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Mar 30, 2024
May 22, 2024
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About Program

Located in the stunning Canary Islands, our volunteer program in Tenerife offers an incredible setting. Picture this: loggerhead sea turtles, playful pods of Atlantic spotted dolphins and nomadic short-finned pilot whales gliding through clear waters. Plus, you'll even spot long-finned pilot whales, usually nomadic but now settled between La Gomera and Tenerife.

As a volunteer, your work will revolve around preserving these remarkable marine species and their precious habitats. You'll engage in ethical whale watching and gather crucial data to support marine life conservation. On land, you'll partake in land-based cetacean monitoring, participate in beach surveys and contribute to local cleanup efforts, making a meaningful impact in the region.

When you're not volunteering, explore Tenerife's diverse landscapes. Hike the Teide National Park, visit UNESCO-listed Lanzarote or unwind with your new friends on Gran Canaria's beautiful beaches.

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Program Highlights

  • Dive into direct, impactful work to conserve whales and dolphins, contributing to vital conservation efforts.
  • Live the island dream. Dive into a world of exciting activities like snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and even island hopping to explore the stunning Canary Islands and their pristine beaches.
  • Make a meaningful difference in environmental projects aligned with global UN Sustainable Development Goals, actively addressing critical challenges.
  • Collaborate with local conservation partners and qualified professionals on projects that are ethical, sustainable and truly impactful.
  • Venture beyond the beaten path to access exclusive remote habitats, encounter rare species and immerse yourself in unique ecosystems while forging lifelong friendships.

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Join our Tenerife whale and dolphin conservation project. Volunteer to monitor cetaceans, conduct land and beach surveys, and promote sustainable tourism. Your data collection contributes to crucial environmental policies. Dive into impactful work, explore the Canary Islands, and unwind during your free time with your newfound friends.


Dive into marine conservation paradise on Tenerife! As a citizen scientist, you'll combat marine pollution, quantify debris, and contribute to vital biodiversity surveys. Enjoy island life, explore diverse activities and make a real impact. Enjoy free time hiking, stargazing and connecting with like-minded changemakers.


Dreaming of marine biology? Test the waters in Tenerife! Join our research program, assisting marine biologists in tracking whales and dolphins. Dive into citizen science, gather vital data and make a real impact on marine conservation. From beach cleans to enlightening tourists, live the island life and explore Tenerife's wonders.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly Recommend

I joined the GVI Tenerife program for whale and dolphin conservation and it was amazing. The staff, other volunteers and interns were so nice, and the boat days were surreal. In the two weeks I was there I saw Pilot whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, a Bryde's whale, and common dolphins, as well as turtles and birds. Other activities we did were bird surveys and beach cleanups. The base was clean and comfortable. I recommend GVI to anyone wanting to try out/is planning on getting into biology or conservation or who just wants to try something new and travel in a meaningful way!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
On my second time out on the boat a pilot whale came right up to our boat and played with a calf underneath us!
  • I learned a lot about cetaceans
  • Planning is done for you- Accommodation and food is sorted for you and you can get picked up straight from the airport
  • You can have close encounters with beautiful animals in an ethical way
  • Food is not bad but it is basic since the participants cook for themselves
  • Lots of cleaning!
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Response from GVI

Hi Olivia

Thank you for your review. Wow, You saw so many amazing species! I'm so glad you had such a great experience and connected well with your peers. Please do send us lovely pictures if you were able to capture any!

All the best,
Tiffany (GVI Outreach Team)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Canary Islands Whale and Dolphin Conservation

I spent six weeks volunteering in the whale and dolphin conservation Tenerife in November/ December 2023.

I had an amazing time and enjoyed every day. The daily activities felt meaningful and professional while still being fun. On the boat trips, we saw many pilot whales and were lucky enough to encounter bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted and striped dolphins, a hammerhead shark and some curious turtles as well as flying fish.

Tenerife's landscape is beautiful, there are so many different things to do in your free time and the organized experiences are great too.

The staff members on the base are truly amazing. Very understanding, fun and you can feel the love that they have for their job. We were even offered great help when organizing trips in our free time. Occurring problems (Calima, short-term lack of water, minor injuries...) were handled quickly and professionally.
Of course, Tiny the cat deserves an honorable mention.
There are a couple of rules that need to be followed but I found these rules to be reasonable and meant to keep the participants safe.

Originally, I booked for four weeks but decided to extend my stay. It was super easy to do so, the e-mail support was great and everything was cleared for me to stay longer the day after I made the decision.

I got to know so many great people from all over the world, some of whom became good friends. It also helped me to improve my English.

There are only two little weaknesses in my eyes. One is the cost of the project. It is not easily affordable for young people. But you do know the prices from the beginning and there are good offers every now and then.
The second thing is that for me, it would've been great to start the project on a Sunday and also leave on a Sunday. I felt a little lost on my first two days as the weekends are free and we didn't quite know what to do yet. I also think it would be nice to have a last free day before leaving. On the other hand, I understand that starting on Saturday gives more time for people to settle, especially for people with e.g. long flights and possibly jet lags.

I had one of the best times of my life volunteering in the Canary Islands. This project made me want to pursue a career in conversation, especially marine biology. I am already looking into booking my next GVI experience.

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Response from GVI

Hi Kira,

Thank you for leaving a review on this platform with such a great insight into your trip and experience for others to read.

I am so glad that you had such an amazing time and that you saw so many great sightings and made new friends!

We are pleased that you felt ongoing support from the staff there especially when you decided to extend your trip.

Thank you for your feedback on the starting dates for the projects, we do try to consider all our feedback for any upcoming projects and trips for our participants.

Overall, we are so thrilled that you had such a wonderful experience and we can't wait to hear about where you are off to next!

All the best,
Katherine (GVI Outreach Team)

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Yes, I recommend this program

GVI volunteering experience

I spent two weeks volunteering with GVI in Tenerife and my experience was simply amazing. As a young woman I was looking for a safe way to travel. I wanted to meet new people and do something meaningful. The GVI program was exactly what I was looking for. The volunteering work was very interesting and made me even more passionated by wildlife conservation. I loved to meet all these people and work together in trying to preserve the environment. I learned a lot and came back with so many good memories. I can’t wait to join another program.

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Response from GVI

Hi Zoe

Thank you for your review on your time in Tenerife! We are so thrilled to hear that you had a great time with new experiences!

It is wonderful to hear that your trip has contributed to your passion of wildlife and that you were able to bond with others to make your trip extra special!

We hope to see you again on another programme, living out your passions and dreams of wildlife conservation, perhaps?

All the best
Katherine (GVI Outreach Team)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Accessible Opportunity

The accessible opportunity to gain useful experience in the industry and field alongside professionals. This environment is friendly and pro-learning to encourage each individual to explore their own knowledge and abilities.
This experience has taught me how to go out on my own and create experiences that will help me reach my goals, positively impact the environment and create lasting friendships. The accessibility of this opportunity allows a wide range of inderviduals to gain knowledge and experience.

  • Change
  • Impact
  • Adventure
  • Living with others
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Response from GVI

Hi Eadi

Thank you for your review. I'm delighted to hear that you found your experience so useful and that you could explore and uncover your own abilities! It's also amazing to see what we are capable of when in the right environment.

All the best,
Tiffany (GVI Outreach Team)

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