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3 to 12 weeks

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Apartment Guesthouse Hotel Lodge
Medium Group (16-30)
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For security on arrival, we will present you to the authorities to officially integrate into the community and this requires some running allowance to organize and visit these officials 50% to be provided by the institution and 50% by you. The board offers you a welcome party, some local foods, pays 50% of your accommodation cost, a mosquito net. The rest of the expenses like stocking of your kitchen, transportation around, bed sheets, toiletteries etc will be provided to you at a cost by you.
If you okay all these, then we will have a board meeting for briefing, after which it will endorse signing an invitation letter for your visa to Cameroon.
Thank you for the admiration for our project and passion to help!
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Meals SIM cards Some Accommodation Some Activities Some Meals Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Airport Transfers Domestic Airfare Equipment Transportation Travel Insurance
Aug 27, 2018
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We currently offer our students skills in ICT, Agriculture and other courses but we have expanded to include entrepreneurship. This gives our students and staff access to new opportunities as they learn how to start and grow their own businesses. This training will be ideally developed for the students and integrated into our curriculum for future students.

1. A workshop/training for our current students: You would create and lead this training. This training should include basic business skills as well as key elements on starting your own business. We would like the training to include hands-on elements to keep students engaged and help them directly apply their learning to their future.

2. An entrepreneurship curriculum: This would essentially include the same elements as the workshop/training, but the goal would be to update the current one that is integrated into our current curriculum. You would need to tailor the lessons to fit our system and curriculum.

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