Expedition Horizon 1: Cross the Ocean with Twister Sailing

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Interested in a gap year….? Just need a break? Did you just finish your studies, or need a change of pace? How about travelling the world’s seas on the crew of a sailing vessel?

We have an opportunity for twelve enthusiastic people who want to take a big step in their life. For about five weeks the wind will tell us where to go: only the departure and arrival date are planned already. Together we set sail, explore the coasts, research, learn new languages, navigate and have a lot of fun! Want to join us?

You will have the experience of a lifetime and get to know yourself a lot better! On board you have time to (re-)discover and improve your skills. You will be part of a close team and learn how to take responsibility. You can widen your horizon, literary.

You will step on board in Tenerife and sail to Tobago.

  • Adventure
  • Sailing
  • Develop your skills
  • Join the Green Program on board
  • The sky is the limit!

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