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Innisfree Village is a life-sharing community of about 75 people living and working on 550 acres of land at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our community is made up of 40 adults with intellectual disabilities, called coworkers, and the volunteers who come from around the world to share a year of life-sharing in our community. We live in 10 family-style homes scattered around a 1 mile loop. In addition to home life, we all share in the various workstations; weaving, farm, gardens, wood shop, kitchens, art studio and bakery.

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  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 10
  • Value 9.3
  • Safety 9.6
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Innisfree for me

I first went to innisfree in 1998 for a year and almost immediately fell in love with the place. I am from Northern Ireland and was 28 at the time and just looking for a break from the normal life stuff. I got it! Innisfree for me was exactly what i needed. I loved both working in the house and also the Workstations where i learned new skills and a different way of life. I met lots of People from all over the world and then had the opportunity to travel for 3 months accross America and into Mexico. I then returned to Innisfree for another 3 months before going back to Northern Ireland and then to a Camphill in South Africa. After South Africa I returned to Innisfree with my Partner (now my husband) and we lived ther for another year. We both loved it so much we wanted to go back again a few years ago with our Kids but somehow the time was not right.
Innisfree is somewhere very Special. If you like a lot of partying, noise or life that is very hectic then Innisfree is probably not for you. Innisfree is a lot of fun and I have many happy memories there of meeting up with friends, skinny dipping, hiking and having a few beers on days off.
Im sure we will go back to Innisfree some day and take our Kids with us! I definately recommend it and know that the vast majority of people who experience it love it too!! Innisfree was a bit of a life changer for me and I went on to live in a Camphill Community. If we could find an Innisfree in Europe I think we would be there in a Flash!!

How can this program be improved?
Cant think of anything that needs improved!! The support we got was excellent and the facilities are great. Its a very safe place and you can wander for hours. The people are very friendly and enjoy having new faces from different places.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life Changing

It is hard for me to describe the profound impact Innisfree had on my life. I spent close to a year and a half at innisfree almost tens years ago and I still see its impact on my life daily. Innisfree Village is on a beautiful farm in the mountains of Virginia where an international and "inter-abilitied" community live and thrive together. The pace of life is slower allowing its volunteers and co-workers (residents) to truly engage and experience all that life has to offer us each day. It is impossible to spend time at Innisfree and not experience personal growth or to be impacted in some way. You will learn new skills from the many workstations in which you help to facilitate such as the weavery, vegetable and herb garden, woodshop, and much more. You will also learn many interpersonal skills from living and cooperating in such a close community with others where you see the best and worst of each person and grow to love them anyway. It will be one of the hardest jobs you will ever do, but it will also be one of the most rewarding, educational, and amazing experiences you will have in life.

How can this program be improved?
It has been many years since I was working at Innisfree and I am not in a position to know or comment on this. It is a special place and I highly recommend it to anyone considering volunteering there.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Twenty Years Later and I still see Innisfree's influence in my Life

I lived in Innisfree Village from September 1995 - September 1996. Was it easy? Absolutely not. What is intense, challenging, fun and memorable? You bet. I learned to plan and cook meals for my house, live with roommates I enjoyed and some I did not. I became used to odd vocal utterances, some drool, occasional outbursts of anger and at first difficult-to-understand speech patterns. And these were just my fellow volunteers!

If you want intense experiences, a gorgeous landscape and wonderful people, come to Innisfree.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A magical Place

My 2 year in Innisfree were most important for my personal growth and the development of my values and believes. The people i lived and worked with got to be friends, and a lot if friendships have lasted until now, 15 years later. The diversity of the residents, the people working there from all over the world, the beautiful scenery in the Blue ridge mountains and the challenging work in so many different settings (bakery, cokking, gardens, woodwork etc..) really make Innisfree a magical place. If you are open minded and have a good heart, are willing to pitch in .. Innisfree will give you so much back that it will last for a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Community for All

Innisfree was a place I joined so that working with a special needs population was not merely a job, but a life style. I, along with many others, truly accomplished this goal and what a year it was! Working here involved my total self: in giving wholly to my responsibilities, I reaped the benefits of service and community living and established relationships I continue to nurture over distances. The therapuetic mission of Innisfree enriches both the Volunteers and Coworkers alike. I highly encourage anyone seeking opportunities in service, community living, farming or therapuetic work with the special needs population to explore this remarkable place. It is a beautiful community with much to offer to those from all walks of life!

Yes, I recommend this program

A Life Changing Year

Completing a period of long term travel to gain perspective, I came to the conclusion that the love for a place comes from the love of the people in that place and the experiences shared. Innisfree became an obvious choice for me to be, I imagine I would still be there today if I did not connect with a fellow volunteer that needed to be in his own country. This community has given me meaningful friendships and allowed me to tap into previously undiscovered abilities. My only wish would have been to find Innisfree decades ago.

How can this program be improved?
I think the improvements needed have actually all been covered. This is a question for the present volunteers to then answer.
Yes, I recommend this program

Innisfree Village, what a great adventure!

I volunteered with Innisfree Village for a total of two years and half.
The experience was great, we are surrounded by beautiful people and nature. There is kindness everywhere it is a very special place.
We often have opportunities to leave the village, hike, hang out in town and get to know the rest of the country.
With in the village we are never bored and there is always something to do...

Yes, I recommend this program

About Innisfree Village

At the heart of the Innisfree experience is life-sharing among Innisfree's 40 adults with intellectual disabilities, known as coworkers and the caregivers who come from around the world to share a year of their lives. Life-sharing at Innisfree means...