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Experience the culture and master the language by participating our Cultural Homestay Program! With Early Bird China, you'll be paired with a host family based on mutual interest, and live with the family as a homestay during your program. In exchange for your time informally teaching English to your host sibling(s), you will be given the opportunity to experience the language and culture in a unique way!

With Early Bird, you will enjoy the following benefits:

+ Free Chinese language lessons
+ Furnished private bedroom (internet included)
+ 2000 RMB/month stipend
+ Monthly cultural activity
+ Flight allowance:
2-5months: 1500 RMB flight allowance
6-11months: free return flight ticket
12+months: free round trip flight ticket
+ Personal accident insurance
+ 24/7 emergency support
+ Airport pickup, orientation and welcome package (including: transportation card, SIM card, etc
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8.33 Rating
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  • Housing 9.5
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  • Fun 8.8
  • Value 7.8
  • Safety 8.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Feedback of My Experience with Early Bird China

I stayed with a family in Beijing. I worked hard but it's been rewarding. I'm very happy with my family , they've been really nice and geneous with me.The staff at the agency look after us good. Guo keeps the au pairs communication with the agency;Michael thinks about potential problems before they happen and has always seemed approachable which is great. Vivian looks after us all in a fair way so we know what's going on. She is effecient, helpful and caring.

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Yes, I recommend this program

China is a great experience!

I was an au pair in northern Beijing for 3 months in a very kind hostfamily.

My experience in the family has been very good! They have two kids which I have been played and taught English to. They were very interested in me and really let me in as a family member. When I first came here I didn't speak any Chinese so it really helped that the family spoke quite good English already.

Beijing is such a cool city and I really recommend to live here for a couple of months. China is both very difficult to get to know but also very interesting. To stay here as an au pair in a Chinese family is a very good way to learn about the country and the language.

The agency was very helpful with very good language lessons and very fun activities to join. I had all help I needed and I found them very open for feedback!

If you are searching for a cheaper way of traveling and experience of a new culture and language, au pair in China is a very good choice.

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Yes, I recommend this program

great family

I think I never won't regret coming to China. When I was looking for an Asien family Early Bird always supported me so thanks to them now I live with a great Chinese family. Of course I also was lucky.
This is my second Month here so everything is still new for me but my family really tries their best to make me comfortable. They took me for a trip to an other country, they keep me feeding so I already tried the most famous dishes of Beijing /China. They treat me like a real family member.
Since we have the language barrier sometimes it is difficult to discuss about things or problems but my family's English improved a lot and I learn Chinese as much as I can.
There are more Au-pairs here so it is also a good chance to make friends from other countries.
If you are interested in Asia, if you like the culture , the dishes and the language then this is the perfect choice for you!
Be a little Early Bird and make a lifelong experience in China.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best 3 months of my life!

I was in Beijing for 3 months and honestly this was the best time of my life.

I had a really good relationship with my host family. They were taking me everywhere, introducing me to all of their friends and showing me the culture by making me try new food and giving me a tour around the country. They were interested in getting to know me and really made me feel like I am home. There were some little problems with the language barrier but the progress they made with their English was huge so I was more motivated to learn Chinese so the communication could be even better.

Beside being around the family, the agency was organising different cultural events so that all the Au pairs can get together, get to know each other better and at the same time experience the Eastern culture. One time we all went to the Olympic village,it was a great day to celebrate one of the girls birthday. We had so much fun just going around the busy alleys full of tourists and people convincing you to buy a kite. The day ended with a storm and we all got soaked before getting to the subway station, but it was worth because this was one of the greatest days with the girls.

Another thing that the program gave me is lifelong friendships. I met amazing people from all around the world, people with interesting stories and different experience from mine. It was always a pleasure to go to my Chinese classes and see everyone there. We were doing a lot of together like trying new food, travelling or just hanging out in a coffee shop.

The agency was always there for me and made my stay in Beijing a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget and one that I will always encourage people to try.

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Yes, I recommend this program

6 months in Beijing

I have been here for nearly 5 months now. I consider this experience a wonderful and extraordinary life lesson and I would not hesitate to do it again. Apart from getting to know the language and the lifestyle of China, I have grown as a person and as a traveler. I have learnt to understand and coexist with different cultures and personalities and I will be going back home with many beautiful memories. If a journey should not be measured in miles but with friends, then I certainly have come a long way.

What would you improve about this program?
I have stayed in Beijing witch is a extremely overcrowded and polluted city. It was my biggest problem to deal with here and I often found it exhausting to move around the city
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Yes, I recommend this program

6 month au pair

Early Bird is a good place to go, it's quite the experience to live with a Chinese family. Communication with the Chinese host family, especially if you can't speak Chinese, can be very difficult. Thankfully EarlyBird's staff knows Chinese and English very well, making it easy to solve problems between you and your host family. I didn't live near any EarlyBird office, so I wasn't able to participate in many of the activities they plan, but It was usually a fun experience to hang out with the other foreigners and talk about our different countries. I would actually recommend only doing 3 months to start with, because it can be really hard on some people. My host mom didn't actually read the contract and because she didn't speak English well, things happened and I ended up working everyday for at least 7-9 hours. I love my host family though, and I appreciate how much I've grown through all the hard work. Still, I think it would've been much easier to do 3 months first.

What would you improve about this program?
Sometimes it felt as though the staff wasn't really paying attention to me, since I had to email my contact in the company's boss about a question since I wasn't given my contact's information. Earlybird changed my contact without really telling me, so that was a bit confusing. I also didn't get a month's pay once, and since I waited to withdraw all my money until the end of the trip, it was too late to fully figure out and it caused my host mom and I a lot of trouble. Still, the staff is very nice and real, if not a bit overworked.
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