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Sep 08, 2023
Nov 09, 2018
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About Program

Volunteer in Nepal with Plan My Gap Year – an award-winning, international volunteer abroad organisation with programs in Kathmandu, Nepal. PMGY provides safe, trusted and affordable programs, with a range of volunteer projects in Nepal, including Teaching & Teaching to Monks opportunities.

PMGY Nepal is located across three very unique locations – Chitwan, Pokhara and Kathmandu. The Nepal volunteer programs start on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month. Our projects in Nepal run throughout the year and volunteers can join the program for 2-20 weeks. Volunteers in Nepal are provided with an extensive pre-departure support service, airport pick-up and drop-off, in-country orientation, three meals per day, volunteer accommodation and local team support.

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Ethical Impact

Plan My Gap Year is committed to providing ethical volunteer opportunities that truly benefit the local communities. We have personally vetted all of our Volunteer Programs in every destination. We support a small network of Volunteer Programs abroad that we have specifically chosen due to their efforts being sustainable for our volunteers and the local communities alike. We work closely with each of our local teams to ensure we are assessing and adapting to ensure quality experiences for all involved.

For this reason, PMGY does not provide volunteer opportunities in orphanages in any of our locations. Research and studies have shown that visiting and volunteering in orphanages has the potential to generate an industry that separates children from their families. In turn, putting children at increased risk of neglect and abuse. Therefore, we do not support these institutions with our volunteer network.

Instead, we focus on offering alternative childcare volunteer opportunities whereby children come to and from the placement setting each day. In other words, our local teams collaborate with childcare projects which do not offer any form of residential care. These are safe, responsible, and vetted projects, where participants continue to provide valued assistance supporting local staff.

Program Highlights

  • Most Affordable – PMGY’s programs are accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference, through low fees and high-impact projects.
  • Best Support – Our international and local teams provide extensive around the clock services to assist you every step of your PMGY adventure.
  • Safety Prioritised – With safety a PMGY number-1 priority, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure our programs are as safe and structured as possible.
  • Extraordinary Experiences – With PMGY, you have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in amazing cultural and travel experiences, ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories.
  • Friendships for Life – Your PMGY experience not only opens up a doorway for new experiences and exciting memories, but also life-long friendships when meeting new people from around the world.

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Yes, I recommend this program


I travelled to Nepal in May 2018 with Plan My Gap Year. I have volunteered with this company twice before in Ghana and India, therefore when wanting to volunteer in Nepal, I wanted to go with a company I knew and trusted.

The support from PMGY before arriving in the country is always so responsive and puts me at ease. Any questions I have are answered so quickly and their knowledge of Nepal and the projects were reassuring. As I was already travelling Asia at the time of booking the programme, Philip assisted in booking my flights for me and advised in getting my Visa.

We were picked up at Kathmandu airport as arranged (although I have been with PMGY before this is always a scary process as I always question- will somewhere be at the airport to pick me up??). The first few days were spent exploring Kathmandu and we were given 'orientation'. We were shown around the city and learnt a lot about the local culture, history and the language. After a few days in Kathmandu we were given the opportunity to choose the project we wanted to do- you can choose to volunteer in three cities in Nepal- Pokhara, Chitwan or Kathmandu. Our coordinator called Asim explained the programmes in each city and where more help was needed. We chose to go to Pokhara as there were no volunteers here and they needed help building the children's orphanage.

Everything was quite structured and it was very clear what we were doing and what was expected from us. The project was so eye opening, we were building in the day and in the evenings playing with the children from the orphanage and helping them with any homework they had to do. As the orphanage was being built it had no running water at the time therefore for the children's to wash we would walk them to the river nearby and everyone would go for a wash and swim.

Impact wise I felt as though I was making such a difference. I felt as though our presence was needed and even though some evenings there was no homework to go through or the children didn't want to play sports, some would just want to sit and chat and attempt to improve their English. I have recently seen photos of the completed orphanage and it just makes me so proud knowing I was apart of building it.

Whilst in Nepal we wanted to do some trips and explore and our coordinator in Pokhara was so responsive when we asked to do something and very helpful in arranging things for us. Some incredible things we did that was recommended to us is; rowing the lakes in Pokhara, the Panchase trek, Chitwan national park, watching sunrise over the Annapurna mountain range- we did this on my birthday and was truly incredible!!

