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Study Abroad Articles

  • Study abroad housing options
    By Go Overseas on 10/08/2015
    When studying abroad, program providers will often help set you up with a place to live. But for some students abroad -- particularly those doing direct enrollment -- the house hunting search is left in your hands. Since looking for a place to live abroad is likely totally new to you, you're...
  • study abroad is an investment
    By Elaina Giolando on 10/05/2015
    Last week I sat around a table in Chelsea overlooking the Manhattan skyline, surrounded by a group of university alumni brought together by an Asia-focused study abroad program we all participated in some 5-6 years ago. I hadn't seen anyone since our college graduation in 2011 and the results...
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  • Learn Chinese in Shanghai
    By Lauren Salisbury on 09/28/2015
    So you've decided to study abroad and you know what you want to study, but you're not sure where to go to study say art history, healthcare, or English lit? With such a beautiful, large world to explore, one of the most difficult steps in the study abroad process can be choosing where it is you...
  • Study abroad direct enrollment
    By Lauren Salisbury on 09/14/2015
    During the fall semester of my senior year of college, I decided I couldn't graduate without taking advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester in a foreign country. Yet it seemed my time for studying abroad had passed. My university has a rule that your last semester of credits had to be...
  • New Zealand
    By Kourtney Stuthard on 09/08/2015
    Last year, Go Overseas and Education New Zealand put together a full scholarship for one lucky student to study abroad In New Zealand. After combing through over 1,000 submissions, Emma Faucher was chosen as the recipient of the $15,000 award. It took over a month of preparation and a day of...
  • Grad School Fairs and MBA Fairs
    By Lauren Salisbury on 09/03/2015
    Studying abroad isn't just for undergraduate students. In fact, doing an MBA Program or going to graduate school abroad may be even more rewarding of an experience, yielding numerous career boosting benefits that will help you turn the page onto the next chapter of your life. In the ever...
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  • Off the grid study abroad
    By Lauren Salisbury on 08/26/2015
    A group of high school students crouches on hands and knees, digging into the earth near the muddy banks of a gently-flowing stream. It's a bright morning in the Costa Rican rainforest and warm sunlight drifts through the dense green of the canopy overhead. It's still too early in the day for...
  • Allianz Scholartrips
    By Kate Evans on 08/24/2015
    Get excited, to-be study abroaders; Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) has just announced the launch of their 2015 Study Abroad Scholarship, ScholarTrips. This national scholarship will award six outstanding students with $2,500 to use towards a trip studying or volunteering abroad. Think of all...
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  • Go Overseas New Zealand Scholarship
    By Kourtney Stuthard on 08/18/2015
    Some of you may have already caught wind of the hubub, but last year Go Overseas partnered up with Education New Zealand to offer one full ride scholarship to study abroad in New Zealand. Since most students cite cost as the biggest barrier to studying abroad, the scholarship, unsurprisingly,...
  • How much does it cost to study abroad?
    By Charity Yoro on 08/12/2015
    How times have changed! Studying abroad is no longer the luxury afforded only by an exclusive upper tier of privileged college students. Now, going away for a semester is considered commonplace (if not required) by colleges, universities, and even future employers. Still, study abroad isn't...