• South Africa
    • Johannesburg
2 to 12 weeks

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Age Min.
Year Round
Host Family Hostel
Small Group (1-15)


Starting Price
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What's Included:
• accommodation
• food
• airport pick up and drop off
• necessary work-related transportation
• 3 day orientation
• Local sim card
• Support and 24 hour back-up

The price does not include:
• flights
• visas (where applicable)
• medical insurance
What's Included
Accommodation Airport Transfers Meals SIM cards Some Activities Transportation Wifi
What's Not Included
Airport Transfers Domestic Airfare Some Activities Some Meals Travel Insurance Visa
Jul 06, 2018
May 28, 2019
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About Program

In essence, as one of our volunteers said, ‘I learnt incredible life lessons, was able to help others. The program is filled with so much fun, happiness and laughter you won't feel like you are working.’
Your mornings:
Share your world view and assist teachers where needed in the classroom with 6 year olds
Help organize daily programs
Play games and support children with their daily lessons
Provide an extra pair of hands in order to teachers in overcrowded classrooms
Your afternoons:
Facilitate possible life-changing courses to youth at risk, at a local youth center. These activities include art, craft, dance and music
Share you skills while providing the care and attention these young people need to help them create a better life
Your accommodation:
You will be staying in a trendy Backpackers in the famous township of Soweto, a few minutes’ walk from the school. Close to many historical sites.

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Program Highlights

  • Working with Children of all ages, while immersing yourself in true African culture

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  • Safety 4.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Joburg and Dinokeng

We spent a couple of days with Lorraine in Joburg - couldn't have been better! We had the best overview and cultural introduction to South Africa, thanks to her.

We then moved to Dinoken reserve, where we spend the rest of our journey, helping and sharing time with the project Babies in the Bush. Amazing experience! Highly recommend anyone to jump in!

The experience was amazing - it helps you understand how many things you have you don't need and even all the things that you are missing! South Africa is a passioning country, people are absolutely welcoming and the Hero Holidays program (Babies in the bush) together with the Butterfly farm down in the Dinokeng Reserve made me realise how important it is to spend your time - and your free time - on projects that make out of this world an amazing place.

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Yes, I recommend this program

When words aren't big enough

I knew that volunteering was going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life... I saw this as putting myself through a test, to become stronger individually and more independent. I’m only 20 years old and I just finished high school. So I was very nervous about leaving everything behind. I thought traveling alone would be a huge challenge for me. But my experience as a volunteer in this fantastic program Hero Holidays have put together helped me to achieve these goals easily. With the love from the people of Soweto and an open mind you can go beyond expectations and hopes. I expected to help and give other people in need, but in the end it was me who should be thankful. Thankful to the people who wanted to share their everyday life with me. The amazing teachers at Thabaneng Primary School and the Teachers at St. Martins De Porres. My time by their side will forever stay in my heart. The things you will learn from an experience like this are unimaginable. There really are no words big enough to explain how great this have been. You need to go there and feel it for yourself! I have learned so many things from this trip and I know for sure that I will come back one day. The 5 weeks I spent in Soweto with Lebo’s backpackers staff, the teachers and the people behind Hero Holidays are some of the best 5 weeks of my life. Now I have 48 kids, a family and friends from the other side of the world. That I see as one of my biggest achievements in my life. Making up your mind about travelling far away is challenging in many ways, but following your heart and trusting yourself and your decisions are one of my most important lessons I have ever learned.

What would you improve about this program?
I wouldn't change a thing...
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Yes, I recommend this program

The most rewarding experience of my life

Throughout my experience here, I learnt incredible life lessons, was able to help others and got to experience how truly amazing Africa is. The programme is filled with so much fun, happiness and laughter you won't feel like you are working. Soweto is the most vibrant, wonderful and safe place to stay. All the staff, programme leaders and the kids become your family whilst you are there. I have gone away feeling truly touched and blessed to have had this opportunity. And I cannot wait to come back for more!