I felt very safe in the country and although we were staying in a home stay we always had contact with our country coordinator and he checked up on us regularly. The homestay was an incredible experience, I would highly recommend that if you get the option to choose the homestay as you learn so much about the culture and you get to immerse yourself completely into the local lifestyle. All meals were provided and cooked by the mother of the homestay, dhallbatt is what we ate regularly- the traditional veggie curry and rice. Sometime's if we felt a bit tired of dhallbatt we would buy the mother looking after us some chicken and she would cook it for us- if you're not happy with something its definitely best to act on it rather than leaving unsatisfied!

If I was to advise anyone going to Nepal with PMGY, I would say go with an open mind and be pro-active!! Read the handbook- that was so useful and be flexible when you’re there, as their culture may mean things aren’t as structured as you expect them to be.

My experience with PMGY was overall extremely positive and the support from Plan My Gap Year is amazing. The company is organised and I couldn't recommend them more. I have volunteered with PMGY three times now and I will definitely be going a fourth time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Real Nepal Experience

I visited Nepal in July 2017 as part of the Real Nepal Experience. The programme is amazing and so well organised! The heavy monsoon rains meant that the order of the programme had to be completely rescheduled when we got there, but this didn't phase the local reps at all. It was clear that they were really keen for our experience to be the best that it could be; this was really appreciated when we were lucky enough to see the top of the snow-capped Himalayas after trekking for 2 days up to Poon Hill!

Before visiting Nepal we were sent a pre-departure handbook. This was really useful as it advised us as to what to bring and the activities we might be doing once there. The list was pretty extensive and as always, I definitely over packed! I think more use could be made from the PMGY Facebook groups- pages that allow you to discuss your trip with people out there already / those that have already taken part. It would have been really useful to have been told that white t-shirts are a nightmare to hand wash/keep clean and that you don't need to splash out on proper trekking gear!

The accommodation was always to a reasonable standard, with a western toilet etc. All the accommodation is pretty centrally located too, which was particularly good when in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Most hotels offer a laundry service- this was particularly useful after trekking.

I chose to volunteer in a government school in Pokhara and stay with a family as my volunteer placement. Staying with a family was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. Shesh, Laxmi and Puja were so friendly and took the time to show us Pokhara from a Local's perspective - something that I just wouldn't have been able to see if travelling alone! Laxmi is amazing at cooking and made us a range of Nepali food (not just daal bhat everyday!) and even made us pancakes for breakfast some days! We were able to get a real idea of the Nepali culture and even had the opportunity to dress up in a sari!

Working in a government school was really challenging. We were the first group of volunteers to be placed in a government school as opposed to a paid-for boarding school. We were teaching English to kids aged between 5 and 12. The younger classes were particularly difficult as the kids were just so naughty! As a result, teaching the class without the local teacher present was impossible. The teacher told us what to teach each day which basically just involved the kids dictating what we had written on the board; we were expecting to have the freedom of planning our own lessons but when we arrived this didn't seem to be the case. I think teaching in a government school is a great idea as it meant we were able to help the poorest and most vulnerable kids in society. But, I think we would have had more of an impact if we were able to teach older kids, maybe those aged between 12-16. This way we would (hopefully) not have had so many issues with behaviour and would be able to communicate with the kids better as their English would be more advanced.

Overall I think the trip was really well organised. I would say this type of trip would be especially good for 18-20 year olds who may be going on their first holiday alone. Taking part in such a tightly organised trip to a country as chaotic as Nepal definitely saved me hours of time on the organisation front and I'm sure worked out a lot better than if I were to have travelled to Nepal on my own. However, as a 22 year old who has done a fair bit of travelling, I think I would have enjoyed the trip more if I was given a bit more independence- maybe even just a couple more free days in Kathmandu or Chitwan to wonder around without being directed by a guide. However, overall I would 100% recommend this trip. Nepali is an amazing country and well worth a visit!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching Volunteer Program at Chitwan Monastery (Daunne)

I am so glad that I went on this trip. I stayed at the Daunne monastery, which is the Chitwan monastery, and I volunteered for 3 weeks. The facilities at the monastery are very basic: the toilets are squatties, the hot water is a bit temperamental, and the electricity often cuts out. But none of that ever could have taken away from the brilliance of this trip.

