Make a REAL difference in Uganda - From just $399!
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Make a REAL difference in Uganda - From just $399!

There is a desperate need for volunteers in Uganda. Love Volunteers works with a local NGO to provide childcare services, healthcare, and various other services to communities in and around Kampala, Uganda. There are a number of ways to contribute during your time in Uganda, visit the Love Volunteers website for more details. Volunteers stay with a host family while they're volunteering for a complete immersion experience!

Current Love Volunteers Programs in Uganda:

Childcare & Development
Education Support
Medical Internship


Volunteer anywhere from 2 weeks to 24 months
Make a noticeable impact in the communities you serve by working with local NGOs and Love Volunteers
Stay with a host family and experience the hospitality of Ugandan culture!

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Africa » Uganda
2-4 Weeks
1-3 Months
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6-12 Months
1 Year+
Year Round
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Starting Price
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Love Volunteers registration fee, plus program fees starting at just US$399 for two weeks!
Program fees cover airport pickup, orientation, accommodation, and food (see website for specific program details).
The Love Volunteers registration fee covers any placements you undertake for twelve months from the start of your first placement.
This fee is refundable if you choose not to volunteer more than three months prior to the start of your initial placement.

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24 years old
Auckland, New Zealand
University of Auckland

My Trip to Uganda Was Everthing I Could Have Hoped For


I spent two months in Uganda thanks to LoveVolunteers, and I couldn't have been happier with my experience.

I can't stress enough how helpful the team was when I was trying to organize this trip. Right from when I applied to be a volutneer, through to choosing my destination all the way through to the end of my trip, LV was a constant presence and I never felt disconnected from the people that put me there.

The program itself was great. The person running the project was friendly and made every effort to include me in the running of the orphanage at which I was working. This meant that every day was different- I collected firewood, I taught the kids, I helped with building projects on-site- I did a lot and it really made me feel like I was achieving something.

Uganda is a great destination and I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to volunteer in Africa. If you do it through LV, you'll be in good hands.

Response from Love Volunteers

Hi Greg,
It's fantastic to hear we achieved our aim of providing you with all the support you required. I love hearing that: "I did a lot and it really made me feel like I was achieving something."
You certainly did achieve something and we are grateful for you time and effort in Uganda.
The Team @ Love Volunteers

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24 years old
Toronto, Canada
Carleton University

My time in Uganda


I loved my time in Uganda! My hosts Alice and Bazil were so welcoming and made sure I felt comfortable and had everything I needed. On my first day at the school, Alice walked me and introduced me the the principal and teachers. I was in a Primary four class, helping with reading and spelling in English. The kids were fantastic and were so eager to learn about me, my family, and Canada! I girl from my class walked me home each day and Alice would greet me with a plate of pineapple or mango!
My room was nice and comfortable. My biggest hesitation travelling to Uganda was the 'squat toilets' but I adjusted quickly and they were not a problem at all. It was so easy getting into town. Alice arranged for me to go with a family friend so I always felt looked after.
I had a wonderful two weeks in Uganda and wish I had stayed longer!

How can this program be improved?

I was asked to jump in to help with lessons which was great, but I might have had a bit more of an impact with a more structured lesson plan for english and reading.

Response from Love Volunteers

Hi Pamela,
Great to hear that you felt looked after on your placement. Our local teams are very experienced and take pride in caring for volunteers, they'll be pleased to hear they did their job well.
You raise an excellent point about being prepared in advance. Knowing that you would need to expect squat toilets made this experience not nearly as daunting as you imagined. Also it's great for volunteers to prepare for their placements, especially when Working with Children and have activities, lesson plans or even materials ready to go.
Thanks again for being a fantastic volunteers.
The Team @ Love Volunteers

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32 years old

Uganda Volunteering


My whole trip to Uganda brightly opened up my eyes seeing to life and things especially toward myself life. I gained lots of positive thoughts back home. I worked in a small school with an Ugandan teacher in a kindergarten class in a rural village. I usually draw pictures with sentences to describe the meaning of the pictures and ask them to rewrite the sentences or filling the missing word and sometime we draw a picture in their exercise book and ask them to shape the picture and give them score. Sometime I were asked to visit other classes in primary school because they rarely see the people from outside so I told them about my country and myself. But nobody know about Cambodia and they thought that I'm from China or other counties. Everywhere I go on the way they always call me "Chines...Chines!" or "Jackie Chan", the famous Chinese's funny actor. The children like me a lot and they always come near and ask me. The people in Uganda are so friendly they always saying “how are you?” instead of saying "hello" at the first meet. My time here was so great I like Uganda a lot and hopefully I will be back sometime.

Response from Love Volunteers

Dear Brem,
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience.
It sounds like you were a huge hit with the children in Uganda, using your initiative and taking the time to have fun and interact with the local people. That's what we like to see!
All the best for the future; we'd love to have you volunteer with us again.
The Team @ Love Volunteers

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We are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company cars, no downtown office - we're just volunteers who thought we could do a better job. We work