Co-found a New Social Venture in Uganda

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Work in a team with 3 Ugandan students & be guided by UniTED (UK Charity No. 1,158,935) in Design Thinking & Lean Start-up methodologies to create a new social venture. And continue to volunteer on the initiative remotely after you return home. The most rewarding way to spend your summer vacation!

  • EFFECTIVE - Use your skills, fresh perspective, and passion to develop systemic development solutions, with the potential for helping many more people than they could physically interact with over a short-term trip.
  • EQUITABLE - Peer-to-peer collaborations are the most appropriate form of international volunteering. You’re not going to be given undue decision-making power; you are going to have a real impact.
  • ENDURING - Continue to be involved with your Ugandan partners over the internet on returning home. The trip is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • EDUCATIONAL - Experiential learning is (by far!) the best way to learn about social entrepreneurship. UniTED’s initial training and on-going guidance provides a unique platform to attain important skills that will be useful throughout your career.
  • ENJOY - Out of peer-to-peer collaborations naturally flow friendships and a genuine experience of Ugandan culture with all its nuances – not just the typical foreign volunteer experience.

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