Nicaragua Village Potable Water System Improving

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helping to fix the tube
helping to fix the tube


On the island of Ometepe, Panorama has engaged a multi-year, project to improve that community’s general quality of life and enhance economic improvement. Several projects have already targeted incremental household additions to the public water systems. Much more needs to be done, from continuing these additions, to restoring broken pipes, to building system capacity with larger pipes, to moving the system’s source well further up the mountain to preventing the system from going dry during dry seasons. The latter project is the most ambitions and will require more than a ten person, 8 day project. All projects are priced with a moderate system improvement project; you may request a project quote with extraordinary system improvement.

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Nicaraguan Córdoba
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88 F / 70 F
Augusto C. Sandino International
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Nicaragua is a less touristed destination than some of its neighbors like costa rica, Belize, and Guatemala. Because of this, it is a relatively untarnished country with plenty of surfing spots, volcanoes, and divers paradises. Nicaragua is abundant in natural beauty and everything here comes with a smaller price-tag than other Latin American countries.

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Panorama Service Expeditions offers sustainable and impactful direct service projects that are organized for empowering communities. PSE spearheads the Nicaraguan Compact, a grass-roots, community-based effort to develop Nicaraguan service projects...