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Maximo Nivel (Maximum Level)--The Intercultural Center of Latin America

Maximo Nivel is a family-owned, social enterprise founded in 2003. Our three intercultural centers are locally-based organizations focused on international education and cross-cultural experiences. Our programs include: Volunteer Abroad, International Internships, TEFL Certification, and Spanish Language Immersion in three countries -- Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Our programs are internationally accredited and are recognized worldwide. Our success is based on our commitment to quality and the highest level of client service. We have an excellent, professional staff and great home-base facilities to ensure your overall experience with us is nothing short of excellent!

Volunteer abroad - TEFL Certification - Spanish

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  • Daria
    Age: 19-24
    Bristol, UK
    University of Nottingham
    Volunteer in Guatemala

    I was completing 2 volunteer programs in Guatemala, Antigua with Maximo Nivel - teaching English and Eco-agricultural projects both lasting 2 weeks.

    Skills and memories I have gained while assisting Maximo in their aim to support local communities were invaluable. Being a novice in this kind of experience did not matter a bit because support and guidance were always there. Of course, independence and self- initiative are the key factors to be a volunteer. But the experience I had was all-round fulfilling! Big thanks to the local team :)

    How could this program be improved?

    The events that bring together volunteers could be slightly more improved. There were many people who I never got a chance to meet because they were living outside our volunteer house. This is especially notable during quite times when many volunteers are scattered around Antigua. More of the team building activities like salsa night would be excellent.

    The salsa night itself is a popular event but hosted in a tiny room - not being able to fit many of those who want to participate and preventing people from coming back due to extraordinary hot and sweaty atmosphere by the end of 2 hour session. Maybe moving it down to an open space terrace could improve the problem.

    Beautiful streets
    Marshmallow roasting on Pacaya
    Santa de la Cruz
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  • Elena
    Age: 31-50
    Madrid, Spain
    Complutense University of Madrid
    Rewarding and well-organised experience

    I did service work with my 13-year-old daughter at Kyuki-Do Wasi (the house for teen mothers and their babies in Cusco), mainly assisting the babies but also helping the mothers in different ways. I got involved with these mothers and babies in a special way and it was sad to leave them after two weeks. The stories these teenage mothers have already lived, at a very early age, are breath-taking but they shared them with me in the most natural way, with no special bitterness but rather a calm resignation. Given this, I was especially touched by the joy in the house, the friendly atmosphere, most of the time, among mothers, their babies and other volunteers and their kindness. And the generosity and good-heartedness of caretakers and psychologist Maruja, for me the real 'soul' of the house. A lesson for us to learn in our daily routine and comfortable lives in the Western world.
    The house was well organised and we received perfect support from Maximo Nivel. In particular, Tanja's involvement was a great help and made our work there much easier and nicer. I liked her discrete and 'elegant' attitude.
    The general introductions given by the local organisation (Maximo Nivel) were informative and useful; however there was some degree of repetition in the information in the safety and programme introductions. Also I noticed the information (about Peruvian culture, the programme, etc.) is mainly given from a US perspective, not considering other possible origins among volunteers (European, non-English native, etc.).
    At the house I found that the volunteer planning could have been better organised. Depending on the day and week, at times, there were too many volunteers (among those who lived at the house and others, like us, who came from another organisation), outnumbering the babies (7). In my opinion, a better planning and knowing in advance the characteristics of the volunteers at the house would result in a more efficient help for the mothers and babies.
    I would definitely recommend the international and local organisations (IVHQ and Maximo Nivel) and this programme as a reliable and well-organised one and guaranteeing a special and rewarding personal experience.

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  • Taylor
    Age: 19-24
    Seattle, WA
    Michigan State University
    Go to Maximo!

    My experience at Maximo Nivel was wonderful. I didn't really know what to expect going in, but ended up learning more than I ever thought was possible in such a short period of time. I am about to start teaching ESL classes and I'm so happy that I decided to go to Maximo to complete my TEFL certification beforehand. Our instructor, Claudia, was awesome. Sometimes the days were long and the workload was heavy, but she really kept things fun and engaging. From receiving instructor feedback, to observing my fellow TEFL students, to getting practical teaching experience, Maximo went above and beyond. I would recommend the TEFL certification at Maximo to anyone and everyone.

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  • Nicole
    Age: 31-50
    Keene, NH
    Antioch University–New England
    Life Changing Experience

    As a Graduate student, my experience with Maximo Nivel was not only enlightening but the value of the experience will be something I will treasure forever. Chelsey was an amazing Coordinator who actually used her day off to spend time with us!

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  • Mark
    Age: 19-24
    University of Nevada Reno
    Great Course!

    This course was incredible. Claudia was one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of taking. The long class hours, 6 hours a day, flew by with Claudia at the helm. The administration were easily the most friendly and approachable administrators I have ever encountered in an academic setting. I would highly recommend this program to any one looking to get Certified in TEFL. Added bonus it's in Cuzco which is an amazing city.

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