What would you improve about this program?
I honestly think it's perfect the way it! I just wish I could have stay for longer!
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Yes, I recommend this program

It was a changing-life experience for me, for my heart and my soul

I decided going to South Africa this year when I realized I needed a break for my own life and business routine. I wanted a deep break from my work routine, from my city and all my daily obligations.
I was wishing a soul immersion and a cultural deep contrast in a place where I could collaborate, I could help and be supportive.
By the other hand, I have always recognized the Educational power on tranforming lives and social realities, and knowing a reality in the African continent was a big desire.
So, I decided going to a South African small community and being in direct contact to a totally different reallity school, people and cultural overall.
This was the best decision I took at that moment because having a month in Soweto volunteering at Thaboneng Primary School was very very positive to my soul, it was fullfilling to my heart and it was so human :)
I learnt so much about kids, about Education, about people, about Africa, culture and about ourselves as human beings and the challenges we face every single day in the world!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Work hard, play hard!

Oh wonderful South Africa, where do I begin!?

It was my first time traveling all alone, so I was very nervous when I arrived. The program starts with a three day orientation package, and its very well organized. The orientation gives you a little taste of Johannesburg, the culture and the people, and you stay on a very nice backpackers-place in the city where you can meet other travelers. Then you move on to Soweto, a township right outside of Johannesburg, and you also get a little tour around which helps you feel more comfortable in this new place.

Then you start your first day at school. The teachers are such great people, and they are so friendly to the volunteers. You will not have an entire class all to yourself, you will be assisting another teacher with one class. At first I didnt know what I was doing there, I had never really worked with a big group of kids before. But after some time I learned by watching the teacher, and the teacher often trusted me to be alone with the class and teach them all by myself.

When I was there, school was finished around three in the afternoon, and then I was free to do whatever I wanted. But there is a park next to the place you will be staying, and there are always some kids playing there. With help from the wonderful owners and staff of Lebos backpackers, I did a little afterschoolprogram where I did some arts and crafts with the kids in the park. If you like you can play games with the kids, do sports or arts like I did, you decide!

Another great part is that evenings and weekends are free. There are tons of activities to do in Soweto and Johannesburg, the atmosphere is just wonderful. Some weekends I stayed in the city, I went to markets, art galleries and museums, I saw a rugby match for the first time in my life (I dont know the rules but who cares!), and had a good time with the friends I made. One Sunday I went to church with the teacher I was assisting, and it was so powerful and intense, all the people singing and praying, I have never experienced anything like it.

I would definately recommend this project. I could go on and on and on about Soweto and Johannesburg and how wonderful it is, but i guess you just have to go there and see for yourself!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sharing Love

My name is Bruna, I'm 20 years old, and I live in São Paulo-Brazil.
When I was 16 years old, I got sick and spent a week in a hospital. I was very sad, but one day, two men dressed of clowns showd up and made laugh and smile. After that, I decided to do the same, so I was volunteer for 2 years in a nursery for pour babies and children until 6 years old. It was amazing, but I had to stop because of university and internship (I study law). So I decided to help people during my holidays, to do something bigger, like sharing love in another country. But, would be my first abroad traveling by my own, so I didn't want a country in a such delicated situation. I also wanted to practice my english, and, of obviusly, meet a wonderful place, that's why I chosed South Africa, and thanks God I did, because it was one of best things that happened in my life. I helped children, I made many friends from many countries in the word (in holstel I stayed, had parties in the fire evernight, with many tourists), I tasted different food, saw the most beautiful animals, and learned much english!
I worked in a school for children in Soweto, township of Johannesburg from 7am until 1 pm. In that school I taught little things of english for children of 5 years old, like colors and shapes. That children were so grateful, lovely and warm!
After 1pm, and during the weekend, I was free to meet the country, to go to parties, bars, barbecues, rugby game, museums, safaris, restaurants, it was so funny!
I had a lot of support of employees from holstel (Lebo's Soweto Backpagers, whith had the best food ever, by the way), of teachers from school and of people of the program.
I grew up a lot after this 17 days, and I will take this memories and experiencies with me for the rest of my life.

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