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As one of the top whale and dolphin watching destinations in the world, the south-west coast of Tenerife is a truly outstanding location for the observation of free-living whales. There are resident communities of pilot whales and dolphins which remain here throughout the year, which can be observed on perhaps 80% of the days of the year.

This project will give you the perfect opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures and gain valuable experience in conservation as you spend your days working alongside the Island’s threatened whale and dolphin populations.

The data you collect will contribute towards the long-term management of the area and assist in promoting marine conservation in the wider region. So if you are a marine life enthusiast and want to contribute to the important work of conservationists in Tenerife, then this is the project for you!

  • View cetaceans in the wild
  • Work on ongoing marine conservation initiatives
  • Live in unique and beautiful Tenerife
  • Improve your CV with a successful placement with a market-leading NGO

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Hi Deborah Thanks for your interest. 16 and 17 year olds are permitted on this program if they have parental consent. The Tenerife program is particularly suitable for and popular with younger volunteers. Thanks Frontier


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the best trip ever.

i Volunteered with frontier after finding them online as i wanted to do something exciting with my gap year, i found the frontier Tenerife whale and dolphin conservation trip and it looked amazing from the reviews so i booked it. upon arrival i was greeted at the airport by the frontier staff and some other volunteers, the house was alive with laughter, fun and people from all over the world getting to know each other, the boat trips were amazing as you got to see the short fin pilot whales out in the wild and they are so relaxed around the boats, you also get to see many different types of dolphins swimming along the side of the boat and jumping out the water showing off. them memories will stay with me forever as a mother and a calf swam right along side the boat and looked straight at me. other activity's include beach clean ups which were a lot more fun than they sound as you get to see the physical impact your having and how you as an individual are helping not only the community but also the environment as a whole. on your free days and time off after activity's you can go down to the local towns and go kayaking, snorkeling, climbing and exploring. i went snorkeling every singe day i was there as i just loved being in the warm water surrounded by marine life and its a great way to bond with new volunteers as you all share the same love for the sea life. i would 100% recommend this trip to anyone who wants to explore a little more of the world and its marine life, iv been back 4 months as of now and i still haven't stopped going on about my time out there and i do not think i ever will.

How can this program be improved?
the only way i can think of this project being even better would be if the accommodation was improved slightly.
Yes, I recommend this program

Whales, Dolphins, Sea and Sun

When I first arrived in Tenerife I was so nervous to meet everyone and to be in a new place on my own, but as soon as I met the volunteers here I felt at home, everyone was so friendly and I knew I would love it here. To start of with I went kayaking for the first time, and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had, Whilst me and another volunteer were kayaking a Bottlenose Dolphin swam right under our kayak and spy hoped right beside it, It was breathtaking to be so close to these magnificent animals, and the best thing was I got it all on video! We stayed with the dolphins for around 30 minutes just sitting in the kayak watching them and another volunteer managed to get a video of the dolphin swimming under the water.
Over the three weeks i experienced the most amazing things, I climbed mountains and El Teide which was breathtaking, i also tried paddle boarding for the first time and i was really bad at it but would still do it all over again! However the most amazing parts of the project was by far the whales and Dolphins, i had never been on a big boat like the Peter Pan before so i was excited to go on, my first boat was the best because i remember seeing the dolphins and was so hypnotised by them i nearly forgot to do my data!
The Staff in the house were very friendly and helped with any problems we had. We had dinner every night around 8pm and i was surprised at how nice the food and accommodation was.
Over the next two weeks I took part in many other activities that were amazing, we all went to Laurel forest (anaga) and it was so beautiful the views were incredible, I tried my first froyo, which was chocolate ice cream with white chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and oreos on top. I also tried lentils and chickpeas for the first time, had my first burrito at a Mexican
restaurant which I would highly recommended getting to anyone that is joining the Tenerife project. I also saw Bottlenose Dolphins and Pilot Whales for the first time and it was
amazing especially when the dolphins are feeding and you see them dive and do spy hops. After my two weeks i was so sad to be leaving, so i decided to stay another week! and if i had enough money to stay for four weeks i would have. I would recommend this project to everyone that loves marine life and conservation, it was a brilliant experience and one i will not forget. I am now going to be saving like mad to do my next project with Frontier!

How can this program be improved?
It would be nice for them to hire their own car to take everyone to the ports, but i wouldn't say anything else needed to be improved
Yes, I recommend this program
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Whale Watching!

I spent two weeks on the Tenerife whales project. Really enjoyed it! The staff are lovely and although I was only there a short time I really felt like a part of the team, and that my activities were part of something larger. On a typical day you will probably go out on the whale watching boats for half a day. During this we're involved in two main activities - cataloguing the whales and dolphins sighted (there are loads in this part of the world!) and raising awareness on sustainable whale watching.
The volunteer house is a real gem, it's far enough from the city centre that it's peaceful but you can walk to town in 10 or 15 minutes. There's loads of space to socialise, cook, and work on the project initiatives.
I'd like to have stayed longer but I am aiming to go back again in the new year

Yes, I recommend this program
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Whale of a time with Frontier :))

Frontier Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Project

Upon my arrival at the volunteer house in Tenerife I was welcomed in straight away by my fellow volunteers and Xiana,my project co-ordinator. Many of the volunteers had been there for a few weeks before. I was the first male on the project and couldn't wait to get started.

My first day consisted of household tasks such as preparing the house, cooking duties and the project briefing. To learn the different species and what I would be observing furthered my excitement even more. Although the project was new,it had already had a very good amount of planning and preparation behind it from the volunteer co-ordinator and Tracey who was a volunteer but was now working as a project assistant to Xiana.

Upon looking at the rota I was very excited to see that I was on four different boat trips throughout the week observing dolphins and pilot whales. The previous year I had undertaken another project with Frontier with the olive ridley sea turtles in Mexico,so my knowledge and CV was being filled with valuable field experience which will help my career into marine biology.

Everyday on the boats was amazing! To have the open ocean in front of you, the sea breeze, amazing crew, fellow volunteers and of course the pilot whales, made me realise that this is living of the highest order. Upon returning to the house,I had to input my data and recording any photographs we had taken. This allowed us to track the different pods, recording individual pod members and hopefully stand for higher conservation methods in the future for these majestic animals of the ocean.

Even though I was only on project for a week I was amazed at how quickly everyone worked together, respected each other's cultures and backgrounds and most importantly shared a passion for marine cetaceans. I have made some lifelong friends and even though we will probably never all be together again, I believe that the best photo graphs are the ones that we create in our memories. I certainly have a bucket load of which I'll never forget.

With smiles and thanks
Damion Vincent

How can this program be improved?
Wi-fi in the house and cap the number of volunteers in case the house is overcrowded
Yes, I recommend this program

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