Mestizo People of Chirapa, Peru

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Peru is a popular tourist destination in South America in part because of the diversity of the country's culture. Xperitas partners directly with the mestizo people in Chirapa and is supported by JIREH, a local nonprofit that works on small-scale development projects in several small, agricultural communities in the countryside.

Chirapa is a beautiful village tucked in the rolling hills of San Martin outside of Tarapoto. Teams live and work with the mestizo people in Chirapa. Most community members work in the fields on individual farming plots and small coffee and cacao cooperatives.

In the past, Xperitas teams have worked on a variety of projects together with the Parent Committee of the local school, which replaced the school destroyed by an earthquake over a decade ago.

GCN teams are able to partner with the Mestizo People of Chirapa and the Aymara People of Puno.

Teams gain immersion experience by living and doing volunteering work with local people in community-led projects like renovation work at a local school, and the construction of a community hall. These projects are directed by community needs.  Team members become an integral part of the community and share in the daily lives of the local people.

In Chirapa, team members return home to enjoy a local meal like the "juanes" which is a local specialty of rice and chicken baked in a banana leaf while in Puno team members enjoy a lunch of a lunch of soup, rice, potatoes, meat and tea. Some GCN team members choose to extend their stay after the GCN's experience and visit many of Peru's other captivating areas.

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