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At GATA, we know that a Gap Year can become an experience of a lifetime if done well. Some itineraries work for some people; some, however, don't. That's why we offer fully customizable Gap Year programs all year round that you can tailor all by yourself so it can meet your dreams, expectations and personal goals.

GATA's Gap Year programs are flexible, advantageous and designed to turn your life upside down, the way you want. They can last from a month to a whole year, can take you to a single region or throughout several places across the globe, can bring you a simple, yet meaningful experience in a short period of time, or a whole itinerary of activities that will leave a long-lasting impact on your life... In short, they can be however you want!

If you want to weave your dream journey with your own itinerary, rules and ways, GATA's here to help you make your wish come true!

  • Fully customizable Gap Year programs.
  • Visit any of our main destinations: Quito, the Amazon, the Cloud Forest, Sierra or Galápagos.
  • All GATA Gap year programs include 24/7 in-country support and private transportation.

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