Morocco: Ancient Cities to the Atlas Mountains Gap Year Semester

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Within and beyond the city walls we explore incredible sites, tastes, and experiences, accessible only to the intrepid traveler fueled by a curious spirit. We travel through the most ecologically diverse country in North Africa. Buses and pack animals help us wind through the great diversity of people who make up Morocco: youth and elders, urban and rural dwellers, Arabs and indigenous tribes, farmers and academics. Through rugged travel and authentic interactions, we examine the dominate issues of this diverse society standing at the crossroads of Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures.

  • Explore the culture and practices which surround Islam in Morocco. Learn about historical and contemporary perspectives on faith through local visits, guest speakers, and daily observations.
  • Examine the vast differences between rural and urban Moroccan lives, as well as see first-hand the varying degrees to which religion and limited resources impacts daily duties, economy, education, and local culture.
  • Spend 10+ days trekking in the remote High Atlas and Middle Atlas Mountains which are home to numerous different tribes.
  • Choose a topic of interest to investigate independently such as indigenous language, traditional dance, healthcare and traditional medicine, drumming, Gnaoua music, Moroccan cooking, human migration, or henna.
  • Build fluency in Moroccan Arabic (Darija) with interactive formal and conversational classes 2-3 times per week.

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