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Our Women's Program focuses on the empowerment of women in the Huanchaco community through work on self-esteem and the creation of tools so they can work and earn a salary. In order to fulfil this mission, we focus on three aspects: education, art and health.
Tasks to develop:
- Development and implementation of workshops
- Support in events and activities
Nuestro Programa de mujeres se centra en el empoderamiento de las mujeres de la comunidad de Huanchaco a través del trabajo en la autoestima y la creación de herramientas para que puedan trabajar y ganar un sueldo. Para poder cumplir con esta misión nos centramos en tres aspectos: educación, arte y salud.
Tareas a Desarrollar:
- Desarrollo e implementación de talleres
- Apoyo en los eventos y actividades

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I changed their lives in a positive way as they have changed mine!

Where should i start? I did my internship for 8 months with this amazing group of ladies who have changed my life for ever as they inspired me for my final university dissertation topic and career. I started working with them when my Spanish was very bad but they did not mind. They support me and slowly we build our new friendship that keeps growing even I left.

I really enjoyed work with those ladies. When I started I was not extaly sure what i will be doing but later I used my knowledge of the sewing and stared leading the sewing classroom. I doesn't say it was easy but I can say after our hard work we were able to deliver our first delivery of tone bags and present our brand new sewing classroom, which is available for the whole group and any of women can join the free sewing class.

I would recommend to come and help to this group of ladies who wants to learn new skills, however they need push. The facilities are available to run any of classes like sewing, baking, hydroponic garden or even business class. It just waiting for you who are independent, does not mind working alone and willing to take this opportunity to empower women and give them new opportunity in their life.

I really recommend this program as I had strong support form my manage who always found time to listen me, give me advice and support me while I had hard time with the project. I would never made it with the women thought if i would not have huge support behind me.

I hope somebody will come and take over the job I have done and will have the amazing experience as I had.

How can this program be improved?
Just more volunteers are needed :)
Yes, I recommend this program
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HELP Women - a very real experience

Working with the women at the community centre through HELP Women was an amazing experience. We (the women and I) achieved several things, including planning field trips, organising english, swimming and surf lessons for their children, and sewing classes for the mothers and more, but it was something else that will stay with me forever. They taught me solidarity and friendship, and how a community centre can feel more secure, and more like your home, than your actual home, and the real impact of gender inequality in countries like Peru. It was a true privilage to listen to their stories, and try to work side by side with the social worker to find solutions to everyday issues, but also to work side by side with the women in their everyday life, where they again and again exceeded outside expectations for the sake of their children.
If you are a strong and independent woman who wants to work with other strong and independent women, this is the volunteer placement for you - especially if you have a background in social work.

Yes, I recommend this program

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