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There are more than 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu, and over 35,000 in the Kathmandu Valley. In addition to problems associated with overpopulation, these dogs pose a real health threat to the residents of Nepal through rabies transmission and dog bites. In the past there was no alternative to the government`s policy of poisoning dogs and ignoring the critically sick and injured animals. Many people were very concerned about the dogs around their community but until recently, had no way of helping them. Now over 14,000 dogs have been treated in a successful spay, neuter and vaccination program that provides a very important, much needed service to the people and animals of Kathmandu. You too can be part of the solution, by volunteering in this busy shelter and animal hospital in Kathmandu.

Now more than ever we need your help. To help stop the spread of rabies and the massively increasing dog population- for the dogs, the community and the environment.

  • Live in a town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Hands on work with dogs who need your help.
  • Working with a locally established and supported vet team.
  • Time off to experience wild Nepali treks, temple tours and vibrant Kathmandu culture.
  • Students have experienced vets to supervise them through surgery and clinical.

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Nepali Adventure

It's been three years since I traveled to Nepal, an experience that forever change my life. I have a lot more respect for everything and less of a need for material things. He sad thing is many of the sights I visited are now gone because of the horrible earthquake that took place this year.

Once my life calms down, I plan on another adventure through Animal Experience International.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Beautiful Nepal

Nepal had always been on my 'must-see' list of countries and I knew that when I was finally going to plan a trip to go there that I wanted to get more than just the 'tourist view' of this country. I wanted to meet the people that live there and experience their culture. After finding out about AEI and their placements in Nepal and speaking with Nora it seemed an amazing opportunity to experience the side of Nepal I was looking for. As a veterinary technician the added opportunity to work with dogs and actually make a difference while I was there made it perfect.
Everyone I met was so warm and welcoming. They were all so eager to show me their city, to treat me to little cups of sweet masala tea and to talk about their lives and culture. Everyday I spent in the clinic was interesting, to see different surgical techniques, different treatment methods and of course to spend time with all the sweet dogs who will sit with you for hours in exchange for an ear scratch.
The added bonus of not having to worry about the details like accommodation, airport pick ups, meal planning etc makes for a very easy going trip. AEI has all of these things organized for you and knowing that they have been there and experienced the placement themselves in order to make it suitable for their volunteers is more than reassuring. They even provide you with information about the country you are going to before you leave so that you arrive prepared and are always available if you should need to get in touch with them.
This was a great experience for me and I would absolutely do it again without a second thought. AEI is an amazing organization with a big heart, their placements are exactly what they promise they will be and I would recommend volunteering with them to anyone.

Yes, I recommend this program

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