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Feb 09, 2024
Oct 18, 2023
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About Program

Join over 25,000 volunteers and make a real difference! Nepal is one of the most stunningly beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world. It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Buddha, and beautiful landscapes. It's is also one of the most under-developed countries in the world and truly needs the help of global volunteers.

As a non-profit organisation, we provide affordable, trusted and safe volunteer projects, which include orientation, accommodation, meals, 24/7 in-country support, and airport pickup.

Programs in Nepal are based in the capital Kathmandu, the beautiful lakeside Pokhara, and we even have 'trek and volunteer' combined programs taking you to Everest base camp and Annapurna. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime and experience a true Nepalese culture!

Join us today and make a real difference to those less fortunate.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

IVI are firmly committed to providing full support and inclusivity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) individuals. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to create a safe and empowering space that acknowledges, values, and uplifts the unique perspectives and contributions of BIPOC communities. Our organisation stands united in the fight against discrimination and is dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone can thrive, irrespective of their background.

LGBTQIA+ Support

IVI are dedicated to providing our full support for individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community, we strive to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Our commitment extends to promoting equal rights, dignity, and respect for every individual, regardless of their LGBTQIA+ status. We aim to create a world where diversity is embraced and everyone can thrive to their full potential.

Neurodivergent Support

IVI are committed to fostering inclusivity, we provide steadfast support to neurodivergent individuals. Our programs create a safe and embracing environment, where diverse neurocognitive perspectives are valued. Upholding equal rights and respect, we aim to eliminate obstacles and empower all members of the neurodivergent community to thrive through our dedicated initiatives.

Accessibility Support

With a strong commitment to inclusivity, IVI offer support for individuals requiring accessibility accommodations. Our initiatives are designed to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate and contribute. Whilst some programs may be more suitable than others, we strive to empower all individuals to engage and excel in our programs and activities.



IVI are dedicated to promoting sustainability in all aspects of our work. By embracing sustainable practices, we envision a future where communities thrive, natural resources are preserved, and the Earth's ecosystems are nurtured for generations to come. We are committed to keeping our projects focused on positively benefitting the local communities and environment.

Ethical Impact

Our programs embody ethical volunteering by placing local community well-being and empowerment at the forefront. We engage in transparent collaboration, focusing on sustainable solutions that respect local cultures and preserve dignity. Through responsible, long-term projects, we foster genuine connections, create lasting change, and uphold the principles of ethical engagement.

Program Highlights

  • IVI has 35+ years experience - Offering Affordable and Trusted Programs
  • Everest Base Camp Trek and Volunteering Combination Offered
  • Check out our Adventure Week add-on!
  • Available all year round - Short & Long Term Stays
  • Quality & Safe Accommodation in Central Location

Popular Programs

Kindy program

Provide assistance to under-staffed kindergartens in Kathmandu or Pokhara, teaching basic English and life skills. Bring along your energy and enthusiasm for teaching 3 to 6 year olds, using basic English, games, songs and creative activities.

Dog shelter

This program aims to rescue injured and mistreated stray dogs for rehabilitation and safe housing in pet shelters so they can be put up for adoption of released. Feed, walk, care for and clean the animals, giving them lots of love and attention!

on the trek!

Combine one of the most stunning treks in the world, with a volunteering program in Kathmandu. Start with an orientation week, learning about the culture and taking part in fun activities, then 2 weeks trekking to base camp through snow-capped mountains, before heading back to spend a week volunteering in Kathmandu (this can be extended if you like). A great way to travel and give back.

Building new structures

Help to rebuild schools, community buildings and health centres in Kathmandu and brighten up buildings which have not got the funding to maintain them. Work alongside fellow volunteers as part of a team, and see directly how your efforts are helping the local community! This would suit someone who likes to work outdoors, enjoys manual labour and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.

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  • Impact 5
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  • Value 5
  • Safety 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Nepal construction. Community park rehabilitation. Former dump site being transformed into a place for exercise and sports.

Overall one of the best experiences of my life. I was immersed in the Nepali culture. Interacting with the locals, learning what daily life is like in Nepal. Volunteering was great! Hard work, but rewarding at the same time. Best part was spending time with the other volunteers. All like minded people, there for the experience and trying to help make a difference. The volunteers were from all over the world, so I was able to learn about their cultures and differences as well.
The team was fantastic! Clean and comfortable lodging. Very friendly staff, all willing to help make the most out of your stay. Whether is was teaching about this very unique culture or getting around to historical sites. Food was also fantastic! A mix of local and western cuisine. Always plenty to eat. The chef was top notch:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

These past 2 weeks have been nothing but eye-opening for me

Nepal is a country based on deeply-rooted faith, tradition and welcoming attitude towards guests. Coming from a Christian society, I have been exposed to a variety of Hindu and Buddhist places of worship during my cultural week. The first week provided me with opportunities to grow, learn and immerse myself to be able to understand their way of life.

The week started off with a pooja (Morning Prayer ritual) and our coordinators gifted us with a Nepali Name. I was given the Name Menuka, which means “Princess”.

