FieldWorks: Hybrid Residency & Enrichment Arts Program in Ireland

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woking in the studio
woking in the studio
studio visits
studio visits
the west of Ireland
the west of Ireland
gallery visit
gallery visit
installation in the woods
installation in the woods
oil painting demonstration
oil painting demonstration
group critique
group critique


Cow House Studios is thrilled to offer FieldWorks, a hybrid residency and enrichment program designed to give students ages 18 to 22 an opportunity to make new work in a remarkable location while being challenged to approach their creative practice from new perspectives. During this 12-week multidisciplinary course, there is a particular focus on each participant's individual creative process, where one-on-one tutorials provide guidance for further research. In addition to time spent in the studio, there will be weekly organized trips to Dublin, the West and other points of interest in the Southeast region with a particular focus on artist-led initiatives and studio visits with accomplished Irish artists, designers and curators.

  • Drawing, painting, new media, sculpture, digital & darkroom photography
  • Daily individual tutorials & weekly group critiques
  • Studio visits with Irish artists, designers, curators & other creative practitioners
  • Life drawing sessions, practical demonstrations & workshops
  • Travel to stunning locations of natural beauty in the west & southeast regions

2020 Dates Announced

We just updated our website with our 2020 dates. Please check out our website for more details about Art on the Farm, our summer program for teens and FieldWorks, our 12-week gap year program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring Semester at Cowhouse

Let me start this by saying that I had an absolutely lovely time at Cowhouse. As an artist (eh, sounding pretentious), or as someone who makes art (better) , getting to spend three months making work in a beautiful environment without any of the stress of normal is something close to heaven.
I think what makes Cowhouse so special is this stripping effect that happens there; in high school, I struggled to make art because I had so much pulling me away; tests, homework, the college process, maintaining a perhaps mediocre at best social status, family, etc. The list of things that get in the way or distract in normal life are endless, but at Cowhouse, there's almost nothing. Cowhouse gives its students this precious gift of time, space, materials, and opportunity, and so the creative impulse naturally expands and blossoms simply because there's nothing to keep it from doing so. Each person in my group grew tremendously as artists overt this experience, and I will be forever grateful to Rosie and Frank, as well as everyone else who helped make that possible.
On some more mundane notes:
Facilities/ bedrooms and stuff: The studio is in a converted farm and is beautiful and spacious. Ideal for making art. Bedrooms are in quaint and comfortable, but if you are a light sleeper be sure to bring headphones or earplugs or something as the walls are very thin. The farm itself is beautiful and fun to explore. There are also lots of animals running around which is nice, except George, the peacock. I wasn't a fan of him.
Food: I could go on about the food there forever. It's incredible, and I miss it so much. Cooked daily by Cowhouse's master chef Caiitrioneiereer (pronounced Katrina) Folly, and sometimes Frank (whose frittatas are, well, fine), Cowhouse cuisine centers on fresh ingredients and includes meals from around the world. I'm talking sushi, I'm talking dumplings, I'm talking burritos, and alu ghobi and lamb vindaloo, and burgers, oh dear god, the burgers, and more traditional Irish food as well like delicious breads and soups, and the occasional bangers and mash. They are very very accommodating of all dietary restrictions, even pho-gluten-free-folk and vegetarians who eat fried chicken will find acceptance there.
The trips are a fun break from work and the farm, and it is nice to get around and see some of Ireland's nicest spots. I strongly recommend spending several afternoons in the pubs and tossing back a couple brews. I sure did.
Spending three months in close quarters with 7 other people can be difficult. Inevitably there will be arguments and feathers will be ruffled, but this area is probably one of the best spots for personal growth as you will be forced to manage personal relationships and keep everyone happy. This was also one of the most rewarding aspects of this program as well as I made some life long friends during my time there.
Anyway, I can't recommend Cowhouse enough; go there if you get the chance.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
- Be sure to bug Caitriona as much as possible.
- Bring warm clothes cuz it's cold and rainy a lot.
- If you're struggling with anything, ask for help, even if you're just feeling homesick or something! Frank and Rosie are always there to talk. I never regretted chatting with them.
- Play with Michael and Emmett; they're hilarious.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fieldworks 20/10 highly recommend!

The three months I spent on this wonderful farm where absolutely magical. For me it was the perfect balance between productivity and play. The teachers where absolutely spectacular and I feel so lucky to have met them. Going in I didn’t really know what to expect; a little farm in someplace called Wexford where people make art? However I’m so glad I made the decision to go on this adventure. Cowhouse is a very well equipped studio with amazing housing and a forest! I spent my days making artwork, walking through streams and playing with dogs/cats/peacocks/llamas/ducks etc. At first I was scared of living with only 7 other kids but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. I made some life long friends and art work that I am deeply proud of (I’m already excited to go back !!). I highly recommend this program and promise you will make some cherished memories.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
- Don’t be afraid to try new foods
- Have fun! Don’t be scared to ask for advice and talk to people
- you don’t need to pack as many pieces of clothing as you think
- jump in the pond ‼️
Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing 3 months!

When I first heard of Cow House I wasn't sure whether spending 3 months abroad at an Art program was the right choice for me, I had never been abroad alone and wasn't sure whether I would be able to keep up with other art students. But now I genuinely think going to Cow House for the Gap Year Program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Cow House has amazing facilities; equipment for film, photography, and sound recording, an onsite darkroom, a lot of studio space, oil and acrylic paint, and more: basically everything you could want. Cow House is also surrounded by so much greenery, with a huge forest, a beautiful field with a large pond and lots of animals! (The dogs and cats are a highlight.)

The housing is pretty awesome, with comfortable rooms and several common areas where you can watch films, play pool and just chill with the other students! It's pretty nice to get to know everybody and being surrounded by other artists is pretty inspiring. The food at Cow House is also really amazing, there's a variety of cuisines being cooked and it's always super healthy. We also got to visit Dublin, Galway, and Cork among other places, seeing art in these cities is always super exciting but I think the best part is getting to hang out with everybody, visit pubs and explore!

More than anything else, Frank and Rosie are what make Cow House a really amazing place, they are super encouraging, always around to chat about art or about how our stay is going, and are really amazing teachers. I learned a lot from them; not just about art, but about life as well.

Being able to spend 3 months focusing on creativity and exploration of art has really changed me as a person and I'm honestly looking forward to returning to Cow House for another session in the coming years!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If I could give any advice it would be to really make the best of your stay at Cow House; use all the facilities, try out everything from screenprinting to analogue photography to oil painting. Spend some time exploring the woods, its a magical place, and definitely wake up early at least once to watch sunrise. It's worth it.


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Ireland is infamous for the historic castles and the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way. If you are looking to experience lush greenery and countryside beauty, Ireland can keep you occupied for a lifetime.

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