Volunteer building an education centre for children-Thailand

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Volunteer and help build, paint, dig, and work for the local community in the beautifully picturesque town of Sangkhlaburi, Thailand. The volunteer work will be diverse and doesn't require you to know any building skills, so if you don't know your claw hammer from your club hammer then don't worry! We have a lot's of diverse, fun and rewarding jobs that are suitable for everyone.

Our current project requires the help of volunteers to help complete the construction of a new children's education centre. With your help we can finish building the centre where local Thai and Burmese children can receive an education and stay during there study time. This is a hugely rewarding program that is guaranteed to give you buckets of good karma!

Of course all of your good work has to be rewarded, so you will be very pleased to know that Sangkhlaburi offers our volunteers a variety of outdoor activities such as jungle treks and water sports.

So book your place now and do something amazing!

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