Volunteer Abroad Articles

  • Americans in Cuba
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/22/2015
    Can you travel to Cuba and volunteer now as an America citizen? The short answer is yes. Don't stop reading just yet, though! Though Americans can volunteer in Cuba, it's not nearly as simple as just finding an organization and hopping on a plane -- although hopefully it will be in not too...
  • How to switch careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/08/2015
    Whatever your reason or inspiration, you've likely stumbled on this article because you want to start a new career. Just one thing. How exactly can you break into a new industry, especially if you're looking to switch careers entirely and don't have that much professional experience in your new...
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  • post volunteer abroad careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 05/11/2015
    Just as you start getting close to the end of your volunteer project abroad, the future suddenly starts looming ahead of you like Mt. Doom. Wrapping up your weeks, months, or even years abroad doesn't have to be like staring into the jaws of the beast, though -- in fact, finishing a volunteer...
  • Misconceptions about volunteering abroad
    By Mandi Schmitt on 04/27/2015
    Photo Credit: Sari Stein Even if you haven't volunteered abroad yet, you already have an idea of what the experience looks like. You'll live in a rustic village in Africa. You'll help build houses or latrines. You'll make friends with the locals. You'll make a large and lasting impact. As a...
  • Study abroad reviews
    By Steve Patton on 04/24/2015
    Australia | Photo Credit: Courtney Dorazio You've just finished a study, volunteer, intern, or teach abroad program, and now you want to tell everyone about your experiences. Your friends may not want to listen, but there's a whole community of to-be study abroaders, international volunteers, and...
  • volunteers in Bali
    By Natalie Southwick on 04/13/2015
    Originally published on January 6th, 2011 by Laura Walker. Volunteering abroad is an opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm, while immersing yourself in a unique culture, discovering new places and contributing to a good cause. However, the price tags on some programs can...
  • Save to volunteer abroad this summer
    By Charity Yoro on 03/30/2015
    Photo Credit: Sari Stein Congratulations are in order: You're doing a great thing deciding to volunteer for the summer. You've worked consistently and diligently in order to spend a few months helping others, and that's a commendable thing. Awesome job! Unfortunately, you're also extremely broke...
  • International volunteers abroad
    By Natalie Southwick on 03/23/2015
    Photo Credit: Sari Stein There are tons of articles and brochures extolling the benefits of volunteering abroad -- for the volunteer, that is. Everyone is more than happy to tell you about how your view of the world will change, you'll forge lifelong friendships, feel great about yourself,...
  • Grace
    By Elaina Giolando on 03/05/2015
    While volunteering abroad is commendable regardless of the gender of the volunteer, women have an especially critical role when it comes to promoting gender equality around the world: they lead by example. International Women's Day, a day which celebrates the economic, political, and social...
  • Kids in Quito, Ecuador
    By Natalie Southwick on 03/02/2015
    Photo Credit: Erica Alfonzetti Back in 2011, when I began to tell friends I would be moving to Colombia to work as a volunteer teacher, I lost track of the number of people that responded with some variation of "Oh, I wish I could do that!" It's four years later and I can count on one hand the...