Rescue & Care for Wildlife in Florida, Hawaii, USA
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Rescue & Care for Wildlife in Florida, Hawaii, USA

Volunteer and help Rescue, Care, rehab and release wildlife in the USA! Care for wildlife like Racoons, turtles, deers, snakes and even alligators in Florida or perhaps you prefer to care for for Wolves in New Hampshire? Or do you perhaps prefer to travel to Exotic hawaii and care for indigenous and invasive Exotic animals instead?

Fronteering offers a number of different opportunities through the United States Of America. For more information on each project please visit our website.

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In most cases Meals, accommodation and domestic transportation is included.

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19 years old
Berlin, Germany

My Perfect stay at Florida Wildlife Rehab through Fronteering


I wanted to update you about my project and homestay experience! I just finished my Wildlife Project in Florida. I just wanted to let you know that my stay at my homestay family was beyond perfect. I felt so welcome at their house from the first second on and I must say that they are the most caring and loving people I've ever met. They did everything to make me happy! They drove me around and to the volunteering program daily, They always asked what we wanted to eat and bought it immediately or even took us to the store where I could pick whatever I wanted. Also, they took me out to eat serveral times and payed for it. Their efforts go far beyond what they have to do and I really appreciate it. I even could stay three days longer! Also, the rooms where the interns stay are really nice and I really felt like being at home.
Working at the wildlife rehab center was so much fun. Everybody was so nice and appreciated my work and was thankful for every helping hand. I learned a lot about animals and the Florida wildlife, mostly from my superivor!
I can highly recommend this host family and project to anybody :)! Thanks Fronteering!

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My stay was perfect

21 years old
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Bangor University

my holiday


An ideal holiday for me is full of active pastime, for example, swimming, playing volleyball, visiting new attractions, etc. My parents know how much I like beach holiday, that’s why every summer we go somewhere hot.

Last year we visited Italy . It was our first time in this beautiful and hospitable country. The Adriatic Sea was fantastic and the sun was gentle. Several times we went out to the fashionable restaurants to try local dishes. Italian cuisine is delicious. It involves lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and olive oil. I spent lots of time swimming, sunbathing and playing active beach games. For a change we decided to visit some local sights. First of all we visited the Venezian opera in the center of the city . It’s one of most beautiful ancient temples of Italy and the most visited tourist attraction. We also visited a Church in Giudecca iceland , which is famous for its dramatic views and stunning sunsets. All in all, it was a great vacation. I hope that we will go there again sometimes.

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I didn't participate yet in this program that is why I can not say something.

About The Provider


Fronteering specializes in arranging unique volunteer experiences in places less visited and unspoiled. Our volunteer projects take place in some of the last frontiers and wildernesses of this world:

From the Canadian Artctic where you get the opportunity to volunteer with huskies and go dog