Apes Action Africa: Volunteer with Primates in Cameroon

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volunteers in Cameroon
volunteers in Cameroon
primates in Cameroon
primates in Cameroon
volunteer coordinators
volunteer coordinators
primates in Cameroon
primates in Cameroon
primate in Cameroon
primate in Cameroon


Ape Action Africa offers volunteers one to three months of work caring for the animals in Cameroon’s Mefou Primate Sanctuary. All volunteers live and work at the forest site (home to 100 chimps, 20 gorillas and a variety of monkeys).

The world will be hard but rewarding. You should bone up on basic French, as most of the staff speaks only French! You’ll live in rooms shared with other volunteers and eat a vegetarian diet.

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Cameroon, a country at the crossroads between West and Central Africa, is often referred to as "Africa in miniature" for its geological and cultural diversity. Natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas. Interestingly, it's also home to over 250 native languages spoken by nearly 20 million people.

About Ape Action Africa

Ape Action Africa is a UK and US registered charity established in 1996 to care for gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys orphaned by the illegal bushmeat and pet trades in Cameroon.Ape Action Africa works on the frontline of primate protection. Our...