cambodia and 50+ destinations worldwide.

For the past 6 years, we've won the "Top Volunteer Abroad Provider Award" from GoOverseas, so you can trust that you're in the safest hands with IVHQ in Cambodia.

Our affordable projects start from $17/day for your accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, project placement and local support. Projects run year-round, with durations from 2-24 weeks. Choose from 7 meaningful and life-enriching projects, ranging from Animal Care and Childcare to Medical and Teaching English in the historical sites of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang. Plus, you’ll stay with other like-minded, impact-focused travelers from around the world (private room options available).

With IVHQ’s superior pre-departure support services, you’ll gain exclusive access to your own Volunteer Travel Specialist, comprehensive preparation tools and volunteer training before you leave home.

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Program Highlights

  • Cheapest volunteer programs from $17/day for your accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, project placement & local support.
  • Volunteer for 2-24 weeks, year round start dates most Mondays
  • 15+ years experience & only B Corp certified volunteer travel organization
  • Get free changes up to 14 days before you start with our flexible booking policy
  • Affordable way to earn college credit - gain 5 credits for only US$500!

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Childcare Volunteer in Cambodia

Want to empower Cambodian children to reach their full potential and provide them with the care they need to thrive? Join International Volunteer HQ's Childcare project in Phnom Penh and assist local teachers in overburdened early childhood centers. You'll provide much-needed attention, education, and care to children who need it most, making a lasting impact on their lives.

Teaching English Volunteer in Battambang

Looking to share your love of English and make a meaningful difference in the lives of Cambodian children and teens? Join International Volunteer HQ's Teaching English project in Battambang and provide valuable language skills to local students. You'll help them access higher education and career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries while gaining valuable teaching experience and making unforgettable memories.

Medical Volunteer in Phnom Penh

Want to make a difference in the lives of sick children in Cambodia while gaining valuable medical experience? Join International Volunteer HQ's Medical project in Phnom Penh and shadow local professionals in a pediatric hospital. Whether you're assisting with medical treatments or observing clinical practices, you'll make a real impact on the lives of children in need.

Special Needs Care Volunteer in Phnom Penh

Be a part of something truly special and empower elementary school children with disabilities in Phnom Penh with International Volunteer HQ's Special Needs Care project. You'll gain valuable experience working with special needs children while providing them with the care and attention they need to thrive. Make a real impact on their lives and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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  • Impact 4.65
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.8
  • Value 4.8
  • Safety 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Another great experience with ivhq

Another great experience with ivhq. My assignment was changed due to a local holiday but new arrangements were found for me. This actually allowed me to spend time in 2 locations and meet more volunteers and locals over the course of my 5 weeks in cambodia. The first three weeks were spent teaching English at an ngo school and my last two weeks were at a special education school. Both were great programs and experiences. With 5 weeks I had plenty of time to explore the areas I was in and have a weekend at the beach!

What was your funniest moment?
Participating in khmer new year by getting drenched with water guns, hoses and buckets of water in the streets
  • New friends
  • Experience new places
  • Getting to know locals
  • Not many volunteers but they're working on increasing the numbers that fell because of covid
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Amazing Experience

I taught English in Cambodia for 3 weeks and it was an amazing experience! The staff was well mannered and very helpful. They did everything in their power to make sure the trip went smooth with no bumps along the way. The food was amazing and the school was as well! The living space was clean and overall it was incredible. I tried new food, met new friends, and explored new places that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I would recommend using IVHQ for volunteering abroad, as I will be using them again as well.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I ate crickets and beetles! It was not a part of the program, but while you are abroad you must try new and interesting food that the locals eat!
  • A new experience
  • They taste like chips or peanuts
  • Something to remember
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

I recommend it

It was my first time volunteering, so I felt a bit nervous at first. But the program was well organised and the staff were kind and great. They made it easy for me to know what to expect and what to bring, and gave good tips specific to where I was going.
I felt safe throughout my entire solo trip. The local staff checked up on me often to hear if I was okay and if I was settling in the new environment. He gave me good tips on how to stay safe and secure in the city. He showed me around the city and also gave me recommendations on where I could go sightseeing during the weekends.

Go with an open heart and come home with great experiences.

  • Kind people
  • Special city
  • Cheap
  • Busy city
  • Trafics
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Grace Sorianey
Yes, I recommend this program

IVHQ deserve our trust!

IVHQ and Cambodia's local team answer fast to my questions. I received excellent service and once I was in Kampuchea, I never felt let down.

My experience was more interesting than I imagined! I left Canada to travel alone, and throughout my stay I shared wonderful and unique moments with the other volunteers and with the Khmer people in my placement.