Nepal has some of the friendliest people I have ever met. When we met Asim for the first time, he made us feel so welcome, and insisted we called him "big brother" because he treated us like we were part of the family, which I adored. The whole of the orientation team treated us so well, which made it so easy to adjust. Asim is always on hand if we had any questions, no matter what time of the day it was, and even if it was something as silly as asking him to tell the taxi driver where we wanted to go if they didn't speak English. Also, your safety is of paramount importance to them. When we were meant to be leaving Kathmandu, there had been horrible weather the few nights proceeding, so rather than put us on a public bus which would have taken hours more, Asim actually drove us in his car to the monastery. I always felt safe knowing that Asim was there to help us.

The monastery was no different. The minute we walked in the children came running up to us, grabbing our hands and dragging us into the jungle with them to go mushroom picking. They would chat away to us in Nepali, not realising we didn't have a clue what they were saying. The older ones spoke much better English, though, and could hold a really good conversation. However, every single child was eager to learn, whether that be at the school or just around the monastery. They wanted to know everything we could tell them about our homes, our families and our friends, so if you are thinking about going on a trip like this, I would advise taking some pictures with you, because the kids would absolutely love that. The teachers and the principle are also some of the kindest people ever, and I'm so sad I don't get to see their smiles every day.

In terms of teaching, before I went I was really worried that I needed to prepare lessons and try and think up things to teach them. And whilst that is useful, it is not necessary. They have a book which they study their English out of, and you just go through the exercises with them. The hardest part was knowing whether or not they understood what you were saying or what they were saying, because most of them could speak really good English or recite it, but they didn't have a clue what it actually meant. This was particularly the case for the middle aged classes. Also, the classes here weren't split based on ability, like we had thought, but they were by age group, which was actually a lot easier.

My biggest piece of advice for this trip is you need to be flexible. Yes, read the volunteers handbook, and yes, do lots of research into the country and the culture. But you need to accept that things won't always go to plan, and you have got to be willing to adapt and change. No matter what, this is a once in a lifetime experience, so immerse yourself as much as possible in the experience, because you will make some of the best memories on this trip.

If you wanted to do any excursions whilst on the trip, talk to the in-country support when you get there. I was surprised at how many places we actually got to visit whilst we were there. We managed to visit Lumbini, Pokhara, and Chitwan, as well as obviously Kathmandu and Daunne. I would definitely recommend Pokhara if you are doing this monastery, because we visited it at the end of our second week, and it restored some much needed Western luxuries, such as hot water, Western food, and a proper bed. However, Daunne is such a beautiful monastery that these trips aren't necessary, but are just a nice bonus.

Overall I am so grateful for this trip, and although I found a lot of things challenging, it has made me come out of it a much stronger person. It made me realise how lucky I am to be in my position, and actually made me a lot less stressed, because I realised everything will work out in the end, even if it wasn't how you had it planned.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Time in Nepal !!!

I volunteered with a friend in Pokhara Happy Home for two weeks and I can't say how much fun it was! The boys are full of energy and I really enjoyed spending time with them!

A typical day would be waking up early (as Nepali people do!), having tea, and helping them with homework until breakfast (most delicious Dhal Bat ever, the orphanage mother can teach how to make it if you want!). After that they would go to school and we'd either help with housework, gardening or go exploring around! There are many things to do in and around Pokhara, as it is located next to a big lake and mountains (beautiful landscapes!). In the afternoon, after school, we would help the kids with their homework and play with them! They were actually on holiday while we were there so we got to spend lots of time with them which was awesome!

Before these two weeks at the orphanage, we went hiking 5 days and we got to see the sunrise from Poon Hill! Our trekking guide, Yubaraj, was the best - he knew the trek very well + he taught us some Nepalese and many things about the culture along the way.

