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Stoke Travel: Passport

Join Stoke Travel at Oktoberfest 2017!
Come join thousands of other fun loving, beer-drinking travelers for over two weeks of beer-fuelled mayhem from the 14 Sep - 4 Oct.

Spend your days downing steins in the beer halls, sporting those sexy lederhosens and dirndls, & singing from the beerhall tabletops. The fun doesn’t have to end there - in true Stoke fashion, we keep the party going back at camp with our very own Stoktoberfest. At our all-inclusive campsite you’ll find carnivalesque celebrations, DJs, live bands, live radio shows & an open bar entertaining up to 2000 international guests nightly.

The Stoke Travel Passport is the key to having your best summer yet! Choose from 20+ options and enjoy 3 all-inclusive nights at four of the biggest festivals, surf trips and adventures Stoke has on offer. Your place is pre-reserved, just let us know if you’ll be joining us one week before you arrive. Come wine battle at San Vino, get barreled at San Sebastian, go raving in Ibiza, smash tomatoes at the world's largest food fight, prost steins at Oktoberfest and no matter the trip, end your day at our legendary campsite parties. From the start of your first trip you have 24 months to use your passport and the ability to book last minute, it offers full flexibility for the open-minded traveller. Remember it's your Eurotrip, we just provide the parties!

  • 3 all inclusive nights at 4 of Europe's best destinations
  • Choose from 20+ trips, including festivals, surf trips and adventures
  • 4 trips for the price of 3!
  • Valid for 24 months from the start of your first trip
Europe » Spain » Barcelona
Europe » Spain » San Sebastián
Europe » Spain » Ibiza
Europe » Spain » Valencia
Europe » Germany » Munich
Africa » Morocco
Europe » France
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Adventure Travel
Cultural Exploration
Yoga Retreats
1 Year+
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- €550
- 12 all-inclusive nights on four different trips
- 20+ destinations to choose from

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Program Reviews (3)

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27 years old

The best option for the spontaneous traveller


After finishing my Bachelor's Degree I decided to go travelling before entering the "real world." I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to hit up different festivals around Europe like the Wine Fight and La Tomatina in Spain and Oktoberfest in Germany. The passport was great because I was able to do these and also ended up going surfing in the Basque Country, an absolutely beautiful place with great food and good waves for beginners. I was able to decide my dates for these festivals at the last minute, super convenient for me since I'm a last-minute planner and met lots of other solo travellers and joined them in between the festivals. Also once you're at the Stoke campsites, everything is included, tents fully set up, most meals and I added on unlimited beer and sangria so didn't have to worry too much about cash!

34 years old
Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Best experience to visit Europe


Since I'm a little bit shy, I was scared to travel alone in Europe. But the staff has been an amazing support, always available for a beer pong or to spin the wheel! I met people from all over the globe and got so many new friends, I finally didn't visit Europe alone! I have to say that the Oktoberfest was my favorite festival with San vino, maybe because I'm a wine and beer lover :) Thanks to Stoke travel I can know say in 10 languages that I'm drunk !

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30 years old
Queensland University of Technology

Better than my actual passport


I purchased a Stoke Travel passport because honestly I had come over to Europe and wanted to travel but actually had no idea where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. The passport gave me the freedom to choose when i had more idea what I wanted to do. I used the passport to travel to Running of the Bulls, Ibiza and Oktoberfest and I don't think I could have been happier with my trips. Best time ever!!! The accommodation is camping so not as luxurious as a hotel but with an air mattress and sleeping bag provided it was more than I expected, plus with all the partying I probably would have been able to sleep anywhere. The staff and the parties are what made the trips as memorable as there were. I still have my free trip left and I think I will be using it for either San Vino (massive wine fight) or Las Fallas (they set stuff on fire for fun?!?).

How can this program be improved?

More festival options to choose from but with over 20 to pick from there is already plenty of choice!

About The Provider


Stoke Travel are a European tour and accommodation provider based in Barcelona. We are known for our surf, festival, and party tours all over the world, with prices and packages catering for backpacker budgets.

Come join the party at dozens of different events, like Oktoberfest,