At the accomodation, having little autonomy over food and laundry was a constraint for me. Otherwise, I loved where I was placed! Les Restaurants des Enfants (LRDE) allowed me to visit the places where the children who come to eat live. LRDE's Khmer staff and volunteers answered all my questions about the children's plight, as well as how the organization support these children for a long term result.

  • Khmer people are so kind and sociable
  • The adaptation was very easy! It doesn't take long to feel at home!
  • The local staff answer fast for advices and problems encountered.
  • The food of the accommodation lack of diversity.
  • We cannot expect to visit a lot of thing outside the city of the accomodation unless we have a lot of weekends.
  • For me, food and laundry were a bit of a constraint, as we had little autonomy over them.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English in Cambodia with IVHQ

I went volunteering in Cambodia with IVHQ for 3 weeks and it was truly an amazing experience. I felt safe throughout the whole journey, since we always had support from the local team and IVHQ made the whole process simple and easy, so I would definitely recommend it!
My experience was in Siem Reap, which is a city that I loved and that has a lot you can visit and do, without having the chaos of the capital city, Phnom Pehn. The locals also make you feel safe, welcome and specially respected.
The volunteering house that I was in was great, the family that lived there gave me the freedom to do whatever you wanted without any curfew and the food there was really good!
The volunteering project itself, teaching English to children, was also fun and according to my expectations.
Overall, it is an experience that will allow you to grow massively and become more independent, as well as being in contact with a completely different culture.
To conclude, I have one recommendation which is try to get in touch with other volunteers before going, because in my case I was alone for a week and it is better, for me at least, to be in contact with other volunteers while you are having this experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English in Battambang

For 2 weeks, I volunteered as a teacher at a school in Battambang through IVHQ. My experience in Battambang was overall very positive! I met lots of passionate teachers and enthusiastic students, and always felt very supported by the local team. I had lots of fun with the teachers and students and was able to fully immerse myself in the Khmer culture!

Battambang is a beautiful place - there are lots of farms around and is not as built up as Siem Reap, but still has a good-sized town centre with lots of restaurants and markets. On weekends, I got the chance to explore some areas of Battambang (bat cave, bamboo train) with the teachers that I met and eat delicious local foods as well!

This overseas volunteering experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, as well as continue my growth as a preservice teacher. I can say with confidence that I returned home with priceless experiences, and that I would love to do this again in the future!

  • Well organised program (had no trouble with pick up, obtaining information, etc.)
  • Friendly locals, and a great team of teachers & students to work with
  • Suitable for solo travellers as well as group travellers
  • Can be quite expensive for students
  • Often no aircon available in accomodations, classrooms, restaurants, etc.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Childcare in Cambodia

After a few days in Siem Reap I headed to Phnom Penh for a 2 week Childcare placement at Joy Daycare Centre. The kids (aged 2-8) were funny, attentive and super engaged. The day started at 9. I would spend an hour in the morning teaching English, followed by a freestyle session where I would let the kids draw on the whiteboard and get them to describe in English their drawings. My Khmer wasn't great but with some creative miming the kids understood and we had loads of fun!

We would help feed the kids at lunch "more rice please teacher" still makes me smile. After lunch they would nap for 2 hours, then shower, followed by play time, songs music dance games or watch TV. They would go home at 3.30pm.

A couple of times we hitched a ride with the director of the centre when he took the kids home. Seeing the slums they lived in was heartbreaking, but they came from loving families, and even though they didn't have much they were happy, which was very humbling.

The whole trip was one big highlight reel!

Even though it was sad saying goodbye to the kids, I left with a full heart.

Travel is my jam. And this is a unique way to do it. To live like a local and give back. It's a cultural exchange like no other. I even tried deep fried crickets!

Phnom Penh is a crazy city! The noise, traffic, hardly any pavements. People don't walk you take tuk tuks everywhere. Download the Grab app to book yours, it's like Uber.

I loved hanging out on the riverfront. Head to Temple Bar & Bakery on 55th Street for the rooftop experience.

  • History
  • People
  • Kids
  • Traffic
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English in Siem Reap

Siem Reap was a very interesting place to stay with visiting Ankor Wat very much a highlight. I stayed at the CVH Siem Reap Hostel which was located close to the night Market area of Siem Reap. The hostel hosts were brilliant, friendly and very helpful. I taught at Salariin Kampuchea (SK) learning centre for 4 weeks. This I thoroughly enjoyed. The kids were great to teach and I fitted in very well with the existing kampuchean teaching team. Overall my experience in Siem Reap was brilliant. I would highly recommend going there.

  • Friendly people
  • Fantastic Food
  • Ankor Wat a must see
  • It was hot not much airconfitioning
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Questions & Answers

No not at all :) - the only language requirement for all of the IVHQ programs is being able to speak English. But in saying that, it is great to learn bits and pieces if you can, I really struggled but it didn't inhibit my trip and everyone was grateful if you tried and extremely helpful :)