Forestry, Environmental Sustainability Project in Puerto Rico

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Volunteer in Reforestation in Puerto Rico
Volunteer in Reforestation in Puerto Rico


Located in the southern mountains of Puerto Rico’s rainforest, Greenheart Travel's volunteer project gives you the opportunity to take part in a pioneering project on sustainable forestry research, enrichment and reforestation. This is an opportunity to learn more about environmental sustainability projects, while also giving back to a community still recovering from Hurricane Maria in September 2018.

Hurricane Maria devastated the rainforest and surrounding area of our sustainable forestry project in Puerto Rico. Given the destruction, we’re working to clean the overgrowth, fallen trees and debris from the forest to allow our endangered tree species to thrive so we can continue our tropical research and education. Additionally, many bridges, structures, and roads on the project are still unsuitable for use and will need to be rebuilt.

  • Opportunity to learn about environmental issues
  • Give back to a community still re-developing following Hurricane Maria
  • Short-term volunteers are needed, go for as little as 3-4 days!

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Yes, I recommend this program

What's like to Volunteer abroad in a Forestry, Environmental Sustainability Project in Puerto-Rico ?

i'm Sculable Jovany , i won a scholarship from Greenheart Travel to volunteer abroad as a First Time Traveler in the Tropic Ventures & Sustainable Forestry in Puerto-Rico !
Travel as a first time traveler to discover a new culture,a new place you never been before is exciting, you'll feel this when you landed.
arriving in Puerto-Rico, my homestay was in the southeast of the island in the mountains, 1 hour from San Juan. i was received by Thrity Vakil and Andrés Rúa, both the director of the Tropic Ventures,
My Bedroom and surrounded a mountains and near to a river i spend seven days in this paradise !
After hurricane Maria 'Las Casas De La Selva" wich is the home of the Tropic ventures has suffered a lot of majors damages to its infrastructure and the forest lost 99% of his trees ,since then many volunteers come to this place to bring their help in a way or another to the sustainable forestry !
During my days i accomplished my volunteers tasks like clearing and pruning the overgrowth in the Waste Water , keeping the house clean and help my host family with the dinner.
By afternoon my host family takes me out to discover the cities around, while there i have learn how to dance salsa, i have appreciate a lot my host family!
my experience in one word was amazing ! for sure i'll be back,
I recommend this program for everybody who open-minded, love exploring nature and have ability to work in in team ! you'll have such a great experience there!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
the most surprising thing that i see during my stay in Puerto-Rico, was while i visited he Old San Juan , i saw a photographer who putting multiple parrots on a boy, on his head, on his shoulders and then taking a picture, all that within a minute without the parrots flying away !
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Yes, I recommend this program

My time at Las Casas de la Selva

I absolutely enjoyed my time with 3T and Las Casa de la Selva. It was a safe, enriching and spiritually rewarding place to be and quickly felt like my home. I would strongly recommend this program to all looking to spend time in a paradise with welcoming and vibrant people doing meaningful work. 3T, the director is basically one of my newest deities, and I adore her as such, and Andres was excellent company and blessed with so many skills! Together they were the perfect family to welcome me in and to work with and for. I could not have asked for a better situation. I did a variety of green work related tasks, very much what I was looking for,. I got to plant trees and learn more about trees and the ecology of the tropics (also very much what I was looking for). Lastly I got a fair amount of experience facilitating the younger volunteers, which was of help to both 3T and myslef. An overall outstanding experience.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be wary of the Mold! This is not a comment on cleanliness but rather on climate! Upon packing to leave this beautiful place I realized my pack had started to mold, so luckily I noticed this a few days before leaving to I could wash and dry it in the sun.