Remote Volunteering Online Course: Amazon Wildlife Rehabilitation

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This program combines a comprehensive online course about wildlife rehabilitation in the Amazon rainforest with volunteering for the conservation society based in Ecuador.

You will complete 10 high quality video learning modules followed by one-to-one talks with one of the project's biologists via Skype about the rehabilitation of wildlife from illegal trade and improper husbandry. As a volunteer, you will write wildlife and conservation-related articles that the project can publish in magazines and on websites.

This remote volunteer program with online course is highly relevant for students of biology, conservation, zoology, and anyone interested in animal welfare and rehabilitation.⁠ Topics include rehabilitation techniques for birds, primates, mammals, reptiles, psittacidae (parrots), dealing with clinical cases, introduction to operant conditioning, design & enrichment of habitats, and care of newborns.

This volunteer placement can be done in English, Spanish or French.

  • Get professional in-depth insights into a worldclass rehabilitation project
  • Become more passionate about your major and propel your career with international real-life experience
  • Low cost high quality program
  • Your project fees support the rehabilitation project's everyday expenses during times when revenue through visitors to the project is not possible
  • The tutor of the course holds a BA degree in Biology from Spain, has attended various additional diploma courses specializing in wildlife rehabilitation and is now a lecturer of operant conditioning in Ecuador

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