Camp Kenya - Volunteer in Kenya 1-3 months

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Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya
Gap Year Volunteer Program Kenya
Gap Year Volunteer Program Kenya
Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya
Camp Kenya


Kenya is a really popular choice for a gap year experience because it has so much to offer. From world-class beaches to vast open savannahs to beautiful coral reefs; equatorial rainforests to mighty snow-capped mountains, the sheer diversity and beauty of Kenya offers you limitless opportunities to explore and get a true taste of Africa, away from the well trodden backpacker route.

Camp Kenya offers a mixture of everything, and the opportunity to live and work alongside local people on a wide range of initiatives designed to help improve living standards within their community. Many of the people we work with are living below the poverty line and don’t have access to proper education facilities, medical treatment or even clean drinking water, so our projects are desperately needed.

Why not add an adventure to your trip? We have a range of optional add-ons, including climbing Kilimanjaro, gaining a scuba diving qualification or kite surfing on Kenya's stunning beaches.

Scholarships Available

Apply for our Camps Changemaker Scholarship and receive up to £560 towards the volunteering programme of your choice.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Kenya Experience

My time in Kenya was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The Kenyan staff on camp were marvelous at welcoming us into their environment and making us feel at home. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting during my 1 month out there was so incredibly friendly, helpful and really interested in me and where I'd come from. The people of Kenya are so respectful and honorable and throughout my whole trip I felt at home. The group I was on camp with couldn't have been a better bunch of people. We all got on so well and, along with our camp leaders 'Mama' and 'Baba', we became one big, happy family who looked after each other and cared for one another. On reflection, the thing I noticed most about my trip was that I had simply been happy the whole time and with every new thing that I learned and the amount at which I grew as a person; I've realised this trip changed me as a person for the better and opened my eyes to a whole new, fantastic world.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best trip

Taking a trip to Kenya was something completely new to me , said this the support I received from all the staff in Kenya meant that we could feel at home and completely comfortable . It has to be the best trip I have done by far and would recommend anyone to do it ! I've made some lifelong friends and now only regretting I didn't stay longer!
I couldn't have asked for a better experience , one memory that stuck out would be the project at mamas house in Muhaka we were able to provide a home for a local women and her family members which felt really rewarding.

What would you improve about this program?
Possibly just to let us know what sort of project work we would actually be doing before arriving in Kenya , before going to tsavo alot of the group were told we would be taking part in animal conservation work but we didn't do any work with the animals.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best experience of my life!

So I was part of the camp Kenya volunteers in January 2016. And without a doubt I've never had so much fun in my life. While also making a difference. The great part for me was not only having a great team to work alongside everyday but to love in a community like Muhaka and Tsavo where everyday you're treated by smiling faces and children and teenagers that want to spend time with you, weither its braids your hair or play football. Even while building a school the children were eager to help during their breaks and expand their English with us. And we even learned a few extra word from the pupil. But the head teacher explained how we were making such a difference and even said we were blessed for life for the work we had done. Sometime the work can be challenging especially when its hot. And health and safety isn't much of a concept in Africa we even had a visit from a snake while digging a trench! But its all part of the experience!and it was one hell of an experience!

What would you improve about this program?
There wasn't much to improve on if I'm honest. A lot of the time it came down to nature or illness that was a negative. However I did do the Kilimanjaro trek through camps international. I only wish they told me more about where I'd be going and where I'd be staying. As I had no idea what was going to happen when the camp left ne. And when you're alone it can be slightly scary!


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Kenya is a middle income country, which often comes to a shock to tourists who expect to see a wildly impoverished and unruly country. Following their Independence from British colonial rule, many Kenyans started seeking business ventures alongside the growing tourism, which is even more present today. From the incredible wildlife on land and underwater, you will have a lot of activities that show you the natural beauty of Kenya.


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