Volunteer with us at our Sloth Bear Rescue Centre

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Wildlife SOS has 10 wildlife rehabilitation centers in India which house Sloth Bears, Moon Bears, Leopards, Elephants and several other species.

We successfully ended the 400 year old barbaric tradition of Dancing bears by rescuing over 600 bears and rehabilitating them at our centers. Simultaneously, we also worked with the Muslim Kalandar community by providing the men with rehabilitation packages, vocational training for the women for over 1500 women, sponsoring over a 1000 children's education and employing several Kalandars to work with us directly.

By volunteering with us , you will make a major contribution to the welfare of bears and tribal communities in India. Your time and effort will help to care for them and a majority of the program cost will go directly to our centre providing a critical source of funding for our current and future work. You will have the unique opportunity to spend time with some incredible animals and make a difference to their lives.

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