I absolutely loved the trip and would definitely go back to Nepal! :D

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Emilia Theodora
Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at DSL Monastery in Nala

The three weeks spent at the monastery were overall one of the most wonderful experiences I've had in my entire life. It is something I would recommend to anyone, no matter the background, age or interests. Although I was, theoretically, the teacher, the truth is that I was the one who learned an amazing amount of things about people, about life and even about myself! It might sound like a cliché, but it is truly a life changing experience - I am a different person now, my perspectives for the future are completely changed after meeting so many inspiring people and learning about the Buddhist way of life! I will certainly go back one day, as I am really attached to that place and to all the monks!
Everything was way better than I had expected: the conditions were very satisfying, the food - very good (three meals a day, and the monks were always so kind as to fill our plates, even if we asked for less), there is a very friendly nurse who can help if any medical problem arises. I was surprised with what amazing hosts Nepali people are in general, they always take very good care of you, making sure you have everything you need. Asim and his wife, the project coordinators, as well as their partners are very good people. What I love the most is how they always asked us to call them "big brother" and "big sister", they made us feel like home all the time.
We received great support during our time there, we were given help with organizing the travel around the country and we could contact Asim any time during day or night if any problem arose. You have no reason to worry before getting there - everything you need to know can be found in the volunteer handbook and, if you have extra questions, I would recommend finding some past volunteers on the PMGY facebook page and asking for some advice, some of them are really keen to help!
Regarding teaching, the kids are, again, amazing. They are so receptive and eager to learn new things! At first they can be a little shy and you must get them used to speaking only English instead of Nepalese, but once you've got their attention, they're all yours, eyes and ears! I would recommend finding your own teaching style, that should work best! For example, I liked teaching a lot of science - geography and astronomy mainly. Things that for us seem common sense, but they have no idea about. They were fascinated about topics like Earth's rotation around sun, planets and galaxies, continents, earthquakes and volcanoes, rain, snow and so on. I liked to check their understanding every time, and I received very positive feedback! After the first few lessons, I was preparing the following ones based on their questions and suggestions. This, of course, worked well for older kids, another volunteer working with younger kids used a lot of games and songs to keep them engaged, which worked extremely well. Piece of advice: do not panic and stay confident, you will discover your own teaching style very quickly! Be flexible and ready to assess their knowledge and English level to come up with the best plan!
These were just a few thoughts about my experience. Of course, there are so many things left to say! However, the most important is to go there and enjoy every single moment, to give and receive as much as you can!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering in Pokhara orphanage

I spent three weeks in Nepal, one trekking and the other two volunteering in Pokhara Happy Home.

Happy Home is house to eight boys from the age of five to sixteen. I had a wonderful time there. The boys are very sweet and full of energy! We helped them with their homework and organised activities for them during the day as they were on holidays at the time we were there. It was a great learning and cultural experience.

In addition, there are many activities offered in Pokhara and Chitwan such as paragliding, kayaking, and a safari. I met volunteers who tried the paragliding and they were enchanted.

The trekking was magical, everything was well planned and our guide was very kind.

Overall the trip was very well organised. The host family in Kathmandu are very welcoming and are of great support if ever you encounter a problem. I would definitely recommend Nepal to anyone who enjoys spending time with children and is interested in discovering new cultures and the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery

I have spent few months in Nepal this year and it was an amazing experience. Event though the first week in Kathmandu was kind of dull, as soon I got to the monastery everithing changed for the better. The Monks there were super friendly and the monastery was beautiful, even the food there was better ( althought still Dal bath). I was lucky to be there for the Buddhist new year, which is a 9 day Paja followed by a 10 day holliday, and to celebrate with the monks. We even played cards on New Year's Eve.

In the classroom the monks are incredibly well behaved and they will love everithing you will teach them. They are also somewhat shy, so you will have to start the conversation, but after some time, they will not stop talking.

Also the first monastery I visited was completely diferent to what the others look like. It is located in Kathmandu, the air there is therefore really bad, the monks are less friendly and the rooms are bad as well. I would therefore recommend the monastery in Nala, which is amazing.

Overall, The experience at the second monastery was fantastic and I definitely plan on returning one day.

What would you improve about this program?
The first week was far too long, two days would have been enough.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Nepal was great!

I visited Chitwan Orphanage in Nepal, which now holds a special place in my heart!
The information given before hand was extensive and you were given all the relevant contact information for your journey.

The host family you stay with when you reach Kathmandu was so lovely, couldn't have asked for anything more!

Although the journey was long, the time at the orphanage was so precious, the kids were absolutely lovely and I've met a friend for life in another volunteer!

Not only that but I was able to add a safari on to the end of my trip after saying goodbye to the children (which was extremely sad!) which was amazing. Nepal now definitely holds a special place in my heart!!

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe more checking of how the program is run to make sure it runs super smoothly and you feel like you are 100% supported at all times.
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