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May 15, 2012
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Go wild with sea turtles! Experience sustainable travel with a splash of conservation by participating in STC's Eco-Volunteer Adventure in Costa Rica. This fun and educational opportunity blends research with an exotic location to get you involved in protecting endangered sea turtles.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Eco-Volunteer Experience

Being an Eco-Volunteer for the Sea Turtle Conservancy is definitely an adventure! To get to Tortuguero, I first took a bus ride through the mountains and then to the coast. From there I boarded a small boat to take me through the canals. It was here that I first started to experience the wonderful wildlife that can be found in Costa Rica . From monkeys, to iguana's, countless native birds, and butterflies there is always something to see! Once I arrived at the station, I learned how to measure and record data for when a turtle is nesting. Right away I was included in the night patrols and various activities that take place during a usual week at the station. During the week I got to know the research assistants better and learned about the countries that they are from. The night patrols are not always successful in terms of seeing turtles but there is always something interesting to see, from the brilliant night sky to small crabs that glow in the dark. Since nature, and turtles, are not always predictable, I recommend staying for two weeks. That way there are more opportunities to see a turtle! Seeing the turtles was definitely the highlight of my trip! I was able to count the eggs, help check the flippers and shell for any damage, and measure the turtles. Being so close to these amazing animals is truly a life changing experience. Working with the turtles up close gave me a new appreciation for these creatures, while also motivating me even more to help conserve them. Staying two weeks also gives you time to become a part of the weekly schedule and see even more wildlife. There is always something to do in or around the station: going in to Tortuguero for shopping or food, bird watching, relaxing on the beach, taking a canal tour or even just reading a book. Costa Rica is truly a beautiful country, from the plants, to the animals, and even the gorgeous sunsets. Being an Eco-Volunteer in Tortuguero is definitely a once in a life time experience. If you have the chance, you should definitely go!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tortuguero Turtle Conservation

I volunteered for one week with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in September 2010. It was a great experience! I actually refer to it as my jurassic park experience as the emotions of being out on the beach and watching the turtles ride the waves in was very much other worldly. The research staff were great. I had the opportunity to get to know people from around the world. I enjoyed assisting with the nightly patrols and tagging/taking measurements of the green sea turtles. You could see the tremendous difference that the program made on the community at large. I was there during Turtle Fest so had a fun time with the festivities.

I would definitely come back sometime and help out again. It was wonderful to see a program have such a dramatic effect on a species as well as provide tourism and income for the locals.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Two weeks searching for turtles in utter darkness on beaches at night...

The title sums it up! This volunteer opportunity was definitely an adventure and not your typical volunteer abroad gig. I did this program during the summer of 2008 but I still keep in touch today with the friends I made during those two weeks and even have visited some of them in places all over the world. I learned a lot about the nesting habits of green and leatherback turtles, and about the turtle poaching problems on Central American beaches. Walking along the beaches at night, in total darkness for four hours at a time, looking for vague turtle-shaped forms in the dark was definitely interesting. I would do it again and recommend this to anyone with a sense of adventure. Just be ready for traditional Costa Rican food every day, mosquitoes, extreme humidity and heat, giant bugs, and total immersion into a Spanish-speaking culture. Tortuguero is gorgeous and the black sand beaches are amazing. Look for bioluminescence at night. Open your mind, learn some Spanish, get in shape for the long walks on the beach at night, and have fun!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly memorable

A place to meet very interesting people, who are together for a good cause. I learnt a lot about community centered conservation and the importance of eco-tourism through volunteering in this program. Everyday was filled with new experiences, which were truly memorable.

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