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The lovely Pod Volunteer team will support you from from helping you to prepare for volunteering and travelling overseas, to providing 24/7 back up while you are away, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Pod Volunteer are looking for volunteers to help sloths, turtles, anteaters + more in Costa Rica.

Wildlife Rescue Project: Join a wildlife rescue team and care for the animals in the sanctuary. Provide food and enrichment for sloths, anteaters + other animals that have been injured, orphaned or mistreated. Explore the beautiful rainforest surroundings and coastal National Park in your free time.

Turtle Conservation Project: Join an active conservation team monitoring and protecting sea turtle populations. Protect turtle nests against the risks of poaching and release hatchlings into the Pacific Ocean. The data collected is used to gain an understanding of sea turtle reproductive behaviour, and improve conservation strategies. Explore the stunning scenery, mangroves and coastal areas in your free time.

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Pod Volunteer is an award winning non-profit organisation arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteering opportunities around the world.

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