Although I have seen plenty of places of worship, the walkthrough Kirtipur was the activities that stood out the most. Despite it being so close to Thamel, it is very different from the city. I was able to interact with the locals, both young and old, allowing me to experience a different side of Kathmandu. It is refreshing to see locals being so open and friendly to foreigners.

To further immerse my fellow participants and myself into the Nepalese way of life, the coordinator arranged cooking classes, Nepalese language class and Yoga. I personally feel that the cultural week is essential as I might not be as an empathetic participant if I had not gone through the program.

For the second week, I have been teaching at a kindergarten for underprivileged children. I feel grateful to have been part of an organization that is able to provide free education for these children, allowing to enter into public school. It has been an interesting journey to be able to communicate and deliver lessons to these children as they have very basic English skills. Initially, found it a bit of difficulty to connect with them due to the language barrier. However, I quickly learnt to communicate and understand after a few days of interaction with them.

The process of getting to know them is definitely a two-way street and the children openness towards me made it easier for me to develop a deeper connection with them.

Saying goodbye to the children is going to be difficult because they left an everlasting impression on me with such a short period of time. The experience is definitely worth it and it is a something I would most definitely recommend to anyone who is considering volunteering in Nepal.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Really enjoyed it

Got to know more about the culture and city. Explored less touristy areas and prepared for volunteering program. Everyone was so helpful with any questions or advice we needed. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.The hikes were really fun – amazing scenery and nice to be away from the busy city and off the beaten track for a while.

Food is delicious! Just a little bigger than I normally eat. Accommodation was very comfortable, a little noisy at night but you get used to it very quickly. It was nice to see a bit of the city and have Rajesh explain some of the history along the way to the house. Nice to experience the local culture/ customs with the bus. Food is fantastic! Very delicious and filling. Meal times were a good way to have a break and relax. Accommodation was also really good, very easy to commute to breakfast! The bathrooms were also really good. Just a little noisy at night but it’s ok.

best bits...
Language lessons – very helpful, we had great teachers!
Cultural classes – very interesting to understand more
Cooking class – nice to give Dai a break and learn new recipes that is easy to remember for home.
Making a map of the area – would have been nice to be shown around as we got lost!

Coordinators always happy to answer questions or help bookings etc. Super friendling and approachable and welcoming.

  • Really enjoyed it. Great way to ease people into the program and learn more before we start. Everyone is so lovely, it feels like we are part of the family 😊
  • Hiking – beautiful views, nice to be in the fresh air for a bit.
  • Walking around Thamel and downtown Kathmandu – good to see where the local people go to market and compared to the more tourist areas.
  • It would have been nice to maybe have been shown around on the first day instead of find the placement ourself, but not an issue at all 😊
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Yes, I recommend this program

Stray Dog Rehabilitation- Nepal Review

I had an amazing time volunteering at the KAT center. I really loved spending time with the animals. Answers are below.

Highlights of the trip:
The highlight of the trip was working at the KAT center. It was so rewarding and I just loved being able to spend time with the dogs and able to bring them so joy throughout the day.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
The team was amazing. Lok was fantastic and assisted with every request. The team at the house were also great especially Sapna.
The food was great also. The staff who did the working at the house were so kindly and friendly.
The accommodation was good. My bed was very hard but I did expect. My only disappointment was the bathroom and that the toilet didn’t work all the time and some of the other volunteers didn’t have enough respect for others to clean up after themselves. It was really quiet gross at times. I did inform Sapna about this.

What would you improve about this program?
When booking the trip, I had through that I had booked 2 weeks at the KAT center to only be told that I had to do the culture/introduction week for the first week then go to the center on the 2nd week. I had this changed and only did the first day and then went to the center. I think that this should be more clear at the time of booking.

On arrival at the KAT center I didn’t really get an introduction and wasn’t shown around. I think that it is so important that the volunteers are shown were everything is and receive an explanation about the dogs that are in the center. They also need to have signs on the cages of the dogs that you are not allowed to interact with. One of the girls was cuddling a dog with distemper and she didn’t know it as then wasn’t allow to handle any of the other dogs for the rest of the day in case the disease was spread.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Medical and earthquake rebuilding

The hospital was great I learnt so much from Dr Shanta he was an amazing mentor.

Earthquake rebuilding was definitely my favourite week, it was so authentic and I felt that I was making a real difference there. The host mother was beautiful and fed us very well. It was nice to get involved with the locals more than I did in Kathmandu as well.

Doing the extra activities including the HealthOutReach program was really good as well because I could see there had been a lack of education around basic hygiene, nutrition and first aid so I think it was really beneficial to the schools that we went to to teach them this. And I hope that they will talk with others in the community about what they learnt so that it can spread and do greater good.

The hosts were fantastic, all the staff were friendly, efficient and ready to do absolutely anything to help us. The food was great and so was the accommodation, it was located in a good spot and I felt safe at all times.

Honestly I think IVI have been amazing, both in Nepal and before we left. I have no complaints and will definitely be recommending IVI (and possibly coming back again!)

What would you improve about this program?
Medical team preparation meeting prior to arrival
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