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Are you looking at doing something more remarkable on your holiday? Ssamba Foundation engages volunteers in locally-run community, conservation, teaching, health care, building and sports projects and so much more around Uganda.

Volunteers contributes a lot at everything that happens at Ssamba Foundation. We couldn’t do it without them! There are many ways to volunteer your time, skills and talents to help out in Uganda.

Depending on the season, Ssamba Foundation has a list of much needed services which can be provided by volunteers within our projects around Uganda.

The volunteer placements are customizable for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to volunteer in deserving communities in Uganda.

The time you spend volunteering with us and the projects in which you will be involved are all geared to your skills and interests, and the community’s needs.

  • Immerse yourself in this rural community
  • Promote sustainable community livelihoods
  • Two days free safari or sightseeing tour
  • Make friends for life and Full culture immersion
  • Improve the living standards of local people

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic Time in Uganda

It’s honestly hard to describe accurately in words my time at the hospital in Mukono – it was an incredible learning experience. From the moment I landed in Uganda, I felt very welcome and medical staff was so helpful.

Dr. Samson was a fantastic source of information and advice during my stay. I had a fantastic time at the volunteer home too, all the volunteers I met were nice and I have kept in touch with some.

The best part of the program is that- this organization is locally run by some of the most experienced team and it’s really affordable. I have no word than thanking to all support of Beacon of Hope Uganda.

If you are planning to do some volunteer work in Uganda. Please talk to Isaac, he will be very helpful. On top of organizing my volunteer placement, he also arranged a budget safari for me and the other girls at the home.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I really enjoyed my time in Uganda with Beacon of Hope

I really enjoyed my time in Uganda with Beacon of Hope. The staff is wonderful and the teaching project at the Kasala school was a great experience.

The project is amazing and the kids are so much fun to work with. I really enjoyed doing the arts classes with the kids, they are so creative.

The safari was great experience too. Mukono is such an amazing city, especially the night life.

My first week with Beacon of Hope Uganda, was a very busy one, the amount of information I learnt in such a short period of time was astounding, and yet I thrived to want to learn more.

Helping the art class and learning more about social problems in Uganda was really humbling. I cannot wait to do another volunteer project with you.

Couldn't recommend BoHU more!! Thanks Isaac, Sandra and the entire team of Beacon of Hope Uganda.

What was your funniest moment?
Riding the boda boda taxi deep in villages was my funniest moment.
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Yes, I recommend this program

full of new experiences

The past four weeks have been so jammed full of new experiences, relationships, exploration, busyness and just general good times that I’ve found it really hard to get the right words for this experience. I volunteered with Beacon of Hope Uganda and I think, not only from my experience but from word of mouth that it’s the best local NGO in Uganda.

Beacon of Hope Uganda was started up by Isaac Ssamba in 2006 when he was just 19!! Isaac and his team have built, Beacon of Hope Uganda into a truly welcoming and rewarding volunteer program with a number of grassroots impactful projects (schools, health clinic and women projects).

Speaking to Isaac about his work and passions was one of my favorite things, the way he spoke so enthusiastically and passionately was very inspiring. Thanks Beacon of Hope Uganda for this wondering experience and making me fall in love with Uganda, your home.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly Outstanding Experience

I'm Michele from Switzerland, I'm 21 years, I volunteered at Children Orphanage home, outside Kampala. I stayed with a local host family. The family was hospitable and always around chatting and sharing meals.

The project was outstanding and the team at Beacon of Hope Uganda is awesome. They helped me and the other volunteers in every aspect of our trip. They explained the Ugandan culture, taking us on a 4 day trip around the country visiting many historical sites, and a wildlife safari.

Beacon of Hope Uganda is an all around wonderful organization. From the first day you could really take charge of your own experience.

I am sure it’s the perfect organization for anyone who is travelling to Uganda for the first time as well as experienced travelers. I really loved the experience.

What would you improve about this program?
Its truly a great organization.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you Beacon of Hope Uganda for the great experience.

Since I was a little girl I have always felt an odd connection with Africa without knowing why. I thought it may have something to do with the land…with Savanna Trees…maybe even with elephants. I never dreamed it could have been with the people.

And so it was that at age 58, I left for Uganda hoping to learn more about this place about which I knew so little, and to form a single alliance between a woman of the First World and a people of the Third World. In working as a volunteer with Beacon of Hope Uganda, I had the good fortune to live with the founder of the organization Isaac Ssamba and his team, getting to know them, their extended families and neighbors, and learning firsthand about BoHU’s numerous programs of community outreach.

The first thing I learned was that Ugandan people as a whole, are the most hospitable, generous, and friendly I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I had expected to be somewhat intimidated or even frightened traveling alone to Uganda, but I can say that without exception I never felt either of those things.

Experiencing their sweetness and generosity of spirit is truly a commonplace occurrence. Suffice it to say, I love Ugandan people!

