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Local tasks vary from day to day. In our children’s home in Kenya, daily tasks will include assisting with homework and organizing projects and activities for the children. You will provide the co-Directors will needs-based assistance in the daily maintenance of the centers, becoming a part of the IHF family and integral to the work we do.

For your international tasks, you will be assigned teams made up of volunteers from other centers and you will work on administrative tasks for not just the center you are staying in, but for the whole organization. Your tasks may include producing media content, assisting with fundraising efforts and generating online outreach efforts to promote our organization’s goals and projects. This is a great opportunity to experience the overall management of an international organization and receive training in a multi-level, multifaceted work environment. Before arrival at the center, you will already become a part of the team by completing pre-trip tasks with our international teams to gain an understanding of the kind of work you will be doing.

Our foundation­ is run entirely by volunteers just like you, who have made commitments ranging from 2 weeks to multiple years. You will be supervised and guided by long-term volunteer co-Directors at your center, who will listen to your ideas and work with you on a daily basis.

Candidate Qualifications: You must be fluent in written and spoken English. We value volunteers who­ are creative and innovative, willing to take responsibility and easily adapt to new conditions and unexpected situations. ­ Each IHF center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. So must our staff. Our volunteers must have high inter­-cultural sensitivity and be tolerant to different views and ways of life.

Work-Study Volunteers stay for a minimum of four weeks. We provide basic accommodation and food at our centers, where you will live with your co-workers. Unfortunately, as a nonprofit, we are unable to provide these amenities freely and we charge a minimal cost of $55 ­/ $75 per week. We are not able to cover travel or insurance expenses or any other related costs, but we will help you with your travel and visa planning. We will also try to comply with guidelines to secure any grant or scholarship funding available at your university if applicable.

If you are interested in a longer, even more substantial experience, we also offer a 3-6 month Internship Program. In this role, you will complete the four hours of international work and four hours of local work as part of the Work-Study Program, but will have increased responsibility and more opportunity to particularize your tasks to your skills. If you are interested in a more involved experience, please apply for the Work-Study Program and note your interest in the Internship Program. We will work with you to assess your skills and how you can best contribute your time.

Please familiarize yourself further with our organization on our website www.ihfonline.org and our blog http://ihfblog.wordpress.com/home/.

Learn more by reading our annual report at http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/1317609/e36bb30bf9/TEST/TEST/.

We were given a 2013 Inspiring Story -- Responsible Tourism Award! Read more about it at http://tourism.wildasia.org/2556/2013-inspiring-stories-destinations/.

See our great ratings at http://greatnonprofits.org/reviews/international-humanity-foundation-1/.

If you have any questions about our organization or programs, please contact volunteering@ihfonline.org. If you are ready to apply, please send your CV to applications@ihfonline.org.

Dec 12, 2018
Jun 14, 2016

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Volunteer Work-Study Opportunity in Kenya

The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our children’s home in Nakuru, Kenya as part of our Volunteer Work-Study Program. As a Work-Study Volunteer, you would complete four hours of local work and four hours of international work a day alongside an international staff dedicated to global development and helping children have access to more opportunities. You will have substantial responsibilities and be a valued part of a grassroots not-for-profit NGO at the ground level.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Work-study experience.

My name is Innocent Ochola Owuor and I chose to return to Kenya to volunteer with IHF. Initially, choosing how I would spend my summer break was a conundrum. However, one thing was certain, I had to spend some time in Kenya. The last time I had been back home was 3 years before. Working with IHF gave me a way to go back home and also contribute to a cause that was just. Currently, I am a sophomore in St. Lawrence University in Canton. The two years spent abroad made me feel disconnected from Kenya. Therefore choosing Nakuru as the center to apply to was an easy decision.
I arrived at the center in the darkness of the night. The bright blue houses, the smiles of the children and radiance of the sun were nowhere to be seen. However, the warm welcome was still there and it stayed all the way through my stay at the center. The center itself is not impressive but the individuals within it are; each with a unique personality that drives the center, spanning from the children to the staff. This diversity gives the center incredible character.
Spending the past few weeks at Nakuru has been a great insightful experience. I got to experience the joys and troubles of running a childcare nonprofit. I got to meet altruistic individuals who endure difficult conditions to make education possible for the children here. The continuous work ethic is inspiring. I have learned what it takes to selfless and to put one’s pride aside. I have learned that working with the disadvantaged is not about pity but about deference. It is about taking time to meet new personalities and appreciate them. What I’ll remember the most is not what I did but who I met as well as the stories and the jokes they told me. I came to appreciate that despite a person’s socioeconomic status they still possess interesting and pertinent stories to hear.
I encourage others to volunteer with IHF because you will encounter individuals and have an enlightening experience. You will learn that the lack of wealth or education does not make another person unapproachable. In fact, it will expand your perspicacity.
I enjoyed my stay with the children in Nakuru and I learned much more than I expected.

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Yes, I recommend this program

As a volunteer in the IHF Center Nakuru, Kenya

A dream becomes true: Already as a little girl I dreamt of going to Africa to help children there. It was about five years ago when I saw a documentary about Africa that I decided, I wanted to go right after high school. To me it appeared the best time to go, since all my studies were done and I could not study for anything else, because I have no new classes yet. After spending weeks, looking for the right organization I finally found the advertisement of International Humanity Foundation. ‘This is my chance, to help without having to get financial help from my parents and relatives!’ and immediately I applied.

Now that I am here at the children’s home in Nakuru I am learning new things every day. Currently I am the youngest volunteer here which I sometimes get to feel in the way that I have no experience in particular situations. I am very grateful to have many very friendly and open people around me who help me.

Working with the children is often a challenge I must say, because not only is the culture very different, but also their perception of the world. I am surprised by some things the children ask me, which to me are very normal and logical to me, but they had never heard about it.

A regular day here starts at 5:30am for the children – except for weekends – when they get their tea and towards 6am they start leaving for school. After all of them have left – or at least all the ones that are not sick – we have time to do our online tasks, go to the hospital with sick children, help our cook cooking lunch, going to teacher-parents meetings, going to town to buy necessary utensils, and whatever else is needed. At lunch time some of the children come back to eat and some stay at school and eat there. Only the smallest ones stay here for the afternoon, all the others have to go back to school. In the evening, since they are in different schools they come home at different times, and we start playing games with them – they love football! – or help them with homework. Sometimes there are also big activities planned, though more on weekends than during the week. Saturday and Sunday are the only two days when we look after the children all day long, so these are our most exhausting days – fun never the less!

We are facing many difficulties with that many children around us – 70 children is quite a number to me! Problems like illnesses – meaning going to the hospital and waiting there for several hours – making sure the children are good in school, which means tutoring, helping with homework, doing extra work with them for practicing, and many things more. Every day is a challenge, and I like to every day have a new “task” to achieve.

So far all my experiences have helped me grow mentally, and to understand this completely different culture. Already now, that my third week is over, I think about how sad that it is that I only stay here for two months. I wish I could be here for longer, trying to have a bigger impact in the lives of those children, showing them how much potential they have and how they can use it, giving them the love they deserve, giving them an idea what life is all about, how important education is… I could go on with this list. I really think they are great children and I am happy to see that there are people from all over the world, willing to give them their time and influencing and teaching them, everyone in their very own way.

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