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Video and Photos

View of islands in the Philippines
View of islands in the Philippines
Town buildings
Town buildings
Boat on the river The Philippines
Boat on the river The Philippines
Building work in The Philippines
Building work in The Philippines
View over islands Philippines
View over islands Philippines
Children with pool table after typhoon
Children with pool table after typhoon
Bilirain waterfall in The Philippines
Bilirain waterfall in The Philippines


With more than 7,000 islands, hundreds of miles of white-sand beaches, and incredible people and culture, the Philippines is a remarkable place to travel to. However, in 2013 the Philippines suffered the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Typhoon Yolanda. The typhoon caused catastrophic destruction in the Visayas, particularly on the islands of Samar and Leyte. According to UN officials around 11 million people were affected by the typhoon.

Kaya Responsible Travel offer a number of volunteer projects in and around Tacloban, the capital of Leyte. Volunteers will experience adventure, nature, and culture as they volunteer on projects that support community development, combat malnutrition, rehabilitate young offenders, teach children at rural schools, and more. If you want to travel to South East Asia, and experience the glorious vistas, wildlife, and weather the Philippines has to offer, volunteering whilst you travel means that you can travel responsibly and sustainably.

  • Medical students or professionals can volunteer in a rural health clinic , and gain real experience working in an impoverished community clinic, as well experience treatment of tropical diseases
  • Teach English in rural schools, where English is the second language but is incredibly important to Filipinos in obtaining a job in the professional sectors
  • Volunteer on a building project, and help with the ongoing enormous relief effort needed following Typhoon Yolanda
  • Work on the NGO Media and Photography project and have a unique opportunity to view from the inside how an NGO operates, and help them raise awareness for their cause
  • Empower, educate, and help improve the futures of abused women who have suffered domestic abuse, sexual crime, or abandonment by their family

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Yes, I recommend this program


I’ve been “working” for Kaya now for few years and I will always go back to them for volunteering.
The staff have been amazing and truly helpful with all my needs and requests.
Philippines was an amazing choice, I went there after Yolanda tsunami and it was very “strong” what I’ve see but the smiles and light in people faces and eyes definitely left a soft spot in my heart. Plus, Philippines is simply amazing!!!
Thanks again for everything.

Response from Kaya Responsible Travel

We are so pleased that you continue to have great experiences with Kaya and enjoyed your trip to the Philippines so much! We can't wait to see where your volunteering might take you next.

Do good, it feels good is such a great takeaway and really sums up the experience we hope all of our volunteers have!

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Yes, I recommend this program

6 weeks in Bliss, Philippines

My nutrition volunteer project in the Philippines was the most fun I've in a very long time, as well as being the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

I met so many incredible people, both Filipino and the volunteers, each with their own story to tell. I'm still a bit depressed about being back in England.

The project involved working from 8-12 in the morning, we would get on a jeepney (the most scary/exciting/wonderfully odd transport I have ever been on) and head to the market to buy food to feed the kids. We had a P400 budget to work with each day, which works out at about £6 and you'd be surprised what we could buy with that. We would be feeding up to 30 kids but the majority of times the kids would get 2nds and even 3rds! It helped that we made friends with all of the market sellers and one of them seemed to reduce her price every time we visited!

We'd arrive at the Barangay Hall (community centre) and prepare and cook the meals, play with the kids a bit (singing songs, drawing) and then serve the food. These are the most grateful kids you will ever meet in your life, and the parents!

Every fortnight we measured and weighed the kids to see if they were growing. It was really great to see their height/weight/upper arm circumference increasing! Made everything worthwhile.
The other nutrition volunteers and I also gave a few nutrition seminars to both children and parents about the importance of good nutrition. These were to try and make the project more sustainable, to give the parents and children the knowledge so they could cook nutritious meals on a budget as well!

As well as the nutrition project, I also got the chance to help in a local orphanage one afternoon and do some painting for the "Build a Home" project. Both these were also so rewarding, everyone there was so grateful, even for small things.

It wasn't all just work though, we had most weekends off so went on a few trips away. There were around 10-25 volunteers at a time while I was there. The groups we went away in tended to range from 6-8 people which was a nice number. These weekends were the cheapest weekends I have ever been on, Biliran was the equilvalent of £30!! I went to Bohol, Borongan and Biliran, all of which were lovely, Bohol especially as there were so many beautiful beaches and so much to see! I fell in love with the Tarsiers and also the incredible amount of geckos there were EVERYWHERE (I even got a tattoo of the latter so I would remember this trip forever!)

I would strongly recommend this project to anyone with a love of nutrition and helping people. You learn so much and I left the project every day with such a huge smile on my face it hurt! Ive never had a job like that in my life and it's cemented my interest in helping developing countries with their nutrition problems. Apart from the jetlag and the massive culture shock, I have no complaints and even those faded away after a week. I want to go back some day and experience everything all over again.