Volunteer Abroad Articles

  • Volunteering with refugees
    By Delia Harrington on 11/12/2015
    Photos of two deceased refugee children earlier this year have triggered a worldwide response to a global refugee crisis that is the largest since World War II. With almost 60 million people in need of help, it's no surprise that communities around the world have shown interest in helping with...
  • Teach in Peru
    By Natalie Southwick on 10/22/2015
    While many people choose to spend time volunteering in Central or South America in part to put their language skills to the test, you may not have hit a level of Spanish or Portuguese yet to qualify for certain volunteer projects. Though, realistically, not knowing the local language fluently may...
  • volunteer opportunities in east africa: choosing between tanzania or kenya
    By Jessie Beck on 09/16/2015
    Originally published May, 29th 2013. If you already know that you want to volunteer in East Africa, it's likely that you're trying to decide between volunteering in Kenya and Tanzania. How do you choose? Though each distinct in their own way, these two neighbors are pretty similar destinations...
  • Annapurna
    By Jessie Beck on 08/10/2015
    The Himalayan massif Annapurna is a familiar sight to Brad Hurvitz, founder of the non-profit Trek to Teach, which places teachers in rural villages in Nepal. However, when he arrived at the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC for short) in the spring of 2015, what he saw was far from familiar. As a...
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  • Finding volunteer placements while abroad
    By Natalie Southwick on 07/20/2015
    You've already sorted out the flights, visa requirements, housing and figured out how to take the bus across town -- you're rocking this living or traveling abroad thing! If you're studying or interning abroad, doing a gap year or even just traveling, you may find yourself with some extra time...
  • Volunteering Abroad
    By Natalie Southwick on 07/10/2015
    In a world where governments are listening to our Skype conversations and people share ultrasound photos of their four-month-old fetus on social media, sometimes it seems like information is a little too accessible. Yet when it comes to important topics, like where exactly your program fee for...
  • Americans in Cuba
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/22/2015
    Can you travel to Cuba and volunteer now as an America citizen? The short answer is yes. Don't stop reading just yet, though! Though Americans can volunteer in Cuba, it's not nearly as simple as just finding an organization and hopping on a plane -- although hopefully it will be in not too...
  • How to switch careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/08/2015
    Whatever your reason or inspiration, you've likely stumbled on this article because you want to start a new career. Just one thing. How exactly can you break into a new industry, especially if you're looking to switch careers entirely and don't have that much professional experience in your new...
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  • post volunteer abroad careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 05/11/2015
    Just as you start getting close to the end of your volunteer project abroad, the future suddenly starts looming ahead of you like Mt. Doom. Wrapping up your weeks, months, or even years abroad doesn't have to be like staring into the jaws of the beast, though -- in fact, finishing a volunteer...
  • Misconceptions about volunteering abroad
    By Mandi Schmitt on 04/27/2015
    Photo Credit: Sari Stein Even if you haven't volunteered abroad yet, you already have an idea of what the experience looks like. You'll live in a rustic village in Africa. You'll help build houses or latrines. You'll make friends with the locals. You'll make a large and lasting impact. As a...