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As the most populous nation in the world with an ancient and intriguing history, China has always fascinated foreigners. Even though it is an emerging political and economic superpower, China still has an extensive need of volunteers in its poorer areas. From volunteering in a hospital, to an orphanage, to teaching children English, there is a plethora of volunteer opportunities in China to suit your interests.

  • Popular Destinations: Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors, Karst Mountains in Yangshuo, Shanghai
  • Poverty Level: 13.4%
  • Currency: Yuan
  • Population: 1.3 Billion

There are many ways to give back to the local Chinese community. While these are some of the most popular options, there is an infinite number of ways to volunteer.

Teaching English: Perhaps the most popular type of volunteering opportunity in China is teaching English for support from other foreigners in China.Teaching English in China mainly focuses on developing conversational English skills with Chinese students. With unprecedented economic growth in China, there is an exponentially growing need for English education. Unfortunately many "English" teachers in China have poor English vocabulary and thus there is a strong demand for native English speakers to help teach these classes.

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square

Orphanage Work: China has many orphanages and thus there is a need for volunteers to work in orphanages. Volunteers help with chores around the orphanages and also play with and tutor the kids. Having volunteers there as a role models to young children is important as well.

Panda Conservation Work: Pandas are among the cutest and most intriguing animals, but unfortunately, they are also among the world's most endangered species. Volunteers in China have an opportunity to work on various panda reserves and participate in feeding and nursing, general maintenance and cleaning, and more.

  • Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in China through a professional organization, they most likely will have a support system in place. Feel free to ask them questions and get all the help you need. Your home country's embassy or consulate can be reached in Beijing for information and support as well. Check out groups like Expats in China for support from other foreigners in China.
  • Volunteer History in China: China has an extensive history of aid development and NGO support. You're sure to find any type of nonprofit organization you're interested in China.
  • Know Before You Go: A very basic level of Mandarin is helpful but most organizations cater to English-speaking visitors. Volunteers should always keep an open mind when visiting a new, diverse nation like China.
  • How Volunteering in China Will Help Your Future: Volunteering with a well-established Chinese organization will be a fantastic experience. You will learn some basic Mandarin, which is an extremely important language to know due to China's rising supremacy.
  • Questions to Ask: What amenities will be available where I volunteer? How much Mandarin do I need to know?
Health and Safety of Volunteers in China:

Before heading to China, it is important that you check that you are up to date on the various vaccinations that you need to have. These include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and typhoid. If you must spend a lot of time in rural areas, it is also recommended that you get a vaccine for Japanese encephalitis. Fortunately, China isn't a particularly dangerous country and crime isn't too rampant. Check out MD Travel Health for more details.

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