LUKMEF: National Volunteering Program

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This program is a volunteer scheme for graduates. Through the National Youth Civic Services Projects (NYCS) graduates will act as volunteers in the community. This project is designed to be a multi-directional project that benefits the rural and semi-urban communities as well as the participating youths. In all, it benefits the nation by driving its anti-poverty programs in a number of ways, namely:

  • Improving the living condition of those in the rural communities through youth voluntary services in the domain of agriculture, health, education, water, environment, infrastructure building etc
  • Providing young high school and university graduates with the needed work experience to increase their chances in the job market
  • Promoting greater sense of patriotism among youths by exposing them to the realities of different community life in Cameroon as a way of offering them grounds for objectivity in decision making when they occupy public offices.

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