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If you want to experience a different world and a different culture, why not check out some of our Mexico programs?

We like it so much here that we even opened an office and have an Xtreme Gap rep permanently based. The poor guy spends his time diving on some of the world's best dive spots, slamming tequila and exploring the famous beaches so we know exactly where to take you.

Besides having a lot of fun on our Mexico programs, we also give you the chance to take some skills back home. For instance, working on your Spanish could never hurt, right? We have a great Learn Spanish program here, right next the the blue waters of the Caribbean. Or maybe you consider becoming a Dive Master or even an Instructor and do something really cool and interesting with your life. We had to cross an ocean to get here, but if you live in the US, you can fly just a few hours and have paradise waiting for you! Andale!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Xtreme Adrenaline Great Stuff and Amazing Hostel

When I first arrived I was nervous (and also very tired) because this was my first experience outside the country I live in as an independent traveler. When I first arrived to the hostel I immediately like it. I met the owner 'Sander' who is such a cool guy some of the staff who made me feel very welcome and some of the residents. My first night there despite being very tired I was invited to a meal in the hostel with other residents. I couldnt believe how cool these people were and from all over the world I really enjoyed my first night there and knew I would be fine. It took me a few days to adjust to being an independent traveller but any 'butterfiles' soon disappeared. Sander came with me on my first excursion which I really appreciated, he helped me feel comfortable. I enjoyed the area I was in and the people I was with. Thanks to the Hostel I really enjoyed a special addition to the holiday... the 'Experimental Mayan Theatre' it was brilliant.
Moving onto the excursions I enjoyed them all immensely, the sky dive in particular was the highlight. Sander joined me again on the 'Flyboarding' and I not only appreciated his company but his taking of photos and videos which have now made the Xtreme Gap Website. The fact that that was the case made me feel like an appreciated customer.
At times I wanted to eat out at a restaurant however the food in the hostel was fantastic so I didn't need to really even though I did on two occasions.
I enjoyed the Sian K'aan trip in particular the traditional Mayan Chicken which was the best meal I've had in a long time. The guide on the Sian K'aan trips' knowledge was vast and answered any questions we may present with expert detail.
The cenote I visited was brilliant along with the cliff diving and snorkeling, the guides really took care of you and ensured you enjoyed all they had to offer. I enjoyed the zip lining and the cliff diving it was a lot of fun and made me feel like a kid again.

Overall my experience in Playa Del Carmen was definitely one to remember and I would highly recommend this trip to anybody. The staff at the hostel are great, the hostel itself is brilliant, the area is gorgeous and the excursions on offer are invigorating, rejuvenating and overall fantastic. My time there was just incredible, for anybody who likes traveling independently, loves meeting new people and last but certainly not least is an 'adrenaline junkie', choose this trip.
If you have more experience diving then you almost have to go there to explore Cotsumel, but please stick with Xtreme Gap and do not purchase any of the excursions off local sellers. Sander knows the area very well and you can trust his advice along with the owner of Xtreme Gap itself.

For me Xtreme Gap is an incrediiiible website. I am using it again without impedance for a group tour trip.

What would you improve about this program?
If you plan on doing all included activities there is little room for taking a day off. Also since I arrived on a Sunday and started the next day after I felt I didn’t have enough time to recover. Instead of a 5 day program it would be better to make it a week program and have some time to settle in and maybe take a day of in between from all the excitement. It’s not like you will get bored in Playa anyway!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Dive Master, Mexico, Playa Del Carmen - Xtreme Gap Year

I was with Xtreme Gap year in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, for 2 months as part of my "gap year", between January-March 2015. Here I attended a Dive Master course.

I have had an interest in diving for a while now, with the potential aim of working within the industry. I found Xtreme Gap when I was scrolling the internet and was immediately attracted to their genuine enthusiasm for the courses they offer. I had looked at many gap year'ish companies who provide dive master courses before I found Xtreme Gap. But all of them seemed to be very generic, lacking a depth of detail, instead just proving you with some cheesy stock photo of someone smiling underwater. However Xtreme Gap provide a large amount of detail about the courses they offer, along with a personal enthusiastic tone, which enables you to feel like you really know about the trip you are wishing to take. Once you take the leap and have your trip written in your diary, the personal touch continues as you receive regular emails from the people who work within the company, which is really useful for most people who don't like taking a leap into the dark .

When I arrived in Mexico, Xtreme Gap had organised my transfer to my hostel and it all went smoothly. Its nice, I guess especially for people of high school age, to be able to know that people know that you are there and are looking after you. My hostel was amazing, probably very hard to beat. The atmosphere was super relaxed , making you feel at home. Id strongly recommend it to anyone doing courses with Xtreme Gap or travelling through central America. I mentioned this in detail because It represents the care and interest that Xtreme Gap take in sourcing the best providers, hospitality and connections for their clients. And now having become friends with their America's representative, Sander, I can pretty much tell you that they work super hard to provide the best service achievable.

My day-to-day life within my dive master consisted of being up early, walking literally 2 minutes to the dive centre, setting up my equipment for the day (and eventually my clients equipment's), diving 2 or 4 times , morning then afternoon, then back to the hostel to relax in the evening;Which is needed after a nice long days diving. However Playa is a busy town with lots to do and see. So my evenings were often filled by going out and getting to know people id meet in the hostel, visiting local restaurants and even joining a local gym. In my days off from my Dive master I got a chance to be a tourist. Again, being with a company that cares a lot about their clients, all I had to do was suggest an interest in seeing local sites and Sander would provide huge enthusiasm towards lots of ideas for visiting local areas. Being a diver I took a large interest in the thousands of "cenote's" ( caves/holes in the ground with crystal clear water in them) which are dotted all around the Yucatán Peninsula- Id recommend a visit to these to any one.

I quickly became very relaxed within Mexico , feeling as if I truly knew the place, feeling less and less like a tourist and more and more like someone who would and could live there. My learning process as a dive master was quick, this was helped as I had an Amazing teacher and friend , Maira and I soon confirmed that my passion for diving was real and that I really can consider it as a potential industry to work in in the near future. Again Xtreme Gap have done really well in selecting their providers for their clients , as the dive centre is one of the best in the area , providing a professional and fun service.

On the day of leaving Mexico I was given a very warm goodbye, from people that I had become good friends with , including the people who worked with Xtreme gap , feeling more like a friend that a client. I would defiantly return to Mexico to visit all the people I met and got to know, maybe even working within the diving industry.

I believe that the support network and the genuinely personal service that Xtreme Gap provide, is key for anyone who is looking for a adventure and a trip where they gain new experiences and grow as a person. I have gained many new friends from this trip and friends I hope to keep. The reason I quoted "gap year" was because "year" may easily now turn into "years" as I genuinely loved my trip and don't want it to end in September, not hesitating to use Xtreme Gap again.

So for anyone looking to be a dive master or simply looking for a company to use to provide them with the steps to go travelling, USE XTREME GAP.


ps. The waters warm, the waters clear, the weathers sweet, the beaches are amazing , the fish are colourful , the coral is dense , the music is good , the food is good ,the town is buzzing and the people are friendly. - The simple review and all you need to know ;)

pps. Go paddle boarding. Sander will tell you the same.

What would you improve about this program?
I would stay longer.
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