HIV/AIDS: Prevention and Education in Nicaragua

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Your brigade will work with PSE's partner, a Managua-based non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated exclusively to the prevention of HIV and AIDS through an approach that promotes and defends the human rights of all persons.
You will assist this NGO as current local needs and priorities govern: (1)Education and training on HIV, with a focus on Human Rights, sustainable human development and gender equality; (2)Technical Assistance in Communication Campaigns and Consciousness-Raising related to HIV and AIDS; (3)Investigative Studies related to the HIV and AIDS Epidemic; and (4), Technical Assistance in Developing Strategies for Community-level work HIV Prevention work in three of rural communities.
Your team's service will have three immediate and evident effects:
1.You will directly lower the HIV infection rate in Nicaragua.
2.You will strengthen an NGO’s performance relative to society's needs.
3.You will emerge from this project as global citizens.

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