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  • shanghai programs with api study abroad
    By Megan Lee on 05/27/2015
    Originally published on October 26th, 2012. China remains the only non-European destination in the top 5 most popular study abroad destinations -- congratulations, you're contributing to a rising number of students looking for more unique opportunities abroad. You're at the forefront of a...
  • Passport
    By Paris Riley on 05/20/2015
    Photo Credit: Grace Khoury Study abroad isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to wipe out your bank account either. Fortunately for you, Go Overseas wrote the book on how to budget for study abroad. Literally. "Half the Luggage, Double the Money" (downloadable as a free PDF) is a must read guide for...
  • Ways to study abroad
    By Lisa Saltagi on 05/13/2015
    When talking about study abroad, many people who don't know much about it think that the options are very limited: you study abroad your sophomore or junior year in college, and you usually go to someplace like Rome and have classes that don't take much effort, and you go travel cool places on...
  • Study abroad reviews
    By Steve Patton on 04/24/2015
    Australia | Photo Credit: Courtney Dorazio You've just finished a study, volunteer, intern, or teach abroad program, and now you want to tell everyone about your experiences. Your friends may not want to listen, but there's a whole community of to-be study abroaders, international volunteers, and...
  • studying abroad in the Middle East
    By Elaina Giolando on 04/21/2015
    Photo Credit: Madeleine Loney "So you're from America," she said curiously. We sat in a back alley cafe in Cairo, sipping tea and smoking shisha after work. "I'd love to go there," my Egyptian colleague puffed out another fruit-flavored smoke cloud. "But it's too dangerous. People being shot in...
  • Why don't more students study abroad?
    By Lisa Saltagi on 04/09/2015
    Photo Credit: Courtney Dorazio | Australia I wish I didn't have to write this article. This article shouldn't have to be written but, alas, I am writing it. Thus, I have to explain to you why more students don't study abroad. Though finding your way to this page may mean that you're more in the...
  • Discover Ireland
    By Jessie Beck on 04/07/2015
    Sure, you've heard that Ireland is a popular destination for studying abroad. Maybe you have a vague image of students chatting in cozy Irish pubs, lush green scenery, and a perpetually overcast sky. From there you've begun to daydream about the locals you'll meet, the castles you'll explore,...
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  • study abroad students
    By Lisa Saltagi on 04/06/2015
    Photo Credit: Danielle Slowik I'm in Philosophy 101 and am staring at the board as Mr. White screeches the chalk against the green background spelling out McGill, UMASS, Cornell, and UVM. My classmates one by one are announcing where they have been accepted for college. One student bashfully...
  • Study Abroad in English
    By Rachael Taft on 03/31/2015
    Everyone knows a huge benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn another language. But what if that's not really your end goal? What if you're dying to get abroad and experience another culture, but you really need to take classes in your major? Not to mention a lot of subjects have...
  • Must know phrases for study abroad in France
    By Noah Ferns on 03/25/2015
    Photo Credit: Laura Brond Originally published on October 1st, 2014 Like all languages, French has a rich variety of colloquial phrases and slang. And if you're like most students, then chances are you haven't delved deep into the realm of phrases and expression spoken every day around France...