Volunteer Abroad Articles

  • Burma travel tips
    By Elaina Giolando on 05/02/2016
    Having only officially re-opened its doors to tourism in 2010, Burma is one of the most untouched countries in Asia today. Whether you are venturing there as a teacher, volunteer, or backpacker, this country will both charm and challenge you while providing some of the most unforgettable...
  • What Companies are Best for Corporate Volunteering Abroad?
    By Lauren Salisbury on 04/14/2016
    From providing sanctuary for injured animals in Ecuador to delivering aid to refugees in Thailand to building homes for the homeless in Ireland, global-minded citizens have found that volunteering abroad is a popular way to give back while traveling. Studies show that from a business...
  • What's the Difference Between Service-learning and Volunteering?
    By Delia Harrington on 03/28/2016
    Have you heard of service learning? In an era when it seems like everyone has a college degree and no amount of internships is enough, many see it as a great example of experiential education, and a valuable step on the road to a successful career. But is it really all that different from regular...
  • 10 Ways to Travel the World like a Local, Not a Tourist (Ad)
    By Jessie Beck on 03/14/2016
    For most, traveling means sightseeing, staying at hotels, and visiting museums. It means eating out, shopping, and always making sure you see a location's major attractions. But for some of us, we want to travel differently. Instead of listening to a tour guide while gliding past major landmarks...
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  • Volunteering While Studying Abroad
    By Lisa Saltagi on 03/07/2016
    Last week I strolled into the garden Orti Dipinti and found Giacomo in the shed, as usual. He was pulling out brooms, shovels, and a few new basil plants. He looked up and smiled his big, friendly, Florentine smile. "Ciao bellissima! Come stai!?" He asked as he dropped his things to give me a...
  • Volunteer with elephants
    By Jessie Beck on 03/02/2016
    Jon and I sat, coffee cups in hand, in front of my computer on our porch in San Francisco, as we talked over Skype with our program coordinator, Megan, at Greenheart Travel. Though we were still a world away from our volunteer placement working with wild elephant conservation in Sri Lanka, it was...
  • Should you volunteer abroad in orphanages?
    By Go Overseas on 02/08/2016
    Dear readers, in response to some feedback on this article, I wanted to introduce why we published this. Though we only support volunteering in orphanages under exceptional circumstances (i.e., the volunteer is highly qualified -- think M.A. in child psychology -- and the organization checks out...
  • What Does Your Host Family Think About Hosting?
    By Lauren Salisbury on 02/02/2016
    From cultural immersion to saving money to the irreplaceable feeling of having a home away from home, many study abroad students find that homestays are their best choice for accommodations abroad. On homestays, instead of living in student apartments or dormitories, visiting students reside...
  • What it's like to volunteer in Vietnam
    By Jessie Beck on 01/19/2016
    Disclaimer: Mallory's trip was taken as part of Go Overseas' paid paid vacation policy and made possible through collaboration with IVHQ -- but that doesn't make her experience any less genuine. All opinions, photos, and silly references are Mallory's own. As advocates for spending meaningful...
  • 9 People Who Will Inspire You to Volunteer Abroad This Year
    By Elaina Giolando on 01/14/2016
    There's no question that volunteering abroad is a huge leap into the unknown. But we're all human, and sometimes we want to look before we leap. Having some idea of what it's like on the other side can help motivate us to take that final plunge and hop on a plane bound for the other side of the...