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Pod Volunteer is an award winning non-profit organisation arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteering opportunities around the world.

We work with long term projects that we have visited personally and where there is genuine benefit to local communities.

Volunteers are needed from 1 - 12 weeks for animal, conservation, child care, education, teaching, building and community volunteering projects in Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Pod Volunteer was established in 2001 to provide a link between small charities overseas in need of additional resource and people wishing to volunteer their time to do something worthwhile abroad.


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The lovely Pod Volunteer team will support you from from helping you to prepare for volunteering and travelling overseas, to providing 24/7 back up while you are away, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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My scores speak for themselves! Cambodia is a wonderful country and I felt very safe wherever I went - the people are engaging and very welcoming, always smiling and willing to help. But the stars were of course the bears! I had the most amazing experience and it was an absolute privilege to be so close to such fantastic animals. The bears are intelligent, funny and delightful - my biggest challenge was not being able to cuddle them! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this experience and hope more volunteers will sign up to support the Bear Rescue team in Cambodia with the wonderful and extraordinarily worthwhile work they do in caring for these wonderful animals.

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Arriving at a remote wildlife sanctuary in a country so far away from my own was certainly daunting in the beginning; the people were new, the food different and the working hours long. Yet over the course of a month, I established a rhythm. Adapting to the change in environment, my days became easier. I began to feel fulfilled by the work as the connection I cultivated with the centre deepened. Making improvements to the place that provided for me, whilst looking after the animals, I found to be deeply satisfying. Close friendships with the people around me were also developed, adding a welcome pillar of support. Undertaking an experience such as this definitely shouldn't be underestimated, but the rewards to be had are many. This has undoubtedly been a life-changing event that will continue to shape me throughout the future.

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When I was planning my trip, I expected nothing more than to learn more about the bush and be lucky enough to find animals I knew that are "hard" to see. I had the privilege of staying a whole month in the Rusermi camp and as the days passed by, not only a dream came true, learning about the bush, footprints and encountering lions, wild dogs, rhinos, elephants, etc, but I also made good friends. Friendships that made my "goodbye" much harder. I totally encourage people to have an experience as a volunteer and to work with wildlife in South Africa because I know nobody will ever regret.

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The locals and the other volunteers which run the programme are so friendly and welcoming. They sort every problem that you have and will go the extra mile for you to feel safe in their country.
Before I went I didn’t realise I would be able to visit different parts of Ghana whilst I was there. Most weekend we could go for a weekend trip away which meant I could explore the Volta region and see waterfalls, go to the beaches and much more. They were very flexible and helped us plan routes of where to go. You can volunteer as different things such as in the building site or as a teacher and then everyone reconveins in the evenings for dinner and sometimes round a camp fire to sing songs. I had an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone that wants to go.

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The Community Education Project in Huaraz, Peru is such a worthy cause. The children are taught nit only academic education but also how to eat healthy and play, which is essential in any child's development. The volunteer apartment is in a great location and has a social area to watch movies on a large LCD 40 ins TV with internet connectivity to Netflix, Youtube etc. This can help volunteers if they feel home sick. There is a great open plan kitchen where you can cook with an oven, blender, toastie maker and everything you would need (apart from a micro wave). Huaraz is a wonderful place and very safe (I felt safer than any major UK city). Very beautiful as it is surrounded by mountains and treks are many of the world's most stunning treks only a few hours away.
Typically you would work Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.00, then go for a lunch break and back at 3.00 - 6.00pm. Friday afternoons are left for a treat to the park. The children are so well behaved and happy that the volunteers are there.
A worked with several volunteers from different backgrounds and ages and they all agreed it was such a fantastic experience for all. I would recommend this project to anyone who would like to make a difference.

How can this program be improved?
The program has already improved since I left. The new coordinator Melanie has worked on promoting the website by adding more picture and video's. This can really help inspire future volunteers. They have managed to improve the building and facilities with painted walls, new table covers, books and resources which is really important. As a qualified teacher, I feel a system to help volunteers understand the level of each child and what particular skill they need would be really useful. Maybe a card system stating aspects such as improving times tables or Spanish spelling would really help the child and help the volunteers teach them. But it is a fantastic project already, I am just one who always looks to improve things.
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