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AVIC is a local Costa Rican Non-Profit Association that is specialized in providing Premium Hosting for International Volunteers in Costa Rica.

Our association offers a range of services such as setting-up voluntary work placements, pre-arrival, pick-up, training, accommodation and food.

Our service-learning projects include subjects such as such as teaching, sports, community development, construction and animal and environment conservation.

It is our role to integrate you into the local community and culture and advice you on how best to travel and tour Costa Rica.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Trip of a Lifetime- Community Education in Costa Rica

Volunteering in Costa Rica with AVIC on the Community Education Project was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Although it was only two weeks, the memories made will last a lifetime.

All the administrative details were a breeze thanks to an amazing coordinator; every question I had before going was answered promptly. I was so nervous about going to a new country I had never been before all by myself, but I am so glad I got over the nerves and pushed myself to do it. All the inhibitions I carried before going quickly vanished in Costa Rica.

Upon arrival, I was picked up from the airport and brought over to the host family's home in which I was going to stay. What a warm welcome I received! It was a beautiful home and the room I was given was so comfortable. The family was so great to me and I will forever hold them close to my heart. They made sure I had everything I needed and more and made me feel so comfortable in their home; I am forever grateful to them and hope to visit sometime soon!

I looked forward to working on the Community Education Project in Bajo Tejares every day. Short walks on which I met the other volunteers, with whom I quickly forged such strong friendships, were a beautiful way to start every morning. The children at the community center were so full of light and happiness; we played games, did arts and crafts and even had a water fight one day. I also made great friends with the rest of the staff and volunteers. After volunteering, I spent my evenings either hanging out with the other volunteers, checking out San Ramon, shopping and trying out new places to eat or with my host family, relaxing and learning more about them and Costa Rican culture. Either way, everyday was so much fun!

On the weekend, I traveled to Santa Teresa with the other volunteers I met. It was great to have Fridays off in order to be able to make the most of the weekends. What a beautiful trip! Small surf and beach town with cute little shops and eateries and amazing weather. We stayed in a hostel where we met so many people from around the world, all on different journeys. It was so enlightening.

Overall, my experience with AVIC in Costa Rica is one I would and do recommend to everyone! Two weeks was definitely too short, so I would suggest going for at least a month and maybe giving yourself an extra week or two to travel after your volunteering term. I would also suggest practicing your Spanish before going! It was a trip filled with beautiful people, places and experiences and I left having such great friendships, an extended family and wonderful memories to last me a lifetime! Pura Vida!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience with AVIC in Costa Rica

I took a two months break from my hectic life in China and decided to take a volunteer placement in Costa Rica - I chose AVIC for their long term experience in running programs in Costa Rica, as well for the value for money element -- they run some of the most affordable yet high quality projects!

Their approach is very personable yet highly professional. Communication and organization were flawless -- I also loved their flexible project structure, with long weekends off that allowed to travel more in Costa Rica! Their location in San Ramon, besides offering a great base for exploring the country, is also a genuine showcase of real Toco life, away from the touristy sites, you'll experience a true taste of Cosa Rica.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sports Education in Costa Rica

During the summer of 2013, I had the pleasure of traveling to Costa Rica in order to volunteer at a local organization. From the beginning of my journey, everything was very simple to understand. After paying what was necessary for the flight and the program, I was sent an email of exactly what I needed to bring, the airport pick-up information, and anything else of importance,
After landing in San Juan Airport, I was immediately greeted by one of the workers of the program. We waited a bit for the other volunteers of the program to land and get settled, and after everyone was ready, we took a beautiful trip in a small van to San Ramon.
Our accomodation was unbelievable. The house was both incredibly beautiful and very safe. The other volunteers and I had ample space to relax and do the things we wanted to do.
San Ramon is an asthetically pleasing town. Although small, everyone in the town knows each other and they take care of each other as family. The food was amazing, but the water was different from the USA, so it took about a week to get used to. If you did not want to taste the water in costa rica, you could opt for bottled water which was fine, as well.
My volunteer experience was great. I taught sports education to students at a local community center. The students were well behaved, and appreciated those who tried hard. If coming to Costa Rica, I would advise learning some spanish before coming. The more spanish that a volunteer learns, the more rewarding the trip becomes.
We only had to work for 4 days a week, which left Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free to do what we liked. On those days, the volunteers and I traveled all around Costa Rica to visit some of the nicest places of the country. The hardedst part of the whole trip was deciding where we wanted to go, because there was so many things we wanted to try with so little time.
I could stay here and write a book about my experiences in Costa Rica. The people, the food, the atmosphere, and the night life of Costa Rica is unforgettable. The best part, in my opinion, is that we were not "on vacation". I truely felt that I was living like a Costa Rican for the month that I stayed there. I was able to immerse myself into the country, which was exactly what I hoped for.

What would you improve about this program?
Every experience is different. Sometimes, volunteers who come to teach will have a difficult time grabbing the attention of the students. I highly suggest that those interested in this trip sign up for something they believe they could truely help with. In other words, those who are shy and timid should not sign up to teach high school students how to play sports, and those who do not speak any spanish should not sign up to speak english, due to the language barrier.
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