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The Honduran school year runs from February thru early November. However, recent years have left students in the public schools far behind grade level due to frequent strikes and limited resources, so in November, December and January, Honduras Child Alliance operates a Vacation Activities Program (VAP) for 150-200 children.

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My Heart is Still in El Porvenir!

I started volunteering in Honduras in February of 2011 and continue to go back for a few weeks each year! Needless to say, I love it!

It’s ironic that as volunteers, we arrive in Honduras ready to teach the energetic, sweet children of El Porvenir, and we leave having learned so much from them!

Some volunteer organizations charge a lot of money for their trips, but Honduras Child Alliance was one of the most reasonably priced organizations that I found during my search.

Another amazing aspect of this volunteer experience is the opportunity to connect and become friends with the other volunteers who come from different countries all over the world. Many of us still keep in touch and one of my best friends to this day is somebody I volunteered with back in 2011.

That’s me in the video, and it pretty much says it all! I feel lucky to have been a part of this entire experience and hope that you also get the chance!

Yes, I recommend this program
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An Amazing Place To Be

El Porvenir it such a wonderful and amazing place to be and all the volunteers I have worked with there would agree! When you can stand in the road and see beautiful mountains to the south and turn to see the Caribbean ocean to the north, it's pretty breath taking. Walking to classes, going to the store, swimming at the beach, watching a soccer game at the local field, you can't walk through town without getting a smile and wave from the adults and a few "hola Teacher" calls from the children! As someone who's lived in a city most of my life, you just can't beat the small town feel of El Porvenir.

The classes that Honduras Child Alliance runs are really fun to work in! I really enjoy being in such a hands on teaching environment where the volunteers really get to take ownership of their classes and be involved in the planning process. The Vacation Activities Program is really really fun! Like being back in summer camp! During November, December, and January we run educational day-camp activities (which are so fun, the kids don't even realize that they are learning!).

During the other times of the year Honduras Child Alliance runs after (or before) school classes for kids which really focus on English and Spanish literacy activities for the kids. My favorite part of the school year classes has been working with Spanish Literacy. It's such a huge area that we can help support the teachers in the community by adding into our program and it really forces the volunteers to get creative!

I've volunteered with Honduras Child Alliance many times and each time it's a completely new and mind blowing experience. I have learned so many things from the program, the kids, and the community that I just can't seem to stay away now! It's done wonders on improving my Spanish, my teaching skills, everything! I would definitely recommend volunteering with this program!

How can this program be improved?
One thing that could be improved in this program would be more structured Spanish instruction for volunteers who don't speak Spanish when they come. I know it's something that they are working on!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Educational empowerment program for the children on Honduras

Honduras Child Alliance is powered by incredible volunteers from all over the world, who come to work together in El Porvenir, Honduras. The cost to live in their volunteer house is $4-$6 USD per day, depending on how long you are staying. They have a project manager who lives in one of the houses and a general manager who lives in one of the others. There is a lot of support for the volunteers from the organization and from the community. We work in small teams and with groups of 10-20 children at a time.The community is very poor but is also quite beautiful. The beach is right outside our front door and there is a beautiful waterfall about 10 minutes away. All donated funds go toward the operations of the programs. This is a small organization and well run.

Yes, I recommend this program

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The Honduras Child Alliance projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty in Honduras is perpetuated through lack of education. As we look at the bright faces of the children in our community, it is impossible to not...