While in Uganda I kept a personal diary. I wanted to share something of it here, but could not decide what impacted me most and wanted to share with the reader—the children living at the Orphanage? The school visits? Hungry children? Young people coming to the house hoping that BoHU could pay their school fees or mothers hoping they could get help for their sick children?

The women who support themselves making crafts? How about something simple like the affectionate neighbor children who sang for us, held our hands, sat on our laps? Beacon of Hope Uganda conducts so many worthy programs that to discuss one seems to lessen the importance of another, and everyday life is in itself an adventure.

Thank you Beacon of Hope Uganda for the great experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolutely loved everything about the organization

I spent four weeks in Uganda, volunteering with Beacon of Hope Uganda. They were incredibly helpful in every other way. They picked me up from the airport and the accommodation and food was fine and fruits are delicious.

The resources are scarce for many local projects it seems to be the prime limiting factor for making progress.

Volunteering in Uganda was truly an amazing experience. Absolutely loved everything about the organization and would recommend it to everyone, regardless of where you're from or what you do for a living, they are affordable and very grassroots.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Most Unique and Genuine Experience You can Have

I set out for Uganda on 15th June, this was my third and shortest visit and I met with another volunteer Terry from Canada. Terry arrived after 2 days of my arrival. This was Terry’s first visit so perhaps he was even more excited than me. I arrived around 7pm and as always immigration was easy and even the officials smiled I just wish it were as easy in the rest of Africa
As on the last time, I received a great welcome from Isaac who was waiting for me at the airport.

The new BoHU House was really good and very comfortable, I shared a room with Terry when he came, and there is a nice lounge as well for eating food and recreation when you are not out on some kind of mission or adventure.

As I said I have been to Uganda already and worked with Isaac and BoHU some five or six months in all and have seen the organization grow and now blossom. Volunteering with BoHU is no everyday experience you get the real Africa, the real Uganda warts and all, and working with Isaac is a revelation the guy is an extraordinary person, truly a man and a half at least!!! You can actually see that you are helping to make a difference so any time I am there I get very excited.

First day I take it easy Beatrice, the wonderful and very pretty housekeeper greets us with the most wonderful breakfast includes French toast with avocado and pineapples and really these are the best in the world Yum!!!

The next day we visit the school traveling first by Matatu and then a long Boda Boda ride on dirt roads through the countryside this is really wonderful and great fun as well.

The school is a project that Isaac started last year. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of education at the school, The teachers are incredible , and as well as education the kids all receive a meal each day for some this is the only meal they will have, these kids just melt the hardest of hearts.

I was particularly impressed with both the corn project and the upland rice project. The upland rice has only been going for a couple of months. That evening we returned to Mukono for some more of Beatrice’s good cooking Rice, Matooke, beans and cassava and rested up the next day and getting ready for the next big trip.

This was to be a first for me, Isaac has started up a series of programs going deep into the other villages where no other organization penetrates for this one we were to go deep into the forest to the down village of Mengo, here there are no Boda-Boda so we are to go by car.
The next couple days we spent in this village we set up our clinic there and the village telegraph soon spread the word. Once more we must have treated over 500 people.
By the time we had returned to Mukono and said goodbye to all our friends old and new it was time to return home.

This is just a typical 2-3 weeks volunteering with BoHU you get to work with one of the greatest people I have ever met Isaac Ssamba, who is the founder and current Chairman, Board of directors of the of the organization and you can work on many projects such as the deep village clinics and actually see the difference you make .

BoHU has since opened a school and this serves a very wide area at present we have 5 full time paid teachers and several local volunteers working there, we desperately need foreign volunteers for this as well as other work.

Please if you want to volunteer I promise you that this is the most unique and genuine experience you can have, you will make a difference and you will also have fun
Terry was so impressed by what he witnessed that he has since he returned already raised over $5000 for BoHU and its work and continues to raise more money so that he can return in 2018 and help with bigger and better programs and help set up more agricultural projects. Terry made a difference and continues to do so, Why don’t you?


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Yes, I recommend this program

Beacon of Hope was everything I was looking for!

I really enjoyed my volunteering Project in Uganda. Beacon of Hope was everything I was looking for! Everything went well, the hope centre project and the school is well organized. There are about 3 Isaacs at the centre and all the teachers I worked with were very kind and caring. I was able to get to know the Ugandan culture very well.

The accommodation at the volunteer house in Mukono town was also comfortable and all meals well prepared, very tasty. 3 weeks was very short, every day at the hope centre was a new day for me, enjoyable and purposeful.

My experience in Uganda ranks as one of my all time greatest. I struggled at first to keep up with the daily tasks and the conditions but after just a few days I loved everything. Everyone there never stopped smiling and laughing, no matter the day or how they felt. It was inspiring.

Thank you BoHU team and see you soon!

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